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Apex - Label Discography

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Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Medley Of Londonderry And London Hornpipes
B: Ragtime Annie And Lord MacDonald's Reel
Apex Canada9-2623819507"1 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Levantines Barrel
B: Little Burnt Potato
Apex Canada9-2627319507"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: The Dawn Waltz
B: White River Stomp
Apex Canada9-2628619507"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Soldiers' Joy
B: Flowers Of Edinburgh
Apex Canada9-2629019507"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Little Rubber Dollie
B: Hill Lilly
Apex Canada9-2629219507"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Swinging To The Rhythm Of An Irish Jig
B: Valley In The Sky
Apex Canada9-2629319507"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Rippling Water Jig
B: Roll Away Hornpipe
Apex Canada9-2629719507"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: The Old Man And The Old Woman
B: Liverpool Hornpipe
Apex Canada9-2630319507"1 
Norman Brooks

A: Hello Sunshine
B: You're My Baby
Apex Canada9-7600019537"1 
The Chordettes

A: Mr. Sandman
B: I Don't Wanna See You Cryin'
Apex Canada9-7604719547"010.0
Archie Bleyer

A: Hernando's Hideaway
B: S'il Vous Plait
Apex Canada9-76034May 19547"0 
The Four Tophatters

A: Forty Five Men In A Telephone Booth
B: Wild Rosie
Apex Canada9-7606919557"1 
Bill Hayes

A: The Berry Tree
B: Blue Black Hair
Apex Canada9-67062May 19557"0 
The Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon

A: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
B: Please Be Mine
Apex Canada9-7608319567"1 
The Chordettes

A: Born To Be With You
B: Love Never Changes
Apex Canada9-7609019567"0 
Andy Williams

A: Canadian Sunset
B: High Upon A Mountain
Apex Canada9-7609719567"0 
The Chordettes

A: Lay Down Your Arms
B: Teen Age Goodnight
Apex Canada9-7609919567"0 
Vince Martin With The Tarriers

A: Cindy, Oh Cindy
B: Only If You Praise The Lord
Apex Canada9-7610019567"0 
Little Billy Mason

A: I Love My Baby
B: Make Me Your Own
Apex Canada9-7611019567"0 
The Tarriers

A: The Banana Boat Song
B: No Hidin' Place
Apex Canada9-7611219567"0 
Shirley And Lee

A: Let The Good Times Roll
B: Do You Mean To Hurt Me So
Apex Canada9-76102Aug 19567"0 
Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers

A: The A B C's Of Love
B: Share
Apex Canada9-76101Sep 19567"0 
Tom And Jerry

A: Hey, Schoolgirl
B: Dancin' Wild
Apex Canada7621519577"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Fiddlin' Phil
B: Johnny Hamlin's Breakdown
Apex Canada9-2642119577"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Rod's Right And Left
B: Mountain Music Madness
Apex Canada9-2643119577"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: The Railroad Hornpipe
B: Cecil McEachern's Jig
Apex Canada9-2643419577"0 
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Peace River Breakdown
B: Uncle Henry's Reel
Apex Canada9-2644019577"0 
Jimmy Bowen With The Rhythm Orchids

A: I'm Stickin' With You
B: Ever Lovin' Fingers
Apex Canada9-7611919577"1 
The Fraternity Brothers

A: Oh Tell Me Why
B: In The Evening (By The Moonlight)
Apex Canada9-7612619577"0 
The Tarriers

A: I Know Where I'm Going
B: Pretty Boy
Apex Canada9-7613319577"0 
''Little'' Billy Mason

A: Thinking Of You
B: You Are My Sunshine
Apex Canada9-7613419577"0 
Jimmy Bowen

A: Warm Up To Me Baby
B: I Trusted You
Apex Canada9-7614919577"0 
Hugo And Luigi

A: Rockabilly Party
B: Shenandoah Rose
Apex Canada9-7616219577"0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: Honeycomb
B: Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
Apex Canada9-7617119577"0 

A: Just Between You And Me
B: Soft Sands
Apex Canada9-7617219577"1 
Willie Phelps

A: I'm Beginning To Forget You
B: Do Anything But Leave Me
Apex Canada9-7618719577"0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
B: Better Loved You'll Never Be
Apex Canada9-7620719577"0 
Hollywood Flames

A: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
B: C-R-A-Z-Y
Apex Canada9-7622219577"0 
The Casuals [Dallas, Texas]

A: So Tough
B: I Love My Darling
Apex Canada9-7624119577"0 
The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers - Volume 2

A1: This Little Girl Of Mine
A2: Leave My Woman Alone
B1: Should We Tell Him
B2: Be Bop A-Lula
Apex CanadaCEP-1051957EP0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A1: Woman From Liberia
A2: The Mating Call
B1: Hey Little Baby
B2: Water Boy
Apex CanadaEPR-1-3031957EP0 
Buddy Knox With The Rhythm Orchids

A: Party Doll
B: My Baby's Gone
Apex Canada76120Feb 19577"1 
Andy Williams

A: Butterfly
B: It Doesn't Take Very Long
Apex Canada9-76121Feb 19577"1 
The Everly Brothers

A: Bye Bye Love
B: I Wonder If I Care As Much
Apex Canada9-76152Apr 19577"0 
Lieutenant Buddy Knox With The Rhythm Orchids

A: Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep
B: Don't Make Me Cry
Apex Canada9-76150May 19577"0 
Andy Williams

A: I Like Your Kind Of Love
B: Stop Teasin' Me
Apex Canada9-76154May 19577"0 
Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers

A: Goody Goody
B: Creation Of Love
Apex Canada9-76168Jul 19577"1 
Buddy Knox With The Rhythm Orchids

A: Hula Love
B: Devil Woman
Apex Canada9-76179Aug 19577"0 
Andy Williams

A: Lips Of Wine
B: Straight From My Heart
Apex Canada9-76181Sep 19577"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Wake Up Little Susie
B: Maybe Tomorrow
Apex Canada9-76191Sep 19577"1 

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