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Arista - Label Discography

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  USA  1652
  UK  1016
  Germany  388
  Australia  286
  Netherlands  233
  Canada  178
  New Zealand  96
  Japan  81
  Ireland  73
  France  35
  Spain  29
  Italy  28
  Belgium  24
  Portugal  22
+ More Countries (27 Total)
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Barry Manilow

A: Mandy
B: Something's Comin' Up
Arista UKARISTA 119757"48.3
De Blanc

A: Is It So Wrong
B: Today My Whole World Fell
Arista UKARISTA 228 Mar 19757"0 

A: She's Ridin' The Rock Machine
B: She's Ridin' The Rock Machine Pt. 2
Arista UKARISTA 314 Mar 19757"0 

A: Moonlight
B: The Whole World (Turns Another Circle)
Arista UKARISTA 44 Apr 19757"68.5

A: I'm A Gambler
B: Tattered Robe
Arista UKARISTA 525 Apr 19757"2 
Tamiko Jones

A: Touch Me Baby (Reaching Out For Your Love)
B: Creepin' (In My Dreams)
Arista UKARISTA 611 Apr 19757"07.0
The Stanky Brown Group

A: Rock 'N' Rollin' Star
B: Friday Night Without You
Arista UKARISTA 7Apr 19757"0 
Mal Grey And Flight 56

A: Look Out For Love

Flight 56

B: Ballroom Queen
Arista UKARISTA 818 Apr 19757"2 
Barry Manilow

A: It's A Miracle
B: One Of These Days
Arista UKARISTA 919757"18.0
Barry Manilow

A: It's A Miracle
Arista UKARISTA 92 May 1975Promo Only 7"2 
Peter Nero

A: Emmanuelle
B: Soul Ballet
Arista UKARISTA 109 May 19757"0 
Ed Welch

A: Raining In My Heart
B: Christmas Came A Little Late
Arista UKARISTA 1113 Jun 19757"1 
Raymond Tissier

A: Be My Summer Love
B: She Comes With Me
Arista UKARISTA 126 Jun 19757"0 
Melissa Manchester

A: Midnight Blue
B: I Got Eyes
Arista UKARISTA 13Sep 19757"0 
Melissa Manchester

A: Midnight Blue
B: I Got Eyes
Arista UKARISTA 13Aug 19787"0 
The Brecker Brothers

A: Sneakin' Up Behind You (Short Version)
B: Sneakin' Up Behind You (Long Version)
Arista UKARISTA 1423 May 1975Promo Only 7"2 
The Brecker Brothers

A: Sneakin' Up Behind You
B: Sponge
Arista UKARISTA 1430 May 19757"0 

A: I Was Made To Love Him (Short Version)
B: I Was Made To Love Him (Long Version)
Arista UKARISTA 156 Jun 1975Promo Only 7"1 

A: I Was Made To Love Him
B: Stop
Arista UKARISTA 1513 Jun 19757"0 
Bill Kimber

A: Rock And Roll Lullaby
B: Travellin' Man
Arista UKARISTA 1620 Jun 19757"0 
Bill Kimber

A: Rock And Roll Lullaby [Short 3.30 Version]
B: Rock And Roll Lullaby [Long 4.22 Version]
Arista UKARISTA 16DJJun 1975Promo Only 7"1 
Linda Lewis

A: It's In His Kiss
B: Walk About
Arista UKARISTA 1720 Jun 19757"69.5

A: City Or Bust
B: I've Got Hairs
Arista UKARISTA 1822 Aug 19757"1 
Max Merritt

A: A Little Easier
B: Long Time Gone
Arista UKARISTA 1915 Aug 19757"0 
Barry Manilow

A: Could It Be Magic
B: I Am Your Child
Arista UKARISTA 20Jul 19757"3 
Lennie MacDonald

A: Love Is The Real Thing
B: Hard Road
Arista UKARISTA 2129 Aug 19757"0 
Gil Scott-Heron

A: Johannesburg
B: Fell Together
Arista UKARISTA 2317 Oct 19757"38.0
Linda Lewis

A: Rock And Roller Coaster
B: The Seaside Song
Arista UKARISTA 2526 Sep 19757"3 
The Outlaws [USA]

A: There Goes Another Love Song
B: Keep Prayin'
Arista UKARISTA 2626 Sep 19757"19.0
Max Merritt And The Meteors

A: Slipping Away
B: I Keep Forgettin'
Arista UKARISTA 2810 Oct 19757"1 
Lennie MacDonald

A: Thunderstrikes
B: Hard Road
Arista UKARISTA 2917 Oct 19757"1 
Ed Welch

A: Crossed Lines
B: Ran Off With My Peter
Arista UKARISTA 3024 Oct 19757"0 
Urszula Dudziak

A: Papaya
B: Funk Rings
Arista UKARISTA 3127 Feb 19767"2 

A: Music Maker
B: Bluebird
Arista UKARISTA 32Nov 1975Promo Only 7"0 
Ray Fenwick And Fancy

A: Music Maker
B: Bluebird
Arista UKARISTA 3221 Nov 19757"1 
Melissa Manchester

A: Just Too Many People
B: (This) Lady's Not Home
Arista UKARISTA 3316 Jan 19767"18.0
Laurie Andrew And Zero

A: I'll Never Love Anyone Anymore
B: Every High
Arista UKARISTA 345 Mar 19767"0 
De Blanc

A: Oh No, Not My Baby
B: Guava Jelly
Arista UKARISTA 3527 Feb 19767"0 
Martha Reeves

A: (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
B: Now That We Found Love
Arista UKARISTA 362 Jan 19767"09.0
Barry Manilow

A: Tryin' To Get The Feelin' Again
B: A Nice Boy Like Me
Arista UKARISTA 375 Dec 19757"4 
Eric Carmen

A: That's Rock'n Roll
B: Great Expectations
Arista UKARISTA 3816 Jan 19767"3 
Barry Manilow

A: I Write The Songs
B: As Sure As I'm Standin' Here
Arista UKARISTA 4030 Jan 19767"79.0
Terry Garthwaite

A: Slender Thread
B: What It'll Do
Arista UKARISTA 4127 Feb 19767"0 
Eric Carmen

A: All By Myself
B: Last Night
Arista UKARISTA 42Mar 19767"510.0
Linda Lewis

A: Baby I'm Yours
B: The Other Side
Arista UKARISTA 4319 Mar 19767"3 
Lennie MacDonald

A: Bottle Of Wine
B: Love Is The Real Thing
Arista UKARISTA 4419 Mar 19767"0 
General Johnson

A: All In The Family
B: Ready, Willing And Able
Arista UKARISTA 4526 Mar 19767"0 
Melissa Manchester

A: Just You And I
B: My Sweet Thing
Arista UKARISTA 4611 Jun 19767"1 
Patti Smith

A: Gloria - (a) In Excelsis Deo (b) Gloria (Version)
B: My Generation
Arista UKARISTA 47Mar 19767"08.0
David Pomeranz

A: The Hit Song Of All Time
B: Home To Alaska
Arista UKARISTA 482 Apr 19767"17.0

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