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Anyway - Label Discography

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A: Jim Motherfucker
B: Spine
Anyway USA00119927"0 
Appalachian Death Ride

A: Firefly
B: Drowning
Anyway USA00219927"1 

A: Conversations With Myself
B: Callous
Anyway USA00319927"0 
Monster Truck Five

A1: Aint Never Been
B1: Edge Of Meigs
B2: Over The Floor / Otta That Door
Anyway USA00419927"0 
Stupid Fuckin' Hippie

A: Bladdernut
B: Hürlwind
Anyway USA00619927"0 
Cowtown E.P. Vol. II


A1: Hokey-Pokey


A2: She's The One


B1: Junk

New Bomb Turks

B2: Pist
Anyway USA0071993EP0 

A: Nothing
B: The Sky Is Falling
Anyway USA00919937"0 
Clay [USA]

A: Ann O'Malley


B: I Stand Accused
Anyway USA01019937"0 

A1: Idiot Proof
A2: She's The One
B1: Near Enough
B2: Our World
Anyway USA0121993EP0 
Guided By Voices

A: If We Wait

Jenny Mae Leffel

B: Red Chair
Anyway USA01319937"1 

A: Through The Thick Of It
B: Chastity
Anyway USA01519947"0 

A1: Lookin' In
A2: Ted Was Born In The Summer Of Love
B1: Roebuck
B2: Cartography
B3: Miss Smith
Anyway USA0171994EP0 
Nothing Painted Blue

A: After The House Warming
B: Love To The Third Power
Anyway USA01819947"1 
Reader's Digestion Split Single

Steve Lindstrom

A: Out Into The Sun

Paul Nini

B: Porch Light
Anyway USA02019947"0 

A: The Sulk King

Guided By Voices

B: Always Crush Me
Anyway USA02119947"1 
Appalachian Death Ride

A: Wintersong

Geraldine [US Indie]

B: Cotton
Anyway USA02519957"0 

A: Happy Ending
B: Ignorance And Apathy
Anyway USA02719957"0 

Bargoyle's Seven Seven

A1: Nothing
A2: Painful Silence
A3: Night Time
B1: Idealism
B2: Suck
B3: Indier Than You
B4: Tad Semsel
Anyway USA0331995EP0 
Jenny Mae With Azalia Snail

A1: Gem

Azalia Snail With Jenny Mae

B1: Reflective Me-Lee

Jenny Mae With Azalia Snail

B2: Mardi Gras Day
Anyway USA04119977"0 
Geraldine [US Indie]

A: K-tel Whore
B: Dear Liza
Anyway USAAW 03819977"1 

A: Romulan Invasion
B: Don't Talk To Me
Anyway USA05219997"0 
New Bomb Turks

A: All The Right Places

The Hellacopters

B: Lowered Pentangles (Nothing At All)
Anyway USAAW04919997"0 

Cindy, Jeni & Johnny

A: Cindy
B: Jeni And Johnny
Anyway USA07120137"09.0

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