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Apple - Label Discography

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  USA  180
  UK  155
  Japan  115
  France  94
  Netherlands  88
  Brazil  87
  Germany  87
  New Zealand  79
  Italy  73
  Australia  62
  Canada  58
  Norway  44
  Denmark  41
  Ireland  40
  Sweden  35
  Belgium  32
  Mexico  32
  South Africa  25
  Argentina  24
  Spain  24
  Portugal  20
  Uruguay  13
  Chile  11
  Yugoslavia  11
  India  10
  Peru  10
  Singapore  10
  Turkey  10
  Finland  9
  Israel  8
  Greece  7
  Lebanon  7
  Angola  6
  Bolivia  6
  Nicaragua  5
  Malaysia  4
  Rhodesia  4
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George Harrison

A: My Sweet Lord
B: Isn't It A Pity
Apple Belgium4C 006-04692Dec 19707"0 
George Harrison

A: What Is Life
B: Apple Scruffs
Apple Belgium4C 006-04751Feb 19717"1 
Paul McCartney

A: Another Day
B: Oh Woman Oh Why
Apple Belgium4C 006-04758Mar 19717"0 
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band

A: Power To The People

Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band

B: Open Your Box
Apple Belgium4C 006-04766Mar 19717"0 
Ringo Starr

A: It Don't Come Easy
B: Early 1970
Apple Belgium4C 006-04791May 19717"0 
George Harrison

A: Bangla-Desh
B: Deep Blue
Apple Belgium4C 006-04888Aug 19717"0 

A: Give Ireland Back To The Irish
B: Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Apple Belgium4C 006-05007Feb 19727"0 
Ringo Starr

A: Back Of Boogaloo
B: Blindman
Apple Belgium4C 006-05028Apr 19727"0 
George Harrison

A1: Bangla Desh
A2: What Is Life
B1: My Sweet Lord
Apple Belgium4C 006-05095Jul 1972EP0 
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band

A: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band

B: Listen, The Snow Is Falling
Apple Belgium4C 006-05183Dec 19727"0 

A: Hi Hi Hi
B: C'moon
Apple Belgium4C 006-05208Dec 19727"0 
George Harrison

A: Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
B: Miss O'Dell
Apple Belgium4C 006-05354May 19737"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Live And Let Die
B: I Lie Around
Apple Belgium4C 006-05361Jun 19737"09.0
Ringo Starr

A: Photograph
B: Down And Out
Apple Belgium4C 006-05482Oct 19737"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Helen Wheels
B: Country Dreamer
Apple Belgium4C 006-05486Nov 19737"19.0
John Lennon

A: Mind Games
B: Meat City
Apple Belgium4C 006-05494Nov 19737"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Mrs Vandebilt
B: Bluebird
Apple Belgium4C 006-05529Jan 19747"0 
Ringo Starr

A: You're Sixteen
B: Devil Woman
Apple Belgium4C 006-05530Feb 19747"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Jet
B: Let Me Roll It
Apple Belgium4C 006-05554Feb 19747"1 
Ringo Starr

A: Oh My My
B: Step Lightly
Apple Belgium4C 006-05617Feb 19747"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Band On The Run
B: Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
Apple Belgium4C 006-05635Apr 19747"0 
John Lennon

A: Whatever Gets You Thru' The Night
B: Beef Jerky
Apple Belgium4C 006-05731Sep 19747"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Junior's Farm
B: Sally G.
Apple Belgium4C 006-05752Oct 19747"0 
Ringo Starr

A: Only You
B: Call Me
Apple Belgium4C 006-05764Nov 19747"0 
George Harrison

A: Ding Dong
B: I Don't Care Anymore
Apple Belgium4C 006-05770Dec 19747"06.0
John Lennon

A: #9 Dream
B: What You Got
Apple Belgium4C 006-05776Dec 19747"0 
George Harrison

A: Dark Horse
B: Hari's On Tour (Express)
Apple Belgium4C 006-05809Feb 19757"0 
Ringo Starr

A: Snookeroo
B: Oo-Wee
Apple Belgium4C 006-05821Feb 19757"0 
John Lennon

A: Stand By Me
B: Mover Over Ms. L
Apple Belgium4C 006-05880Apr 19757"0 
George Harrison

A: You
B: World Of Stone
Apple Belgium4C 006-05951Sep 19757"0 
George Harrison

A: My Sweet Lord
B: What Is Life
Apple Belgium4C 006-06007Dec 19757"010.0
George Harrison

A: This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)
B: Maya Love
Apple Belgium4C 006-06041Jan 19767"0 

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