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Apple - Label Discography

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  USA  180
  UK  159
  Japan  121
  France  95
  Brazil  89
  Netherlands  88
  Germany  87
  New Zealand  79
  Italy  75
  Canada  63
  Australia  62
  Norway  44
  Denmark  42
  Ireland  42
  Sweden  36
  Belgium  32
  Mexico  32
  South Africa  29
  Spain  27
  Argentina  25
  Portugal  25
  Uruguay  13
  Yugoslavia  13
  Turkey  12
  Chile  11
  India  11
  Singapore  11
  Finland  10
  Peru  10
  Greece  9
  Israel  8
  Lebanon  8
  Angola  6
  Bolivia  6
  Rhodesia  6
  Nicaragua  5
  Malaysia  4
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Mary Hopkin

A: Those Were The Days
B: Turn Turn Turn
Apple SwedenAPPLE 219687"010.0
The Beatles

A: Hey Jude
B: Revolution
Apple SwedenR 572228 Aug 19687"2 
Mary Hopkin

A: Goodbye
B: Sparrow
Apple SwedenAPPLE 1019697"0 

A: Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
B: Trash Can
Apple SwedenAPPLE 1719697"0 
Plastic Ono Band

A: Cold Turkey
B: Don't Worry Kyoko
Apple SwedenAPPLES 100119697"0 
Plastic Ono Band

A: Give Peace A Chance
B: Remember Love
Apple SwedenR 579519697"0 
The Beatles

A: Back In The U.S.S.R.
B: Don't Pass Me By
Apple SwedenSD 606114 Mar 19697"2 
The Beatles With Billy Preston

A: Get Back
B: Don't Let Me Down
Apple SwedenR 577714 Apr 19697"0 
The Beatles

A: The Ballad Of John And Yoko
B: Old Brown Shoe
Apple SwedenR 578628 May 19697"0 
The Beatles

A: Something
B: Come Together
Apple SwedenR 5814Oct 19697"0 
Ringo Starr

A: Beaucoups Of Blues
B: Coochy - Coochy
Apple Sweden4E 006-0464519707"0 
George Harrison

A: My Sweet Lord
B: Isn't It A Pity
Apple Sweden4E 006-92053 M19707"0 

A: Come And Get It
B: Rock Of All Ages
Apple SwedenAPPLE 2019707"0 

A: No Matter What
B: Better Days
Apple SwedenAPPLE 3119707"0 
Lennon / Ono With The Plastic Ono Band

A: Instant Karma
B: Who Has Seen The Wind
Apple SwedenAPPLES 100319707"0 
The Beatles

A: Let It Be
B: You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
Apple SwedenR 58335 Mar 19707"48.0
The Beatles

A: The Long And Winding Road
B: For You Blue
Apple Sweden4E 006-04514 MJul 19707"0 
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band

A: Mother
B: Why
Apple Sweden4E 006-04726M19717"0 
George Harrison

A: What Is Life
B: Apple Scruffs
Apple Sweden4E 006-04751M19717"1 
Paul McCartney

A: Another Day
B: Oh Woman, Oh Why
Apple Sweden4E 006-04758 M19717"1 
John Lennon And The Plastic Ono Band

A: Power To The People

Yoko Ono And The Plastic Ono Band

B: Open Your Box
Apple Sweden4E 006-0476619717"0 
Ringo Starr

A: It Don't Come Easy
B: Early 1970
Apple Sweden4E 006-04791M19717"0 
Paul And Linda McCartney

A: Eat At Home
B: Smile Away
Apple Sweden4E 006-04864 M19717"1 
George Harrison

A: Bangla-Desh
B: Deep Blue
Apple Sweden4E 006-0488819717"1 
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band

A: Imagine
B: It's So Hard
Apple Sweden4E 006-0494019717"0 
Mary Hopkin

A: Think About Your Children
B: Heritage
Apple SwedenAPPLE 3019717"0 
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band With Elephants Memory And Invisible Strings

A: Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
B: Sisters O Sisters
Apple Sweden4E 006-0506219727"0 

A: Day After Day
B: Sweet Tuesday Morning
Apple Sweden4E 006-9315919727"0 
Elephants Memory

A: Power Boogie
B: Liberation Special
Apple SwedenAPPLE 4519727"0 
Ringo Starr

A: Back Off Boogaloo
B: Blindman
Apple SwedenR594419727"0 

A: Hi Hi Hi
B: C Moon
Apple Sweden4E 006-05208 Dec 19727"1 

A: Live And Let Die
B: I Lie Around
Apple SwedenR 598719737"19.0
George Harrison

A: Give Me Love
B: Miss O'Dell
Apple SwedenR598819737"0 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Helen Wheels
B: Country Dreamer
Apple SwedenR 599319737"0 
Ringo Starr

A: Oh My My
B: Step Lightly
Apple Sweden4E 006-0561715 Mar 19747"1 
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Band On The Run
B: Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
Apple Sweden4E 006-0563515 Apr 19747"0 

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