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Banana - Label Discography

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Larry Marshall

A: Stay A Bit Longer


B: He'll Provide
Banana UKBA 30019707"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Satisfaction

Ceceil Locke

B: Sing Out Loud
Banana UKBA 30219707"09.0
Slim And Freedom Singers

A: Do Dang Do

Jackie Mittoo And Sound Dimention

B: Hot Milk
Banana UKBA 30419707"1 
Wailing Souls

A: Row Fisherman Row
B: Thou Shall Not Steal
Banana UKBA 30519707"0 
Winston And Ceceil

A: United We Stand

Sound Dimention

B: Sweet Message
Banana UKBA 30619707"0 
Wailing Souls

A: Back Out
B: Pack Your Things
Banana UKBA 30719707"1 
Jerry And Freedom Singers

A: It's All In The Game


B: The Way To My Heart
Banana UKBA 30819707"0 
Dennis Brown

A: No Man Is An Island

The Soul Sisters [Jamaica]

B: Another Night
Banana UKBA 30919707"2 
Owen Right

A: Wala, Wala

Jerry And The Freedom Singers

B: Got To Be Sure
Banana UKBA 31019707"0 

A: Be A Man

Burning Spears

B: Shock Attack
Banana UKBA 31119707"1 
Super Tones

A: Freedom Blues
B: First Time I Met You
Banana UKBA 31219707"1 
Sound Dimension

A: In The Summertime
B: Summer Version
Banana UKBA 31319707"0 
John Holt

A: Why Can't I Touch You

Sound Dimension

B: Touching
Banana UKBA 31419707"1 
Jackie Mittoo

A: Holy Version

Larry Marshall

B: I've Got To Make It
Banana UKBA 31519707"0 
Jerry Jones

A: Still Waters

Sound Dimension

B: Wigwam
Banana UKBA 31619707"0 
Lascelles Perkins

A: Tell It All Brothers

Underground Vegetables

B: Polka Dots
Banana UKBA 31719707"0 
Alton Ellis

A: Sunday Coming

Carl Bryan

B: Sunday Version
Banana UKBA 31819707"1 
Lord Tanamo

A: Keep On Moving

Jackie Mittoo

B: Totally Together Version
Banana UKBA 31919707"0 
Jackie Mittoo

A: Peenie Wallie

Roy Richards

B: Can't Go On
Banana UKBA 32019707"2 
King Sporty

A: Inspiration
B: Choice Of Music
Banana UKBA 32119707"1 
Delroy And Sporty

A: Lovers Version

Dudley Sibley

B: Having A Party
Banana UKBA 32219707"1 
King Sporty

A: D.J. Special

Richards And Mad

B: Creation Version
Banana UKBA 32319707"1 
Mad Roy

A: Nanny Version

Bigger D.

B: Freedom Version
Banana UKBA 32419707"0 
The Heptones

A: Suspicious Minds
B: Havn't You Got Any Fight Left
Banana UKBA 32519717"0 
Mad Roy

A: Home Version

Sound Dimension

B: One Time
Banana UKBA 32619717"1 
Mad Roy

A: Universal Love

Roland Alphonso

B: Shelly Belly
Banana UKBA 32719717"0 

A: Duppy Serenade

Dennis Alcapone

B: Sunshine Version
Banana UKBA 32819717"1 
Winston Mathews

A: Sun Is Shining


B: Me Friend
Banana UKBA 32919717"1 
Alton Ellis

A: Bam Bye
B: Keep On Yearning
Banana UKBA 33019717"1 
The Classics [Reggae]

A: Mr Fire Coal Man

Sound Dimensions

B: Version
Banana UKBA 3319 Apr 19717"1 
King Stitt

A: Back Out Version

The Vegetables

B: Holly Rhythm
Banana UKBA 3322 Apr 19717"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: Just Because Of You
B: I Love You Madly
Banana UKBA 3332 Apr 19717"49.0
King Stitt

A: Rhyming Time
B: Reality
Banana UKBA 3349 Apr 19717"0 
Wailing Souls

A: Walk, Walk, Walk

King Sporty

B: Love Me Version
Banana UKBA 33519717"0 
Dennis Brown

A: Never Fall In Love

King Sporty

B: Make It Up To You
Banana UKBA 33619717"0 
Robert Lynn

A: Zip Code

Carl Bryan

B: Cover Charge
Banana UKBA 33719717"0 
Cyclones [reggae]

A: My Sweet Lord (Instrumental)

Dennis Brown

B: Silky
Banana UKBA 33819717"1 
Roland Alphonso

A: Mellow Mood


B: Marching On
Banana UKBA 34019717"1 
Dennis Alcapone

A: Forever Version

John Holt And Dennis Alcapone

B: I Don't Want To See You Cry
Banana UKBA 34119717"0 
Barbara Dunkley

A: We'll Cry Together

Bobby Davis [Jamaica]

B: Got To Get Away
Banana UKBA 34219717"0 
Riley's All Stars

A: Glory Of Love
B: We'll Cry Together (Version)
Banana UKBA 34319717"0 
Bobby Davis [Jamaica]

A: Return Your Love

Riley's All Stars

B: Return Your Love Version
Banana UKBA 34419717"0 
John Holt And The Gang

A: Build Our Dream

Leroy And The Gang

B: Love In Our Nation
Banana UKBA 34519717"0 
John Holt

A: O.K. Fred
B: Make Up
Banana UKBA 34619717"0 
Alton Ellis

A: Hey World
B: Harder And Harder
Banana UKBA 34719717"0 
Freddie McKay

A: Picture On My Wall
B: Picture On My Wall (Version)
Banana UKBA 34819717"0 
Techniques [Jamaica]

A: Since I Lost You
B: Version
Banana UKBA 34919717"6 

A: Freedom Line
B: Version
Banana UKBA 35019717"0 
Selected Four

A: Selection Train
B: Version
Banana UKBA 35119717"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Original Six (Part One)
B: Original Six (Part Two)
Banana UKBA 35219717"0 

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