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Atco - Label Discography

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  USA  1461
  Canada  245
  France  102
  Brazil  97
  UK  86
  Germany  38
  Japan  22
  Australia  16
  Italy  11
  Netherlands  7
  Belgium  5
  Spain  4
  Barbados  2
  Ireland  2
  Denmark  1
  Jamaica  1
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Pauline Rogers

A: You're Everything To Me
B: Up Till Now
Atco USA45-6050Sep 19557"0 
Jesse Stone And His Houserockers

A: Night Life
B: The Rocket
Atco USA45-6051Sep 19557"0 
The Royal Jokers

A: You Tickle Me Baby
B: Stay Here
Atco USA45-6052Sep 19557"0 
Billy Nightingale

A: The Price Of Love
B: Thank You, Thank You, Darling
Atco USA45-6053Sep 19557"0 
Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson

Sing It With Joe

A1: Margie
A2: I'm Nobody's Sweetheart
A3: Somebody Stole My Gal
B1: Moonlight Bay
B2: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
B3: Cuddle Up A Little Closer
Atco USA45-6054Sep 1955EP1 
The Terry Twins

A: Evermore
B: Songbird
Atco USA45-6055Sep 19557"1 
The Sensations Featuring Yvonne

A: Yes Sir That's My Baby

The Sensations Featuring Tommy Wicks

B: Sympathy
Atco USA45-6056Oct 19557"1 
The Pearls [Detroit]

A: Shadows Of Love
B: Yum Yummy
Atco USA45-6057Oct 19557"0 
Nolan Lewis

A: Let's Start All Over Again
B: Always Look Up
Atco USA45-6058Oct 19557"0 
The Robins

A: Smokey Joe's Cafe
B: Just Like A Fool
Atco USA45-6059Oct 19557"49.0
Jimmy Griffin [R&B]

A: She's A W-O-M-A-N
B: Somebody Take Me
Atco USA45-6060Jan 19567"0 
Frankie Marshall And His Band

A: Song From My Heart
B: If It's The Last Thing I Do
Atco USA45-6061Jan 19567"0 
The Royal Jokers

A: Don't Leave Me Fanny
B: Rocks In My Pillow
Atco USA45-6062Jan 19567"2 
Jewel Curtis And The Eddie Curtis Orchestra

A: I Don't Wanna Be Alone

Eddie Curtis And His Orchestra

B: Rich Lady From Sugar Hill
Atco USA45-6063Feb 19567"1 
The Coasters

A: Down In Mexico
B: Turtle Dovin'
Atco USA45-6064Feb 19567"28.0
The Five Stars [New Orleans]

A: Take Five

Sid Noel

B: Humpty Dump
Atco USA45-6065Feb 19567"1 
The Pearls [Detroit]

A: Bells Of Love
B: Come On Home'
Atco USA45-6066Mar 19567"3 
The Sensations Featuring Yvonne Mills

A: Ain't He Sweet
B: Please Mr. Disc Jockey
Atco USA45-6067Mar 19567"0 
Jimmy Griffin And His Band

A: Little Mary
B: I'm Getting Right
Atco USA45-6068Apr 19567"0 
The Castelles

A: Happy And Gay
B: Hey Baby Baby
Atco USA45-6069Jun 19567"2 
Frankie Marshall And His Band

A: Why Oh Why
B: Fanny Lou
Atco USA45-6070Jun 19567"1 
Pauline Rogers

A: Round And Round
B: Come Into My Parlor
Atco USA45-6071Jun 19567"0 
Guitar Slim And His Band

A: Down Through The Years
B: Oh Yeah
Atco USA45-6072Jun 19567"0 
The Coasters

A: One Kiss Led To Another
B: Brazil
Atco USA45-6073Jul 19567"6 
The Tibbs Brothers

A: I'm Going Crazy
B: (Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle
Atco USA45-6074Aug 19567"1 
The Sensations [Philadelphia]

A: Cry Baby Cry
B: My Heart Crys For You
Atco USA45-6075Aug 19567"0 
Frankie Marshall

A: Every Minute Of The Day
B: Over And Over
Atco USA45-6076Sep 19567"0 
The Royal Jokers

A: She's Mine All Mine
B: Ride On Little Girl
Atco USA45-6077Sep 19567"0 
The Prophets [Doo Wop]

A: Baby Come Back
B: Stormy
Atco USA45-6078Sep 19567"2 
Walter Spriggs

A: (I'm Gonna) Love You, Love You, Love You
B: I Pawned Everything
Atco USA45-6079Sep 19567"1 
Glenn Reeves

A: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
B: Rockin' Country Style
Atco USA45-6080Sep 19567"48.0
Wynonie Harris

A: Destination Love
B: Tell A Whale Of A Tale
Atco USA45-6081Nov 19567"78.0
Little "Lambsie" Penn

A: I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis
B: Painted Lips And Pigtails
Atco USA45 6082Nov 19567"2 
The Sensations Featuring Yvonne Mills

A: Little Wallflower
B: Such A Love
Atco USA45-6083Nov 19567"0 
Jimmy Witherspoon And The Quintones

A: Still In Love
B: My Girl Ivy
Atco USA45-6084Dec 19567"0 
The Ray-O-Vacs

A: Party Time
B: Crying All Alone
Atco USA45-6085Jan 19577"0 
Ethel Ennis

A: A Pair Of Fools
B: Got It In My Blood (To Love You)
Atco USA45-6086Feb 19577"0 
The Coasters

A: Searchin'
B: Young Blood
Atco USA45-6087Mar 19577"710.0
The Flyers

A: On Bended Knee
B: My Only Desire
Atco USA45-6088Mar 19577"110.0
Willis Jackson

A: Back Door
B: Later 'gator
Atco USA45-6089Mar 19577"1 
The Sensations Featuring Yvonne Mills

A: My Debut To Love
B: You Made Me Love You
Atco USA45-6090May 19577"0 
Frank Bianco

A: Angelita
B: Now I Know
Atco USA45-6091May 19577"0 
Bobby Darin

A: Million Dollar Baby
B: Talk To Me Something
Atco USA45-6092Jun 19577"3 
Ron Baxter

A: Afraid Of Love
B: Driving Me Out Of My Mind
Atco USA45-6093Jul 19577"1 
Jimmy Breedlove

A: Over Somebody Else's Shoulder (I Fell In Love With You)
B: That's My Baby
Atco USA45-6094Jul 19577"2 
Buddy Thompson

A: I've Got A Good Thing Going
B: This Is The Night
Atco USA45-6095Jul 19577"0 
Guitar Slim

A: If I Should Lose You
B: It Hurts To Love Someone (That Don't Love You)
Atco USA45-6097Jul 19577"0 
Linda Hopkins

A: Shiver And Shake
B: Rock And Roll Blues
Atco USA45-6096Aug 19577"0 
The Coasters

A: (When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes To Me
B: Idol With The Golden Head
Atco USA45-6098Aug 19577"0 
Bette McLaurin

A: Autumn Leaves
B: What A Night For Love
Atco USA45-6099Oct 19577"0 

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