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Argo - Label Discography

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Lee Andrews And The Hearts

A: Tear Drops
B: The Girl Around The Corner
Argo USA100019577"1 
The Rays

A: How Long Must I Wait (For You)
B: Second Fiddle
Argo USA107419577"0 
Savannah Churchill

A: Let Me Be The First To Know
B: They Call Me A Fool
Argo USA5251May 19567"0 
Danny Overbea

A: Hear My Story
B: My Stubborn Heart
Argo USA5252May 19567"0 
The Ravens

A: Kneel And Pray
B: I Can't Believe
Argo USA5255Jul 19567"0 
Billy Stewart

A: Billy's Blues - Part 1
B: Billy's Blues - Part 2
Argo USA5256Aug 19567"2 
Paul Gayten

A: The Music Goes Round And Round
B: Be My Baby
Argo USA5257Sep 19567"1 
Mike Simpson

A: Argo Rock
B: Cuban Twilight
Argo USA5258Oct 19567"0 
Clarence Henry "Frog Man"

A: Ain't Got No Home
B: Troubles, Troubles
Argo USA5259Oct 19567"010.0
Milson Luce

A: Don´t Break Your Promise To Me
B: I Got You
Argo USA5260Nov 19567"1 
The Ravens

A: A Simple Prayer
B: Water Boy
Argo USA5261Dec 19567"0 
Clifton Chenier

A: Where Can My Baby Be ?
B: The Big Wheel
Argo USA5262Feb 19577"0 
Clifton Chenier

A: Standing On The Corner
B: The Big Wheel
Argo USA5262Feb 19577"0 
Paul Gayten

A: Driving Home Part 1
B: Driving Home Part 2
Argo USA5263Feb 19577"0 

A: Tough De Times
B: My Baby Treats Me Wrong
Argo USA5264Feb 19577"1 
Earl Hooker

A: Frog Hop
B: Guitar Rhumba
Argo USA5265Feb 19577"0 
Clarence Henry

A: Lonely Tramp
B: I´m A Country Boy
Argo USA5266Mar 19577"1 
Paul Gayten

A: The Sweeper
B: Old Buttermilk Sky
Argo USA5267Apr 19577"0 
The Regents [Calypso]

A: Isle Of Trinidad
B: Bamboo Tree
Argo USA5268May 19577"0 
Bobby Blangue

A: Lonely And Blue
B: Love Me
Argo USA5269Jun 19577"0 
George Weiss

A: Married For Life
B: If You Stop Loving Me
Argo USA5270Jun 19577"0 
Davey Jones

A: The Love I Missed
B: If You Ever Loved A Woman
Argo USA5271Jun 19577"0 
Dean Allen

A: Rock Me To Sleep
B: Ooh-Ooh Baby, Baby
Argo USA5272Jun 19577"1 
Clarence Henry "Frog Man"

A: It Won´t Be Long
B: I Found A Home
Argo USA5273Aug 19577"1 
Jody Williams

A: You May
B: Lucky Lou
Argo USA5274Aug 19577"0 
The Aristocrats featuring Johnny Kay

A: Maid Of The Mist (Instrumental)
B: Vagabonds (Vocal)
Argo USA5275Aug 19577"0 
The Ravens

A: That'll Be The Day
B: Dear One
Argo USA5276Aug 19577"135.5
Paul Gayten

A: Nervous Boogie

Oscar Wills

B: Flatfoot Sam
Argo USA5277Aug 19577"0 
The Kendall Sisters

A: I'm Available
B: Don't Bother Me
Argo USA5278Sep 19577"0 
Dick Glasser

A: Crazy Love
B: Love Me
Argo USA5279Oct 19577"1 
Ray Stanley

A: Over A Coke
B: I Can't Wait
Argo USA5280Oct 19577"1 
The Silva-Tones

A: Chi-Wa-Wa (That's All I Want From You)
B: Roses Are Blooming
Argo USA5281Oct 19577"1 
Dick Glasser

A: Make Believe Wedding Bells
B: Go Along Baby
Argo USA5283Nov 19577"0 
The Ravens

A: Here Is My Heart
B: Lazy Mule
Argo USA5284Nov 19577"1 
The Mellowlarks

A: Sing A Silly Sing Song
B: Farewell To You, My Nancy
Argo USA5285Dec 19577"0 
The Orbits [New Orleans]

A: Mr. Hard Luck
B: Who Are You
Argo USA5286Jan 19587"0 
The Pastels [New York]

A: Been So Long
B: My One And Only Dream
Argo USA5287Jan 19587"1 
Dickie And The Gee's

A: Baby Bye Bye
B: Foolish Tears
Argo USA5288Jan 19587"610.0
Clifton Chenier

A: Sloppy
B: My Soul
Argo USA5289Jan 19587"3 
The Monotones

A: Book Of Love
B: You Never Loved Me
Argo USA5290Feb 19587"5 
The Kendall Sisters

A: Yea, Yea
B: Won't You Be My Baby
Argo USA5291Feb 19587"2 
Yusef Lateef

A: Cookin'
B: Marching Piper Blues
Argo USA5292Feb 19587"0 
Lou Josie and The Spinners

A: Why Did You Leave Me
B: Someone Else Instead
Argo USA5293Feb 19587"0 
Ahmad Jamal Trio

A: Music, Music, Music
B: But Not For Me
Argo USA5294Apr 19587"0 
Penny and The Ekos

A: Share Your Love
B: Give Me What You Got
Argo USA5295Apr 19587"0 
Wendell Tracy

A: Who's To Know
B: Corrigidor Rock
Argo USA5296Apr 19587"1 
The Pastels [New York]

A: You Don't Love Me Anymore
B: Let's Go To The Rock 'N' Roll Ball
Argo USA5297May 19587"2 
Lulu Reed

A: Anything To Say You´re Mine
B: Give Me The Right
Argo USA5298May 19587"1 
The Kents

A: I Found My Girl
B: With All My Heart And Soul
Argo USA5299May 19587"1 
Paul Gayten

A: Windy
B: Tickle Toe
Argo USA5300May 19587"1 

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