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Atco - Label Discography

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  USA  1461
  Canada  245
  France  102
  Brazil  97
  UK  86
  Germany  38
  Japan  22
  Australia  16
  Italy  11
  Netherlands  7
  Belgium  5
  Spain  4
  Barbados  2
  Ireland  2
  Denmark  1
  Jamaica  1
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Otis Redding

A: Love Man
B: That's How Strong My Love Is
Atco UK22600120 Jun 19697"08.5
Otis Redding

A: Free Me
B: (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher
Atco UK22600229 Aug 19697"1 

A: For What It's Worth
B: (Just Enough To Keep Me) Hanging On
Atco UK226003Sep 19697"0 
The Delights Orchestra

A: Do Your Thing
B: King Of The Horse
Atco UK226005Sep 19697"07.0
Arthur Conley

A: Star Review
B: Love Sure Is A Powerful Thing
Atco UK22600412 Sep 19697"17.0
R. B. Greaves

A: Take A Letter Maria
B: Big Bad City
Atco UK226007Oct 19697"1 
Buffalo Springfield

A: Pretty Girl Why
B: Questions
Atco UK22600610 Oct 19697"08.0

A: Oh Me, Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)
B: Sweep Around Your Own Back Door
Atco UK226008Nov 19697"29.9
Johnny Jenkins

A: The Voodoo In You
B: Backside Blues
Atco UK226009Dec 19697"0 
Donny Hathaway

A: The Ghetto (Part 2)
B: The Ghetto (Part 1)
Atco UK226010Jan 19707"08.5
Arthur Conley

A: They Call The Wind Maria
B: Hurt
Atco UK22601123 Jan 19707"07.0
Otis Redding

A: Look At That Girl
B: That's A Good Idea
Atco UK22601227 Feb 19707"09.0
The Allman Brothers Band

A: Black Hearted Woman
B: Every Hungry Woman
Atco UK22601320 Mar 19707"010.0
Blues Image

A: Ride Captain Ride
B: Pay My Dues
Atco UK2091 009Jun 19707"28.5
R. B. Greaves

A: Fire And Rain
B: Ballad Of Leroy
Atco UK2091 013Jun 19707"0 
Lulu With The Dixie Flyers

A: Hum A Song (From Your Heart)


B: Mr. Bojangles
Atco UK2091 014Jun 19707"08.5
Dee Dee Warwick

A: She Didn't Know (She Kept On Talking)
B: Make Love To Me
Atco UK2091 01126 Jun 19707"210.0
King Curtis With Delaney Bramlett, Eric Clapton And Friends

A: Teasin'

King Curtis

B: Soulin'
Atco UK2091 01226 Jun 19707"0 
Dr. John

A: Wash Mama Wash
B: Mama Roux
Atco UK2091 01926 Jun 19707"1 
Otis Redding

A: Wonderful World
B: Security
Atco UK2091 020Jul 19707"1 
Dee Dee Warwick

A: If This Was The Last Song
B: I'm Only Human
Atco UK2091 037Nov 19707"4 
The Allman Brothers Band

A: Revival (Love Is Everywhere)
B: Leave My Blues At Home
Atco UK2091 04027 Nov 19707"08.0

A: Got To Believe In Love
B: Move To My Rhythm
Atco UK2091 0498 Jan 19717"010.0
Steve Swindells

A: Turn It On, Turn It Off
B: Low Life Joe
Atco UKK 1160519807"2 

A: On The Run
B: Street Fighter
Atco UKK1161019807"1 
Pete Townshend

A: Rough Boys
B: And I Moved
Atco UKK 11460Mar 19807"17.5
Pete Townshend

A1: Let My Love Open The Door
B1: Classified
B2: Greyhound Girl
Atco UKK 11486Jun 19807"29.0
Steve Swindells

A: Shot Down In The Night
B: It's Only One Night Of Your Love
Atco UKK 11532Jun 19807"0 

A: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
B: In The Night
Atco UKK 11538Jul 19807"0 
Pete Townshend

A: Keep On Working
B: Jools And Jim
Atco UKK 11609Oct 19807"0 

A: Every Man Should Know (Queenie)
B: Highway Song
Atco UKK 11636Nov 19807"0 

A: I Have The Skill
B: Into The Heat
Atco UKK 11576May 19817"0 

A: Good Morning
B: Payin' For It
Atco UKK11673Jul 19817"1 

A: Dry County
B: Too Hard To Handle
C: On The Run
D: Train Train
Atco UKK 11686FFeb 1982Double Pack25.0

A: Dry County
B: Too Hard To Handle
Atco UKK 11686FFeb 19827"18.0
Pete Townshend

A: Face Dances (Part 2)
B: Man Watching
Atco UKK 11734May 19827"06.0
Pete Townshend

A: Uniforms (Corp D' Esprit)
B: Dance It Away
Atco UKK 11751Jul 19827"0 
Pete Townshend

A: Uniforms
B: Dance It Away
Atco UKK 11751PJul 1982Picture Disc0 

A1: Highway Song
B1: Rollin' And Tumblin'
B2: Fly Away
Atco UKK 11760Aug 19827"2 

A: Send Me An Angel
B: Drivin' Fool
Atco UKB 9880 P1983Shaped Disc0 

A: Send Me An Angel
B: Drivin' Fool
Atco UKB 9880May 19837"0 
Axe [USA]

A: Heat In The Street
B: Midnight Drives Me Mad
Atco UKB 9850Nov 19837"07.0

A: Owner Of A Lonely Heart
B: Our Song
Atco UKB 98175 Nov 19837"39.7

A: Owner Of A Lonely Heart
B: Our Song
Atco UKB 9817-P5 Nov 1983Shaped Disc2 

A: Leave It (Remix)
B: Leave It (Acapella)
Atco UKB 978731 Mar 19847"110.0

A: It Can Happen (Edit)
B: It Can Happen (Live Version)
Atco UKB9745Jul 19847"0 

A: I Don't Care
B: Caught In The Game
Atco UKB 9702Dec 19847"1 

A: Red Lipstick
B: Wailing Wall
Atco UKB 9659Apr 19857"0 

A: Morning Dew
B: Livin' In The City (Previously Unreleased)
Atco UKB 9690Jun 19857"2 
Eddie And The Tide

A: One In A Million
B: Looking For Excitement
Atco UKB 9617Sep 19857"0 

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