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Arista - Label Discography

  Netherlands  :  178 Records  :  Latest Updates  :​  Gallery  :​  
  USA  1237
  UK  971
  Germany  325
  Australia  196
  Netherlands  178
  Canada  92
  Ireland  59
  New Zealand  50
  Japan  38
  France  23
  Spain  17
  Italy  16
  South Africa  10
  Norway  9
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Barry Manilow

A: It's A Miracle
B: One Of These Days
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9636119757"0 
The Brecker Brothers

A: Sneakin' Up Behind You
B: Sponge
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9665619757"0 
Linda Lewis

A: It's In His Kiss
B: Walk About
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9672519757"0 
Barry Manilow

A: Could It Be Magic
B: I Am Your Child
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9680619757"08.0
The Outlaws [USA]

A: There Goes Another Lovesong
B: Keep Prayin'
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9696719757"0 
Linda Lewis

A: Love, Love, Love
B: Rock And Roller Coaster
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9718719757"0 
Batdorf And Rodney

A: Something In The Night
B: Ain't It Like Home
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9736119757"0 
Linda Lewis

A: This Time I'll Be Sweeter
B: So Many Mysteries To Find
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9815119757"0 
Barry Manilow

A: I Write The Songs
B: A Nice Boy Like Me
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9720819767"0 
Eric Carmen

A: All By Myself
B: Everything
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9735419767"010.0
Eric Carmen

A: Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
B: No Hard Feelings
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9768019767"0 
Barry Manilow

A: Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
B: Beautiful Music
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9768119767"0 
The Brecker Brothers Band

A: If You Wanna Boogie...Forget It
B: Slick Stuff
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9773219767"0 
General Johnson

A: All In The Family
B: Ready, Willing And Able
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9773319767"0 
Loudon Wainwright III

A: Bicentennial
B: Talking Big Apple '75
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9773419767"0 
Fools Gold

A: Rain, Oh Rain
B: One By One
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9775219767"0 
Outlaws [USA]

A: Breaker Breaker
B: South Carolina
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9775319767"0 
Barry Manilow

A1: Mandy
B1: Could It Be Magic
B2: It's A Miracle
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9800419767"0 
Eric Carmen

A: Sunrise
B: My Girl
Arista Netherlands5C 006-9811019767"0 
Barry Mann

A: The Princess And The Punk
B: Jennifer
Arista NetherlandsNG 77619767"0 
Linda Lewis

A: This Time I'll Be Sweeter
B: So Many Mysteries To Find
Arista NetherlandsNG 77819767"0 
Gino Cunico

A: When I Wanted You
B: Don't Get Around Anymore
Arista NetherlandsNG 78519767"0 
Family Dogg

A: Uptown, Uptempo Woman
B: I Wonder
Arista NetherlandsNG 78619767"0 

A: Magic Man
B: How Deep It Goes
Arista NetherlandsNG 78719767"19.0

A: Under The Moon Of Love
B: Showboat
Arista NetherlandsNG 79019767"0 
David Forman

A: Dream Of A Child
B: Treachery
Arista NetherlandsNG 79519767"0 

A: Don't Take Your Love Away
B: This Side Up
Arista NetherlandsNG 79719767"0 
Linda Lewis

A: Winter Wonderland
B: All Comes Back To Love
Arista NetherlandsNG 80319767"0 

A: Acupuncture
B: Bananas
Arista NetherlandsNG 81119767"0 

A: Crazy On You
B: Soul Of The Sea
Arista NetherlandsNG 81219767"1 
Jennifer Warnes

A: Right Time Of The Night
B: Daddy Don't Go
Arista NetherlandsNG 81319767"0 
Gary Glitter

A: It Takes All Night Long (Part I)
B: It Takes All Night Long (Part II)
Arista NetherlandsNG 81919767"0 
The Drifters

A: You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book
B: Do You Have To Go Now
Arista NetherlandsNG 82019767"09.0

A: Queen Of The Night
B: Lost In The Hills Of Hollywood
Arista NetherlandsNG 87019767"0 
Kasey Cisyk

A: You Light Up My Fire
B: Rolling The Chords
Arista Netherlands5N 006-6015719777"0 

A: Dancin' Party
B: One Of These Days
Arista Netherlands5N 006-6019219777"0 
Bay City Rollers

A: The Way I Feel Tonight
B: Sweet Virginia
Arista Netherlands5N 006-6028719777"0 
Garnet Mimms

A: Johnny Porter
B: Tail Snatcher
Arista Netherlands5N 006-6035519777"0 
John Williams

A: Theme From "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind"
B: Nocturnal Pursuit
Arista Netherlands5N 006-6039019777"0 
The Kinks

A: Father Christmas
B: Prince Of The Punks
Arista Netherlands5N 006N-6028319777"0 

A: When
B: Superstar
Arista NetherlandsNG 82119777"0 
Bay City Rollers

A: It's A Game
B: Dance Dance Dance
Arista NetherlandsNG 85919777"0 

A: Dreamboat Annie
B: Sing Child
Arista NetherlandsNG 86219777"0 
Barry Manilow

A: Looks Like We Made It
B: New York City Rhythm (Live Version)
Arista NetherlandsNG 86819777"0 

A: Better By Far
B: Silver Strings
Arista NetherlandsNG 86919777"0 
Gary Glitter

A: A Little Boogie Woogie In The Back Of My Mind
B: The Treat Of 42nd Street
Arista NetherlandsNG 87419777"1 
Deardorff And Joseph

A: Chicago Blue
B: One More Story To Tell
Arista NetherlandsNG 87719777"0 

A: You Got What It Takes
B: Sing On Louise
Arista NetherlandsNG 88219777"0 
Bay City Rollers

A: You Made Me Believe In Magic
B: Dance Dance Dance
Arista NetherlandsNG 88319777"0 
Jennifer Warnes

A: I'm Dreaming
B: Daddy Don't Go
Arista NetherlandsNG 88519777"0 

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