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Astor - Label Discography

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A-7000 series

A: Speak Low
B: Come Closer To Me
Astor AustraliaA-700119597"0 
Randy Ross

A: Does She Know
B: Walkin' And Talkin'
Astor AustraliaA-700219607"1 
Barry And The Planets

A: Remember Your Kissin'!
B: Sittin' On Top Of The World
Astor AustraliaA-700319607"0 
The Hi-Fi's [Australia]

A: I Want The World To Know
B: Bing Walla Bang
Astor AustraliaA-700419607"1 
The Hi-Fi's [Australia]

A: Step By Step
B: Just Give Me A Ring
Astor AustraliaA-700519607"0 
Randy Ross

A: Mountain Of Love
B: Jezabel
Astor AustraliaA-700619607"1 
The Horrie Dargie Quintet

A: Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
B: East Of The Sun
Astor AustraliaA-700719607"0 
The Horrie Dargie Quintet

A: Wock And Wobble
B: It Isn't Over
Astor AustraliaA-701019607"0 
The Horrie Dargie Quintet

A: Got A Zack In The Back Of Me Pocket
B: Mais Oui! (But Yes)
Astor AustraliaA-701119607"0 
Bill McCormack

A: She Wears My Ring
B: You're Breaking My Heart
Astor AustraliaA-701219617"0 
Betty McQuade

A: Midnight Bus
B: Tongue Tied
Astor AustraliaA-701419617"2 
Bobby Cookson

A: Timber
B: Ding - Dong
Astor AustraliaA-701819627"2 
The Rooftop Singers

A: Walk Right In
B: Cool Water
Astor AustraliaA-702219627"010.0
The Marksmen [Melbourne, Australia]

A: Triangle
B: Gunshot
Astor AustraliaA-702519637"1 
The Rooftop Singers

A: Tom Cat
B: Shoes
Astor AustraliaA-702819637"0 
Bobby Cookson

A: I'm From New Orleans
B: I've Had My Moments
Astor AustraliaA-702919637"0 
The Rooftop Singers

A: Mama Don't Allow
B: It Don't Mean A Thing
Astor AustraliaA-703019637"0 
The Marksmen [Melbourne, Australia]

A: On The Run
B: Slalom "9"
Astor AustraliaA-703619637"1 
Ken Delo

A: Old Time Religion
B: Mobile
Astor AustraliaA-704119647"0 
Buffy Sainte-Marie

A: Until It's Time For You To Go
B: The Flower And The Apple Tree
Astor AustraliaA-704519657"0 
Project X

A: Got No Reason To Cry
B: That Ain't Love
Astor AustraliaA-705219667"1 
Au Go-Go's

A: All Over Town
B: Waited For You
Astor AustraliaA-705319667"1 
The Dargies

A: Yesterday
B: Love Letters
Astor AustraliaA-705519667"0 

A: Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
B: My Baby Said
Astor AustraliaA-705619667"0 
King Charles And The Counts

A: I Don't Wanna Cry
B: Up On A Hill
Astor AustraliaA-705919667"1 
The Vagrants

A: I Can't Make A Friend
B: Young Blues
Astor AustraliaA-706119667"0 
Kip and Ken

A: Love! Say Yea Yea Yea
B: No Room To Cry
Astor AustraliaA-706219667"1 
Bert And Bill

A: A Different Time
B: You're What Makes My Lonely Life Worth Living
Astor AustraliaA-706719667"0 
Judy Jacques

A: Somewhere In The World
B: A Real Live Fool
Astor AustraliaA-706819677"0 
The Masters Apprentices

A: Undecided
B: Wars Or Hands Of Time
Astor AustraliaA-7071Oct 19667"510.0
Grandma's Tonic

A: Hi Hi Hazel
B: Johnny The Hummer
Astor AustraliaA-7072Jan 19677"0 
Junior Wells

A: (I Got A) Stomach Ache
B: Shake It, Baby
Astor AustraliaA-707319677"0 
Grandma's Tonic

A: I Know
B: Lost Girl
Astor AustraliaA-7074Apr 19677"0 
The Masters Apprentices

A: Buried And Dead
B: She's My Girl
Astor AustraliaA-7075May 19677"110.0
Country Joe And The Fish

A: Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
B: The Masked Marauder
Astor AustraliaA-707619677"1 
Peter Doyle

A: If You Can Put That In A Bottle
B: I'm Not The Boy You're After
Astor AustraliaA-707819677"149.0
The Midnight Ramblers

A: South
B: Iberia
Astor AustraliaA-707919677"0 
The Goodies [Australia]

A: Such A Good Time
B: Nothing Has Changed
Astor AustraliaA-708019667"0 
The Masters' Apprentices

A: Living In A Child's Dream
B: Tired Of Just Wandering
Astor AustraliaA-7081Aug 19677"29.0
Peter Doyle

A: Plastic Dreams And Toy Balloons
B: You're My Remedy
Astor AustraliaA-708219677"0 
Kenny O'Dell

A: Beautiful People
B: Flower Girl
Astor AustraliaA708619677"0 
The Masters Apprentices

A: Elevator Driver
B: Theme For A Social Climber
Astor AustraliaA-7087Feb 19687"19.0
Graham, Jim And Mike

A: Footsteps
B: I'm Not Your Lover
Astor AustraliaA-708819687"0 
The Brigade [Australia]

A: As A Boy
B: Him Or Me, What's It Gonna Be
Astor AustraliaA-708919687"0 
Mark Durbin

A: That Lucky Old Sun
B: Anywhere I Wander
Astor AustraliaA-709119687"0 
Kenny O'Dell

A: Springfield Plane
B: I'm Gonna Take It
Astor AustraliaA-709319687"0 
The Town Criers [Australia]

A: Everlasting Love
B: I Can't Help Myself
Astor AustraliaA-709519687"17.0
Anne And Johnny Hawker

A: Cinderella Rockefella
B: Wiggle Your Toes
Astor AustraliaA-709619687"1 
Johnny Chester

A: Heaven Help The Man
B: I'm Gonna Have A Real Good Time
Astor AustraliaA-710119687"0 
The Master's Apprentices

A: Brigette
B: Four Years Of Five
Astor AustraliaA-7102Jun 19687"0 

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