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Back Beat - Label Discography

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2809 Erastus Street, Houston 26, Texas
5208 Wylie, Houston, Texas
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Doug And Josie

A: I'll Give Love To You
B: Wine, Dine And Dance
Back Beat USA500Sep 19577"0 
Norman Fox And The Rob-Roys

A: Tell Me Why

The Rob-Roys

B: Audry
Back Beat USA501Sep 19577"18.0
Tic And Toc

A: Walking Alone
B: Zola
Back Beat USA502Sep 19577"0 
The Casuals [Dallas, Texas]

A: So Tough
B: I Love My Darling
Back Beat USA503Dec 19577"1 
The Original Casuals

A: So Tough
B: I Love My Darling
Back Beat USA50319587"77.0
Bill Bodaford And The Rockets

A: Little Girl
B: Teardrops
Back Beat USA507Jan 19587"1 
Norman Fox And The Rob Roys

A: Dance Girl, Dance
B: My Dearest One
Back Beat USA5087"0 
The Original Casuals

A: Ju-Judy
B: Don't Pass Me By
Back Beat USA510May 19587"0 
The Catalinas [Texas]

A: Speechless
B: Flying Formation With You
Back Beat USA513Jun 19587"5 
The Original Casuals

A: Three Kisses Past Midnight
B: It's Been A Long Time
Back Beat USA517Jul 19587"0 
Andy Wilson

A: Too Much Of Not Enough
B: Call Her Your Sweetheart
Back Beat USA518Jul 19587"0 
Joe Hinton

A: I Know
B: Ladder Of Prayer
Back Beat USA519Aug 19587"0 
Jerry Foster

A: Your Love
B: What Would I Do
Back Beat USA520Oct 19587"1 
Morty Marker And The Impalas

A: Tell Me You Love Me
B: Tear Down The House
Back Beat USA52119587"1 
Ronnie Dee [Dawson]

A: Action Packed
B: I Make The Love
Back Beat USA522Nov 19587"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Pretty Little Mama
B: Will You
Back Beat USA526Apr 19597"5 
Jimmy Duncan

A: Our Song Of Love
B: Doll House
Back Beat USA527Sep 19597"1 
Bobby Doyle

A: Someone Else, Not Me
B: Pauline
Back Beat USA528Sep 19597"0 
Jerry Foster

A: I'm Here To Tell You
B: (She Was) My First Love
Back Beat USA529Nov 19597"1 
Hank Ayala And The Matadors

A: Betty Jo
B: Handsome
Back Beat USA530Dec 19597"0 
Bobby Doyle

A: Unloved
B: Hot Seat
Back Beat USA531Mar 19607"1 
Joe Hinton

A: A Thousand Cups Of Happiness
B: If You Love Me
Back Beat USA532May 19607"1 
Tenyson Stephens

A: Rain, Rain, Rain
B: Everybody
Back Beat USA533May 19617"0 
Jerry Foster

A: Lonely One
B: Romeo
Back Beat USA534Jul 19617"0 
Nate Williams

A: Texas Gonna Be My Home
B: Smile
Back Beat USA536Dec 19617"0 
Joe Hinton

A: You Know It Ain't Right
B: Love Sick Blues
Back Beat USA53719637"1 
Joe Hinton

A: There Oughta Be A Law
B: You're My Girl
Back Beat USA540Mar 19647"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Funny
B: You Gotta Have Love
Back Beat USA541Jul 19647"29.0
Lee LaMont

A: The Crying Man
B: I'll Take Love
Back Beat USA54219647"2 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: Teen-Age Letter
B: Pain
Back Beat USA54319647"1 
O. V. Wright

A: Don't Want To Sit Down
B: Can't Find True Love
Back Beat USA544Mar 19657"0 
Joe Hinton

A: I Want A Little Girl
B: True Love
Back Beat USA54519657"0 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: Treat Her Right
B: So Long, My Love
Back Beat USA546Apr 19657"39.5
Joe Hinton

A: Darling Come Talk To Me
B: Everything
Back Beat USA547Apr 19657"1 
O. V. Wright

A: You're Gonna Make Me Cry
B: Monkey Dog
Back Beat USA548Jun 19657"2 
Jimmy Washington

A: You Oughta See My Baby
B: My One Sin
Back Beat USA54919657"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Pledging My Love
B: Just A Kid Named Joe
Back Beat USA55019657"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Poor Boy
B: I'm In Your Corner
Back Beat USA551Oct 19657"0 
The Fanatics [Back Beat]

A: Dancing To The Shotgun
B: You're Moving Too Fast
Back Beat USA553Nov 19657"0 
The Coastliners

A: Alright
B: Wonderful You
Back Beat USA554Dec 19657"6 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: Apple Of My Eye
B: I Pass The Day
Back Beat USA555Nov 19657"0 
Jeanette Williams

A: A Friend Of Mine
B: You Didn't Know Then
Back Beat USA556Dec 19657"0 
O. V. Wright

A: Gone For Good
B: How Long Baby
Back Beat USA558Feb 19667"0 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: My Babe
B: Pain
Back Beat USA560Feb 19667"0 
The Baroque Brothers

A: So Glad Was I
B: Baroque Au Go Go
Back Beat USA562Apr 19667"18.0
Roy Head

A: Wigglin' And Gigglin'
B: Driving Wheel
Back Beat USA563May 19667"2 
Lee LaMont

A: Pleasin' Woman
B: Happy Days
Back Beat USA56419667"0 
Joe Hinton

A: I'm Waiting
B: How Long Can I Last
Back Beat USA56519667"0 
The Coastliners

A: She's My Girl
B: I'll Be Gone
Back Beat USA566Sep 19667"18 
Shirley Lawson

A: The Star
B: One More Chance
Back Beat USA567Oct 19667"1 

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