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Apple - Label Discography

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  USA  180
  UK  155
  Japan  105
  France  90
  Brazil  86
  Netherlands  86
  Germany  83
  New Zealand  80
  Italy  60
  Australia  58
  Canada  50
  Norway  44
  Denmark  40
  Ireland  40
  Belgium  33
  Mexico  29
  South Africa  25
  Sweden  22
  Spain  21
  Argentina  19
  Portugal  13
  Chile  10
  India  10
  Uruguay  10
  Finland  9
  Israel  8
  Singapore  8
  Lebanon  7
  Angola  6
  Bolivia  6
  Greece  5
  Nicaragua  5
  Yugoslavia  5
  Malaysia  4
  Rhodesia  4
  Peru  3
  Turkey  3

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The Beatles

A: Hey Jude
B: Revolution
Apple Mexico636519687"0 
Mary Hopkin

A: Those Were The Days (Esos Fueron Los Días)
B: Turn Turn Turn (Todo A Su Tiempo)
Apple Mexico639219687"010.0
The Beatles With Billy Preston

A: Get Back
B: Don't Let Me Down
Apple Mexico648319697"610.0
The Beatles

A: The Ballad Of John And Yoko
B: Old Brown Shoe
Apple Mexico651019697"1 
The Beatles

A: Something
B: Come Together
Apple Mexico656519697"010.0
The Beatles

A: Let It Be
B: You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
Apple Mexico664519707"0 
The Beatles

A: The Long And Winding Road
B: For You Blue
Apple Mexico668019707"0 
The Beatles

A1: A Day In The Life (Un Dia En La Vida)
A2: I Am The Walrus (Yo Soy La Morsa)
B1: Strawberry Fields Forever (Campos De Fresa Por Siempre)
B2: Come Together (Vengan Juntos)
Apple MexicoEPEM-104571971EP3 
The Beatles

A1: I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Te Quiero (Ella Es Muy Pesada))
A2: Don't Let Me Down (No Me Abandones)
B1: Revolution (Revolución)
B2: Yer Blues
Apple MexicoEPEM-104581971EP5 
The Beatles

A1: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
A2: All You Need Is Love (Todo Lo Que Necesitas Es Amor)
B1: Across The Universe (A Través Del Universo)
B2: Ballad Of John And Yoko (La Balada De John Y Yoko)
Apple MexicoEPEM-104591971EP0 
The Beatles

A1: I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (Soy Feliz Al Bailar Contigo)
A2: Do You Want To Know A Secret (Quieres Saber Uno Secreto)
B1: Chains (Cadenas)
B2: Devil In Her Heart (El Diablo En Su Corazón)
Apple MexicoEPEM-105031971EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Honey Don't
A2: Matchbox
B1: Little Child
B2: I Wanna Be Your Man
Apple MexicoEPEM-105041971EP4 
The Beatles

A1: Yellow Submarine (Submarino Amarillo)
A2: Octopus's Garden (El Jardín Del Pulpo)
B1: With A Little Help From My Friends (Ayuda Amigable)
B2: Goodnight (Buenas Noches)
Apple MexicoEPEM-105051971EP0 
Paul And Linda McCartney

A1: Monkberry Moon Delight (El Monje)
A2: Dear Boy
B1: Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Tio Alberto)
B2: Heart Of The Country
Apple MexicoEPEM-105231971EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Don't Bother Me (No Me Molestes)
A2: Taxman (Cobrador De Impuestos)
B1: If I Needed Someone (Si Nesecitara De Alguien)
B2: Think For Yourself (Piensa Por Ti Mismo)
Apple MexicoEPEM-105361971EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Here Comes The Sun (Aqui Vien El Sol)
A2: For You Blue (Por Tu Tristeza)
B1: While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Mientras Llora Mi Guitarra)
B2: Piggies (Cochinitos)
Apple MexicoEPEM-105371971EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Boys (Muchachos)
A2: What Goes On (Qué Pasa)
B1: Act Naturally (Actúa Natural)
B2: Don't Pass Me By (No Me Ignores)
Apple MexicoEPEM-105381971EP0 
The Beatles

A1: I Need You (To Necesito)
A2: You Like Me Too Much
B1: It's Only A Northern Song
B2: It's All Too Much
Apple MexicoEPEM-105391971EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Savoy Truffle (Sembradío De Coles)
A2: Old Brown Shoe (Viejo Zapato Café)
B1: Blue Jay Way (El Rústico Camino Azul)
B2: Long, Long, Long (Largo, Largo, Largo)
Apple MexicoEPEM-105401971EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Within You Without You (Contigo Y Sin Ti)
A2: The Inner Light (Luz Interna)
B1: Love You Too (Te Amo)
B2: I Want To Tell You
Apple MexicoEPEM-105411971EP0 
George Harrison

A1: My Sweet Lord (Mi Dulce Señor)
A2: If Not For You
B1: Art Of Dying
B2: Apple Scruffs
Apple MexicoEPEM-105551971EP0 
Ringo Starr

A1: Back Off Boogaloo (Fuera El Boogaloo)
A2: It Don't Come Easy (No Resulta Fácil)
B1: Early 1970 (A Principios De 1970)
B2: Blindman (Hombre Ciego)
Apple MexicoEPEM-105851972EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Get Back (Regresa)
A2: I Me Mine (Yo De Mi)
B1: Two Of Us (Dos De Nosotros)
B2: One After 909 (Uno Despues De 909)
Apple MexicoEPEM-105991972EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Dig It (Haciendo Un Hoyo)
A2: Let It Be (Déjalo Ser)
B1: Paperback Writer (Escritor De Novelas)
B2: Lady Madonna
Apple MexicoEPEM-106001972EP0 

A1: Love Is Strange (El Amor Es Extraña)
A2: I Am Your Singer (Soy Tu Cantante)
B1: Mumbo
B2: Tomorrow (Mañana)
Apple MexicoEPEM-106041972EP2 
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band

A1: Mother
A2: My Mummy's Dead
B1: Look At Me
B2: Isolation
Apple MexicoEPEM-106171972EP010.0
Paul McCartney And Wings

A1: Hi, Hi, Hi
A2: Mary Had A Little Lamb
B1: C-Moon
B2: Little Woman Love
Apple MexicoEPEM-106421972EP0 
John Lennon With The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band

A: A Traves De La Noche (Whatever Gets You Thru The Night)

John Lennon With The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band / Little Big Horns And Booker Table And The Maitre D's

B: Beef Jerky
Apple Mexico763619747"0 
John Lennon

A: Slippin' And Slidin'
B: Ain't That A Shame
Apple Mexico775519757"0 

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