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Ascot - Label Discography

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United Artists Subsidiary Label 1962 - 1968
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Moe Koffman

A: Swingin' Shepherd Blues Twist
B: Train Whistle Twist
Ascot USAAS 2100Mar 19627"1 
Dede Young

A: Remember You, Belong To Me
B: I'll Never Stop Loving You
Ascot USAAS 2101Mar 19627"3 
The Cotillions

A: This Road
B: What Kind Of Day Has It Been
Ascot USAAS 2105May 19627"7 
Billy Bishop

A: What Is Life
B: I'll Always Forgive You
Ascot USAAS 2128Apr 19637"0 
Cleveland Robinson

A: These Are The Hands
B: Come Change Your Name To Mine
Ascot USAAS 2132Jun 19637"1 
Richard Hayman

A: Theme From Irma La Douce
B: Let's Pretend Love
Ascot USAAS 2133Jul 19637"0 
Dale Davis And The Woodsmen

A: Maybe Tomorrow
B: Old Blue
Ascot USAAS 2134Jul 19637"0 
Ritchie And The Runarounds

A: Lost In The Crowd
B: Don'tcha Backtrack
Ascot USAAS 2136Aug 19637"0 
Denny Randell

A: I'm Back Baby
B: Blues For A Four String Guitar
Ascot USAAS 2137Sep 19637"0 
The Secret Agents

A: Theme From Dr. No (The James Bond Theme)
B: The Great Escape March
Ascot USAAS 2138Sep 19637"0 
The Angels

A: Cotton Fields
B: Irresistable
Ascot USAAS 2139Sep 19637"0 
The Sequins [Ascot]

A: You Can't Sit Still
B: Mr. Leader Of The Band
Ascot USAAS 2140Oct 19637"0 
Amy Arthur

A: In Was Wrong
B: It May Never Happen Again
Ascot USAAS 2141Oct 19637"0 
Eddie Holman

A: Go Get Your Own
B: Laughing At Me
Ascot USAAS 2142Oct 19637"0 
Pete Shrayder

A: Little Miss Sorry Eyes
B: Tommy Loves You
Ascot USAAS 2143Nov 19637"0 
The Hurricane Strings

A: Venus
B: In De Karruk (In The Carrick)
Ascot USAAS 2145Dec 19637"0 
Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers

A: Everybody Loves A Lover
B: My Old Stand-By
Ascot USAAS 2146Dec 19637"0 
Debbie Rollins

A: He Really Loves Me
B: Someone
Ascot USAAS 2148Jan 19647"0 
George Richey

A: Silent Telephone
B: Lonely Part Of Town
Ascot USAAS 2149Jan 19647"0 
Manfred Mann

A: Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)
B: I'm Your Kingpin
Ascot USAAS 215114 May 19647"0 
Shawn Phillips

A: The New Frankie And Johnnie Song
B: Cloudy Summer Afternoon
Ascot USAAS-2152Jun 19647"0 
Pete Shrayder

A: The Memory Of Marilyn
B: Ten Times Blue
Ascot USAAS 2154Jul 19647"0 
Eddie Reeves

A: Heartbreakin'
B: You Ain't The First Time I've Been Wrong
Ascot USAAS 2155Jul 19647"0 
Madeline Bell

A: You Don't Love Me No More
B: Don't Cross Over (To My Side Of The Street)
Ascot USAAS 2156Aug 19647"0 
Manfred Mann

A: Do Wah Diddy Diddy
B: What You Gonna Do?
Ascot USAAS 2157Aug 19647"09.0
Pat Embers

A: That Boy (Sure Got Your Number)
B: You'll Never Leave Her
Ascot USAAS 2158Aug 19647"0 
The U.S. Six

A: I Do Love You
B: The Push
Ascot USAAS 2162Sep 19647"0 
The Vals

A: Too Late
B: I'm Stepping Out With My Memories
Ascot USAAS 2163Oct 19647"0 
Bobby Comstock

A: Always
B: Right Hand Man
Ascot USAAS-2164Nov 19647"09.0
Manfred Mann

A: Sha La La
B: John Hardy
Ascot USAAS 2165Nov 19647"28.7
The Petites

A: Is Thirteen Too Young To Fall In Love?
B: I'm Gonna Love Him (Yeah, Yeah)
Ascot USAASCOT 2166Nov 19647"0 
The James Gang [Georgia]

A: Everybody Knows (But Her)
B: Ladies Man
Ascot USAASCOT 2168Dec 19647"1 
Manfred Mann

A: Come Tomorrow
B: What Did I Do Wrong
Ascot USAAS 21707 Jan 19657"08.0
The Hooten Singers

A: Gabrielle
B: Darling
Ascot USAASCOT 2171Feb 19657"0 
Paul Martin

A: Snake In The Grass
B: I've Got A New Love
Ascot USAASCOT 2172Mar 19657"0 
The Chavis Brothers

A: Humpty Dumpty
B: Torture Me
Ascot USA2177Apr 19657"0 
Dicky Doo And The Don'ts

A: Click Clack '65
B: Don't Count Me Out
Ascot USAAS-2178Apr 19657"1 
Bobby Comstock

A: I'm A Man
B: I'll Make You Glad
Ascot USAASCOT 2175Apr 19657"1 
Little Bernie And The Cavaliers

A: Poor Town
B: Do You
Ascot USAAS 2183May 19657"4 
Manfred Mann

A: My Little Red Book
B: What Am I Doing Wrong
Ascot USAAS 218426 May 19657"210.0
Tambi Garret

A: If I Give My Heart To You
B: You Were Mine For Awhile
Ascot USAASCOT 2182Jun 19657"0 
The Tiki's

A: Stop-Look-Listen
B: Cream In My Coffee
Ascot USAASCOT 2186Jul 19657"0 
The Echoes [New York]

A: I Love Candy (I Love Her Candy Kisses)
B: Paper Roses
Ascot USAASCOT 2188Aug 19657"1 
Gerry Patt And His Pals

A: Dancing By Myself
B: It's So Strange
Ascot USAASCOT 2189Aug 19657"0 
Paul Martin

A: Don't Hustle Me
B: I've Got Another Mule
Ascot USAASCOT 2190Sep 19657"0 
Bobby Comstock (And The Counts)

A: This Magic Moment
B: Shotgun Sally (The Marrying Kind)
Ascot USAASCOT 2193Sep 19657"0 
Manfred Mann

A: If You Gotta Go, Go Now
B: The One In The Middle
Ascot USAASCOT 2194Oct 19657"310.0
Bobby Chase

A: Missing Someone
B: Knowing It Was Heartbreak
Ascot USAASCOT 2195Oct 19657"1 
The James Gang [Georgia]

A: Georgia Pines
B: Baby Take Me Back
Ascot USAASCOT 2196Nov 19657"0 
The Mad Hatters [Maryland]

A: I Need Love
B: Blowin' In The Wind
Ascot USAASCOT 2197Nov 19657"1 

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