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Asylum Spun Gold - Label Discography

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Jackson Browne

A: Doctor My Eyes
B: Rock Me On The Water
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4507019757"29.0
The Eagles

A: Take It Easy
B: Witchy Woman
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4507119757"2 
The Eagles

A: Already Gone
B: Tequila Sunrise
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4507219757"17.0
Linda Ronstadt

A: Love Has No Pride
B: Silver Threads And Golden Needles
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4507319757"1 
Joni Mitchell

A: You Turn Me On I'm A Radio
B: Raised On Robbery
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4507419757"0 
Joni Mitchell

A: Help Me
B: Free Man In Paris
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4507519757"010.0
The Eagles

A: Best Of My Love
B: One Of These Nights
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4507719767"4 

A: Dance With Me
B: Let There Be Music
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4507919767"2 
Linda Ronstadt

A: Heat Wave
B: Tracks Of My Tears
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4508119767"0 
The Eagles

A: Lyin' Eyes
B: Take It To The Limit
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4508419777"59.0

A: Hotel California
B: New Kid In Town
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4508519777"110.0
Andrew Gold

A: Thank You For Being A Friend
B: Lonely Boy
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4508719787"4 
Jackson Browne

A: Running On Empty
B: The Pretender
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4508819787"110.0
Linda Ronstadt

A: Blue Bayou
B: It's So Easy
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4508919787"1 
Warren Zevon

A: Werewolves Of London
B: Lawyers, Guns And Money
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4509119787"1 
Linda Ronstadt

A: Poor Poor Pitiful Me
B: Tumbling Dice
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4509219787"19.0
Jackson Browne

A: Stay
B: Here Come Those Tears Again
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4509319787"1 
Joe Walsh

A: Life's Been Good
B: Over And Over
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4509519797"09.0

A: Life In The Fast Lane
B: Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4509819797"2 

A: Still The One
B: Spring Fever
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4510019797"5 
Jay Ferguson

A: Thunder Island
B: Shakedown Cruise
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4510119797"1 
Linda Ronstadt

A: Back In The U.S.A.
B: Ooh Baby Baby
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4510219797"1 

A: The Long Run
B: Heartache Tonight
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4510419807"1 
Jackson Browne

A: Boulevard
B: That Girl Could Sing
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4510719817"0 
Johnny Lee

A: Lookin' For Love
B: One In A Million
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4510919817"0 
Mickey Gilley

A: Stand By Me

The Unstrung Heroes

B: Cotton Eyed Joe
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4511519817"1 
Linda Ronstadt

A: Hurt So Bad
B: How Do I Make You
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4511619817"1 

A: I Can't Tell You Why
B: James Dean
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4511719817"2 
Don Felder

A: Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)


B: Working In The Coal Mine
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4512519827"29.0
Johnny Lee

A: Bet Your Heart On Me
B: Pickin' Up Strangers
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4512719827"0 

A: Desperado
B: Outlaw Man
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-4512919827"110.0
Jackson Browne

A: Somebody's Baby
B: Redneck Friend
Asylum Spun Gold USA7-6599719837"2 
Lindsey Buckingham

A: Trouble
B: It Was I
Asylum Spun Gold USA7-6599819837"2 
Linda Ronstadt And The Nelson Riddle Orchestra

A: What's New
B: I've Got A Crush On You
Asylum Spun Gold USA7-6598819847"0 
Linda Ronstadt

A: I Knew You When
B: Get Closer
Asylum Spun Gold USAEA 6598919847"1 
Don Henley

A: Dirty Laundry
B: I Can't Stand Still
Asylum Spun Gold USAEA 6599219847"1 
Glenn Frey

A: The One You Love
B: That Girl
Asylum Spun Gold USAEA 6599319847"0 
Jackson Browne

A: Lawyers In Love
B: Tender Is The Night
Asylum Spun Gold USAEA 6599519847"1 
Jackson Browne

A: For America
B: In The Shape Of A Heart
Asylum Spun Gold USA7-6597819867"0 
Judy Collins

A: Both Sides Now
B: Amazing Grace
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-450537"2 
The Doors

A: Riders On The Storm
B: Love Her Madly
Asylum Spun Gold USAE-450597"210.0

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