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Aura - Label Discography

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  UK  49
  Netherlands  2
  Germany  1
  New Zealand  1
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Beaver Brothers

A: You'll Never Believe It
B: I Am You
Aura UKAUS 1019 Jun 19787"0 
Annette Peacock

A: Don't Be Cruel
B: Dear Bela
Aura UKAUS 1029 Jun 19787"110.0
Big Star

A: Kizza Me
B: Dream Lover
Aura UKAUS 10318 Aug 19787"3 
KK Black

A: California Sun
B: Shakin' It Down
Aura UKAUS 10518 Aug 19787"0 
Johnny B Scott

A: Rock 'N' Roll Legend In 4/4 Time
B: Don't Bite The Bullet
Aura UKAUS 10422 Sep 19787"1 
Hi Fi

A: Run Run
B: Love Kitchen
Aura UKAUS 1068 Dec 19787"0 
Big Star

A: Jesus Christ
B: Big Black Car
Aura UKAUS 1078 Dec 19787"110.0
Allan Clarke

A: Shadow In The Street
B: No Prisoner Taken (Light Brigade)
Aura UKAUS 10819 Jan 19797"18.0
Allan Clarke

A: I Wasn't Born Yesterday
B: New Blood
Aura UKAUS 10925 May 19797"1 
The Troops

A: The Fan
B: Save The Boy
Aura UKAUS 111Jul 19797"0 

A: Bananas
B: I Don't Want No Plastic Lover
Aura UKAUS 1106 Jul 19797"1 
Beaver Brothers

A: Who Do You Think You're Fooling
B: Come On Home With Me Tonight
Aura UKAUS 11228 Sep 19797"0 
Annette Peacock

A: Love's Out To Lunch
B: Rubber Hunger
Aura UKAUS 113Nov 19797"3 

A: Don't Ask Me How I Know
B: Take Good Care
Aura UKAUS 114Nov 19797"2 
Ian North

A: Hollywood Babylon
B: No Sound From 25
Aura UKAUS 115Feb 19807"0 

A: Running Away
B: Don't Break My Heart
Aura UKAUS 116May 19807"0 
Alex Chilton

A: Hey! Little Child
B: No More The Moon Shines Lorena
Aura UKAUS 117May 19807"0 
The Girls

A: Clap Clap
B: My Boy Has Left Me
Aura UKAUS 118Jul 19807"0 
Barry Palmer

A: She's Leaving Home
B: Unknown Singer
Aura UKAUS 119Aug 19807"0 

A: Let's Be An Animal
B: Free Prison
Aura UKAUS 123Nov 19807"0 
Gary Benson

A: Dying To Live With You
B: What's Gonna Happen To Us
Aura UKAUS 122Jan 19817"3 
Allan Clarke

A: Walls
B: Baby Blue
Aura UKAUS 125Jan 19817"0 
White Europeans

A: Sun Arise
B: Belinda
Aura UKAUS 124Feb 19817"0 
Come On

A: Housewives Play Tennis
B: Howard After 6
Aura UKAUS 120Mar 19817"0 
The Crocodiles

A: New Wave Goodbye
B: Ribbons Of Steel
Aura UKAUS 126Jun 19817"0 
Lee Fardon

A: Stories Of Adventure
B: If You Can't Be A Man
Aura UKAUS 128Aug 19817"0 
Allan Clarke

A: The Only Ones
B: The Survivor
Aura UKAUS 121Sep 19817"0 
Tirez Tirez

A: Razorblade
B: Hair
Aura UKAUS 127Nov 19817"0 
Allan Clarke

A: Born To Run
B: If I Were The Priest
Aura UKAUS 129Nov 19817"05.5
Allan Clarke

A: Shadow In The Street
B: If Walked Away
Aura UKAUS 130Mar 19827"08.0
Placebo [80s]

A: Paying Homage
B: Gita
Aura UKAUS 131Mar 19827"1 
Lee Fardon

A: Together In Heat
B: Turn Out The Light
Aura UKAUS 132Jun 19827"0 
Placebo [80s]

A: Poppy Dance
B: Punishing Pierrot
Aura UKAUS 133Jun 19827"0 
The Girls

A: Sally Go Round The Roses
B: Sally Go Round The Roses (Instrumental)
Aura UKAUS 134Sep 19827"0 
The Revillos

A: Tell Him
B: Graveyard Groove
Aura UKAUS 135Nov 19827"0 

A: You, Eugene And Me
B: Electric Music
Aura UKAUS 136Feb 19837"0 

A: Heroes
B: One More Chance
Aura UKAUS 137Jun 19837"0 

A: Plaster
B: Me Rex
Aura UKAUS 138Jun 19837"08.0

A: We Don't Talk Anymore
B: Midnight Lover
Aura UKAUS 139Oct 19837"28.0
Strange Daze

Through The Doors

A: Through The Doors
B: Come Out Tonight
Aura UKAUS 141Jan 19847"0 

A: Dance Dance Dance
B: Johnny Rock
Aura UKAUS 140Mar 19847"0 

A: The Way You Do The Things You Do
B: Hey My Love
Aura UKAUS 142Aug 19847"2 

A: Stay With Me
B: Race My Car
Aura UKAUS 143Jan 19857"0 

A: Walk On Love
B: Strange Disease
Aura UKAUS 144Jan 19857"0 
Steve Marriott

A: Wha'cha Gonna Do About It
B: All Shook Up
Aura UKAUS 145Jan 19857"0 
Randy Bishop

A: Two Hearts On The Loose
B: If I Was A Fool
Aura UKAUS 146Oct 19857"0 

A: Waiting For The Man
B: Purple Lips
Aura UKAUS 147Oct 19857"0 
Steve Gibbons Band

A: Personal Problem
B: Old Time Rock 'N' Roll
Aura UKAUS 149Feb 19867"0 
David Valentine

A: We Can Only Dream
B: We Can Only Dream (Instrumental)
Aura UKAUS 150Jul 19867"0 

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