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Attic - Label Discography

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Debbie Fleming

A: Long Gone
B: All About You
Attic CanadaAT 10219747"0 

A: Brother And Me
B: Piece Of Alright
Attic CanadaAT 100Jun 19747"0 

A: Dance Gypsy Dance
B: Boarding School
Attic CanadaAT 103Sep 19747"0 
Ken Tobias

A: Lady Luck
B: Whatever You Want
Attic CanadaAT 10619757"0 
Ron Nigrini

A: Horses
B: Signs
Attic CanadaAT 11019757"0 
Ken Tobias

A: Run Away With Me
B: Whatever You Want
Attic CanadaAT 11119757"0 
Hagood Hardy

A: The Homecoming
B: Quorum
Attic CanadaAT 11219757"1 
Carla Whitney

A: I've Been Hurt (So Many Times)
B: It's You For Me
Attic CanadaAT 11319757"0 
Carla Whitney, Choker Campbell And The Super Sounds

A: Questions
B: Lovin' At Midnite
Attic CanadaAT 11719757"0 
Ken Tobias

A: Every Bit Of Love
B: Dance On The Water
Attic CanadaAT. 11819757"0 
Steve Bogard

A: She's Strong But She Likes Roses
B: They Ride Down From The Mountain
Attic CanadaAT 12119757"0 
Choker Campbell And The Super Sounds

A: Show Me Love
B: Tear Stained Pillow
Attic CanadaAT. 12319757"0 
Shirley Eikhard

A: I Just Wanted You To Know
B: Walk Away
Attic CanadaAT 12519757"0 

A: What An Animal
B: Boarding School
Attic CanadaAT 107Feb 19757"2 
Ron Nigrini

A: I'm Easy
B: For Someone On The Road
Attic CanadaAT 116Sep 19757"0 

A: I'm On My Way
B: Great Expectations
Attic CanadaAT 114Nov 19757"0 
Ben McPeek

A: Thinking Of You
B: Silent Cinema
Attic CanadaAT 12619767"0 
Electric Playground Orchestra

A: Apache
B: I Can't Get Rich
Attic CanadaAT 12819767"0 
Stanley Frank

A: S'cool Days
B: On A Line
Attic CanadaAT 13019767"0 
Patsy Gallant

A: From New York To L.A.
B: Angie
Attic CanadaAT-13319767"39.0
Patsy Gallant

A: From New York To L.A. (Short)
B: From New York To L.A. (Long)
Attic CanadaAT- 133A1976Promo Only 7"1 

A: Help Me Back
B: You Get Around Me
Attic CanadaAT 13419767"0 

A: Help Me Back (Long Version)
B: Help Me Back (Short Version)
Attic CanadaAT 1341976Promo Only 7"0 

A: 24 Hours A Day
B: Street Fighter
Attic CanadaAT 13619767"0 

A: 24 Hours A Day (Long Version)
B: 24 Hours A Day (Short Version)
Attic CanadaAT 136-DJ1976Promo Only 7"0 
Ken Tobias

A: Oh Lynda
B: Nature's Song
Attic CanadaAT 13719767"0 
The Wurzels

A: The Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)
B: The Blackbird
Attic CanadaAT 13919767"0 

A: Do You Wanna Dance? [Mono]
B: Do You Wanna Dance? [Stereo]
Attic CanadaAT 140-DJ1976Promo Only 7"0 
Sons Of The Pioneers

A: Cool Water
B: Pretty Painted Ladies
Attic CanadaAT 14419767"1 
Donny Gerrard

A: Greedy For Your Love
B: He's Always Somewhere Around
Attic CanadaAT 14519767"0 
Patsy Gallant

A: Libre Pour L'Amour
B: Il Pleut Ce Matin
Attic CanadaAT. 14619767"0 
Ken Tobias

A: Lovin' Fever
B: Nature's Song
Attic CanadaAT 14819767"0 
Donny Gerrard

A: Stay Awhile With Me
B: Peace For Us All
Attic CanadaAT 15019767"0 
Ken Tobias

A: Dancer
B: Love Light
Attic CanadaAT 16219767"0 
The Les Humphries Singers

A: It Never Rains
B: 29 Church Street
Attic CanadaAT 16519767"0 
Patsy Gallant

A: Besoin D'Amour
B: Une Toune Que Ma Mere Me Chantait
Attic CanadaATF 50019767"0 
Ken Tobias

A: Give A Little Love
B: If I Could Talk To You
Attic CanadaAT 124Mar 19767"0 
Major Ursus

A: Ba-Dum Ba-Dum (Ba-Dum Ba-Dum-Dum)
B: Do The Bear
Attic CanadaAT 15419777"0 
Phil Sykes

A: Smile With Your Eyes
B: Woman
Attic CanadaAT 15619777"0 
Patsy Gallant

A: Sugar Daddy
B: It's Raining This Morning
Attic CanadaAT 16119777"1 

A: With You
B: How's Life Breaking?
Attic CanadaAT 16419777"0 
The Valve And Pucker Society Band

A: The Liberty Bell (Monty Python Theme)
B: The Zoo Kazoo
Attic CanadaAT 16819777"0 
Greg Adams

A: Hold On
B: Tell Me Girl
Attic CanadaAT 16919777"0 
Patsy Gallant

A: Back To The City
B: Coming Home
Attic CanadaAT 17219777"0 
Phil Sykes

A: Chance
B: Chance
Attic CanadaAT 178 DJ1977Promo Only 7"0 
Greg Adams

A: Serene, Serene
B: Every Wheel
Attic CanadaAT 17919777"0 
Night School

A: Do You Speak French Part 1
B: Do You Speak French Part 2
Attic CanadaAT 18119777"0 
Hagood Hardy

A: Nightwalker
B: Don't You Think It's Time To Come Back Home
Attic CanadaAT 18219777"0 
Ken Tobias

A: New York City
B: Blackbird
Attic CanadaAT 18419777"0 
Patsy Gallant

A: Stay A While With Me
B: Why
Attic CanadaAT 18519777"1 

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