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Aquarius - Label Discography

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Marble Hall

A: Marble Hall
B: Get Your Thing Together
Aquarius CanadaAQ 500319707"1 
The Pops Merrily

A: Help Me Down
B: Legge's Lurk
Aquarius CanadaAQ 500419707"0 
Freedom [Canada]

A: Doctor Tom
B: Fat Man
Aquarius CanadaAQ 500519707"2 
Freedom North

A: Losing You
B: Gone Forever
Aquarius CanadaAQ 500619707"0 
Freedom North

A: Ordinary Man
B: Sorry
Aquarius CanadaAQ 500819707"1 
Francois Guy

A: Ouaie ! Viens T'en
B: Changez D'eau
Aquarius CanadaAQ 2001Jan 19707"0 
Francois Guy

A: Everlasting Time
B: Come In
Aquarius CanadaAQ.500219717"0 

A: Train
B: Welcome Love
Aquarius CanadaAQ 501019717"0 
The Rabble

A: Time Is On My Side
B: People Jack
Aquarius CanadaAQ 501219717"0 
James, John And Francois

A: Run, Run
B: Carolina
Aquarius CanadaAQ 5011Apr 19717"0 
April Wine

A: Fast Train
B: Wench
Aquarius CanadaAQ 5014Apr 19717"0 
James, John And Francois

A: Caroline (Carolina)
B: Va, Va, Cours, Cours (Run Run)
Aquarius CanadaAQ.2002May 19717"0 
James, John And Francois

A: 6 O'clock In The Morning
B: I Do Believe In Music
Aquarius CanadaAQ 5016Oct 19717"0 
April Wine

A: You Could Have Been A Lady
B: Teacher
Aquarius CanadaAQ 502119727"0 
April Wine

A: Bad Side Of The Moon
B: Believe In Me
Aquarius CanadaAQ 502219727"1 
Francois Guy

A: Cheval D'acier
B: C'est L'hymen
Aquarius CanadaAQ-502319727"0 
Francois Guy

A: Aimons-nous Les Uns Les Autres
B: Y Avait Que Nous Deux
Aquarius CanadaAQ.2003Jun 19727"0 
April Wine

A: Drop Your Guns
B: Flow River Flow
Aquarius CanadaAQ 5024Aug 19727"0 

A: Dance A Little Step
B: One Night Stand
Aquarius CanadaAQ 502519737"1 
April Wine

A: Weeping Widow
B: Tell Your Mama
Aquarius CanadaAQ 502719737"010.0

A: Serpent In The Street
B: Find Another Feeling
Aquarius CanadaAQ 502919737"0 
April Wine

A: Lady Run, Lady Hide
B: I Get Bad
Aquarius CanadaAQ 5026Apr 19737"0 
April Wine

A: Just Like That
B: Cat's Claw
Aquarius CanadaAQ 503019747"0 
April Wine

A: I'm On Fire For You Baby
B: Come On Along
Aquarius CanadaAQ 503219747"0 
Ross Holloway

A: Mostly New Days
B: Sunshine (Friend Of Mine)
Aquarius CanadaAQ-503319747"0 
April Wine

A: I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love
B: Druthers
Aquarius CanadaAQ 503519757"0 
April Wine

A: Oowatanite
B: Highway Hard Run
Aquarius CanadaAQ 503819757"010.0

A: Star Struck
B: War Dance
Aquarius CanadaAQ 503919757"0 
The Crescent Street Stompers

A: Having A Party
B: Louie Louie
Aquarius CanadaAQ 504119757"0 
April Wine

A: Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love
B: Not For You Not For Rock And Roll
Aquarius CanadaAQ 504319757"0 

A: Lady Lover
B: Superstar
Aquarius CanadaAQ 504519757"0 

A: Wild Little Story
B: Nothing At All
Aquarius CanadaAQ 504219767"2 
Fussy Cussy

A: La Vita
B: La Vita (Discomix)
Aquarius CanadaAQ 504719767"0 
April Wine

A: The Whole World's Goin' Crazy
B: So Bad
Aquarius CanadaAQ 505219767"0 
Fussy Cussy

A: Disco Kings
B: Disco Kings (Disco Version)
Aquarius CanadaAQ 505519767"0 
April Wine

A: Gimmie Love
B: We Can Be More Than We Are
Aquarius CanadaAQ 505619767"0 
Allan Nicholls

A: I'll Love You From Far Away (Radio Edit)
B: I'll Love You From Far Away
Aquarius CanadaAQ 5058RS1976Promo Only 7"0 
April Wine

A: Like A Lover, Like A Song
B: Goody Two-Shoes
Aquarius CanadaAQ506019767"0 
April Wine

A: Forever, For Now
B: I'd Rather Be Strong
Aquarius CanadaAQ 506119777"0 
Walter Rossi

A: Woman, Sweet Woman
B: Get Goin' Fast
Aquarius CanadaAQ 506219777"0 
April Wine

A: You Won't Dance With Me
B: Holly Would
Aquarius CanadaAQ 506319777"0 
Walter Rossi

A: Chasing Rainbows
B: Dance With Me
Aquarius CanadaAQ 506519777"0 
April Wine

A: Rock N' Roll Is A Vicious Game
B: I'm Alive
Aquarius CanadaAQ 507019777"0 
April Wine

A: Comin' Right Down On Top Of Me
B: Get Ready For Love
Aquarius CanadaAQ 507319787"0 

A: Stay Here
B: Nobody's Fool
Aquarius CanadaAQ-507419787"1 
April Wine

A: Roller
B: Right Down To It
Aquarius CanadaAQ 507919787"0 

A: Sweet Misery
B: On The Loose
Aquarius CanadaAQ 5071Mar 19787"1 
The Guess Who

A: C'mon Little Mama
B: Never Trust A Chorus Girl
Aquarius CanadaAQ 5072Mar 19787"1 
Walter Rossi

A: Slowdown Slowdown
B: Proudest In The Land
Aquarius CanadaAQ 508019797"0 
The Guess Who

A: Sharin' Love
B: Taxman
Aquarius CanadaAQ 508119797"0 

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