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Arista - Label Discography

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  USA  1249
  UK  972
  Germany  325
  Australia  198
  Netherlands  179
  Canada  93
  Ireland  60
  New Zealand  50
  Japan  39
  France  23
  Spain  17
  Italy  16
  South Africa  10
  Belgium  9
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John Williams

A: Theme From 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind'
B: Nocturnal Pursuit
Arista IrelandARIST 17719777"0 
Bay City Rollers

A: It's A Game
B: Dance, Dance, Dance,
Arista IrelandARISTA 10819777"15.0

A: You Got What It Takes
B: Sing On Louise
Arista IrelandARISTA 12619777"0 
Bay City Rollers

A: You Made Me Believe In Magic
B: Are You Cuckoo
Arista IrelandARISTA 12719777"2 

A: I Wonder Why
B: Ever Lovin
Arista IrelandARIST 17419787"0 

A: Honey I'm Rich
B: Me
Arista IrelandARISTA 18319787"0 

A: Sweet Little Rock And Roller
B: Five Minutes More
Arista IrelandARIST 27819797"0 

A: A Night At Daddy Gees
B: Appreciate The Job
Arista IrelandARIST 31419797"0 
Secret Affair

A: Time For Action
B: Soho Strut
Arista IrelandSEE 119797"1 
Secret Affair

A: Let Your Heart Dance
B: Sorry, Wrong Number
Arista IrelandSEE 319797"0 

A: Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Heart
B: Teen Canteen
Arista IrelandARIST 35919807"0 
Air Supply

A: All Out Of Love
B: Old Habits Die Hard
Arista IrelandARIST 36219807"0 

A: Just A Little
B: Dance Don
Arista IrelandARIST 36919807"0 
Elaine Paige

A: If You Don't Want My Love
B: How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns
Arista IrelandARIST 38119807"0 
The Beat

A: Too Nice To Talk To
B: Psychedelic Rockers
Arista IrelandFEET 419807"0 
Stray Cats

A: Runaway Boys
B: My One Desire
Arista IrelandSCAT 119807"0 
Bram Tchaikovsky

A: Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache
B: Egyptian Mummies
Arista IrelandARIST 41319817"0 
The Kinks

A: Better Things
B: Massive Reductions
Arista IrelandARIST 41519817"0 
The Kinks

A: Predictable
B: Back To Front
Arista IrelandARIST 42619817"1 

A: Footsteps
B: Tribute
Arista IrelandBELL 149919817"1 
Haircut One Hundred

A: Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)
B: Boat Party
Arista IrelandCLIP 119817"0 
The Beat

A: Drowning
B: All Out To Get You
Arista IrelandFEET 619817"0 
The Kinks

A: Lola
B: David Watts
Arista IrelandKINKS 11981Bonus 7"0 
Stray Cats

A: Rock This Town
B: Can't Hurry Love
Arista IrelandSCAT 219817"0 
Stray Cats

A: Stray Cat Strut
B: Drink That Bottle Down
Arista IrelandSCAT 319817"0 
Stray Cats

A: You Don't Believe Me
B: Cross The Bridge
Arista IrelandSCAT 419817"0 
Stray Cats

A1: Little Miss Prissy
B1: Sweet Love On My Mind
B2: Something Else
Arista IrelandSCAT 519817"0 
The Blues Band

A: Come On
B: Green Stuff
Arista IrelandBOOT 5Nov 19817"0 
The Alan Parsons Project

A: Eye In The Sky
B: Gemini
Arista IrelandARIST 47019827"1 
Dionne Warwick

A: Heartbreaker
B: I Can't See Anything (But You)
Arista IrelandARIST 49619827"0 
The Kinks

A: Come Dancing
B: Noise
Arista IrelandARIST 50219827"1 
Dionne Warwick

A: All The Love In The World
B: It Makes No Difference
Arista IrelandARIST 50719827"0 
Haircut One Hundred

A: Love Plus One
B: Marine Boy
Arista IrelandCLIP 219827"2 
The Beat

A: I Confess
B: Soul Salvation
Arista IrelandFEET 1619827"0 
Secret Affair

A: Lost In The Night (Mack The Knife)
B: The Big Beat
Arista IrelandSEE 1119827"0 
Thompson Twins

A: Love On Your Side
B: Love On Your Back
Arista IrelandARIST 50419837"1 
Dionne Warwick

A: Yours
B: Take The Short Way Home
Arista IrelandARIST 51819837"0 
Thompson Twins

A: We Are Detective
B: Lucky Day
Arista IrelandARIST 52619837"0 
Bruce Foxton

A: Freak
B: Writing's On The Wall
Arista IrelandBFOX 119837"0 
The Beat

A: Can't Get Used To Losing You
B: Spar Wid Me
Arista IrelandFEET 1719837"0 
The Beat

A: Ackee 1-2-3
B: Monkey Murder
Arista IrelandFEET 1819837"0 
Stray Cats

A: (She's) Sexy And 17
B: Lookin' Better Every Beer
Arista IrelandSCAT 619837"0 
The Lotus Eaters

A: The First Picture Of You
B: The Lotus Eaters
Arista IrelandSYL 119837"0 
Thompson Twins

A: Watching
B: Dancersaurus
Arista IrelandTWINS 119837"0 
Ray Parker Jr.

A: Ghostbusters
B: Ghostbusters (Instrumental Version)
Arista IrelandARIST 58019847"0 
Nick Heyward

A: Love All Day
B: Night Summer Stream
Arista IrelandHEY 519847"0 
Jermaine Jackson

A: Sweetest Sweetest
B: Come To Me ( One Way Or Another)
Arista IrelandJJK 119847"0 
Thompson Twins

A: Doctor! Doctor!
B: Nurse Shark
Arista IrelandTWINS 319847"0 
Thompson Twins

A: You Take Me Up
B: Passion Planet
Arista IrelandTWINS 419847"0 
Thompson Twins

A: Sister Of Mercy
B: Out Of The Gap
Arista IrelandTWINS 519847"0 

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