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Antic - Label Discography

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A: See You Later (Little Baby Love)
B: How Can You Be A Millionaire?
Antic UKK 115013 May 19747"5 
Crash Brothers

A: Hoodoo
B: Crash About
Antic UKK 11502Jul 19747"87.5

A: Miss Lucy
B: Revivalist Rock And Roll
Antic UKK 1150310 May 19747"1 
Cherrie Vangelder Smith

A: Silverboy
B: There Is A Need In Me
Antic UKK 11504Jul 19747"1 

A: Follow Me
B: Peacefully
Antic UKK 1150514 Jun 19747"2 
Kate Smith

A: Smile, Smile, Smile
B: A Perfect Love
Antic UKK 1150628 Jun 19747"0 
Rainbow Children

A: Rock 'N' Roll (Who Needs Rock 'N' Roll)
B: Rock 'N' Roll (We Love Rock 'N' Roll)
Antic UKK 1150726 Jul 19747"18.0

A: These Are Not My People
B: Yesterday Man
Antic UKK 1150823 Aug 19747"0 

A: Let Me
B: Baby Blue
Antic UKK 1150930 Aug 19747"1 
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich

A: She's My Lady
B: Babeigh
Antic UKK 1151020 Sep 19747"07.0
Serge Gainsbourg And Jane Birkin

A: Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus

Jane Birkin

B: Jane B
Antic UKK 1151129 Nov 19747"338.8
Raw Holly

A: Raining In My Heart
B: Maybe Baby
Antic UKK 1151213 Sep 19747"0 

A: Right On Running Man
B: Epitaph
Antic UKK 115138 Nov 19747"410.0

A: Touch Me
B: I Don't Need Your Love
Antic UKK 1151425 Oct 19747"0 
Carl Simmons

A: Angel
B: Hold On Ruby
Antic UKK 1151529 Nov 19747"19.0
The Les Humphries Singers

A: Mama Loo
B: I'm From The South, I'm From Georgia
Antic UKK 1151619757"0 
Teddie James

A: If You Were The Only Girl In The World
B: Locket
Antic UKK 1151711 Apr 19757"0 
Joy Fleming

A: A Bridge Of Love
B: Divorcee
Antic UKK 1151825 Apr 19757"1 
The Les Humphries Singers

A: She's Really Something Else
B: Mexico
Antic UKK 115199 May 19757"0 
David Geddes

A: Run Joey Run
B: Honey Don't Blow It
Antic UKK 1152029 Aug 19757"1 

A: Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me
B: A Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me (Instrumental)
Antic UKK 1152219 Sep 19757"1 
The Johnson Family [US]

A: I Only Want To Be With You
B: Peace In The Family
Antic UKK 1152317 Oct 19757"0 

A: Do It Baby
B: Fill The World With Joy
Antic UKK 1152428 Nov 19757"0 
The Les Humphries Singers

A: Spanish Discotheque
B: Day After Day
Antic UKK 115255 Mar 19767"0 
The Les Humphries Singers

A: Sing Sang Song
B: Just Sit Down At The Old Piano
Antic UKK 1152630 Apr 19767"1 
The Les Humphries Singers

A: Indian War
B: Little Sparrow
Antic UKK 1152712 Nov 19767"1 
Me, Myself And Me Again

A: Blaze Away
B: Blaze Away (This Is How It's Done)
Antic UKK 1152827 Jan 19787"2 

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