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Barn - Label Discography

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Brian Parrish

A: Love On My Mind
Barn UK1976Promo Only 7"0 
Brian Parrish

A: Love On My Mind
B: Freedom Train
Barn UK2014 1012 Jul 19767"0 
Medicine Head

A: It's Natural
B: Moonchild
Barn UK2014 10216 Jul 19767"3 
Medicine Head

A: Me And Suzie Hit The Floor
B: Midnight
Barn UK2014 10319 Nov 19767"18.0
Canned Rock

A: Ho! Ho! It's Christmas
B: How Can It Be?
Barn UK2014 1043 Dec 19767"010.0

A: Gypsy Roadhog
B: Forest Full Of Needles
Barn UK2014 10521 Jan 19777"349.0

A: Burning In The Heat Of Love
B: Ready Steady Kids
Barn UK2014 10615 Apr 19777"37.0

A: Rollin' Home
B: Rock 'N Roll Man
Barn UK2014 10729 Jul 19777"0 
The Original Animals

A: Please Send Me Someone To Love
B: Riverside County
Barn UK2014 10912 Aug 19777"1 
The Depressions

A: Living On Dreams
B: Family Planning
Barn UK2014 1127 Oct 19777"2 

A: My Baby Left Me / That's All Right
B: O.H.M.S.
Barn UK2014 11414 Oct 19777"28.5
The Original Animals

A: Many Rivers To Cross
B: Brother Bill
Barn UK2014 11521 Oct 19777"0 

A: Androgynous Sound
B: Androgynous
Barn UK2014 11618 Nov 19777"0 
Stavely Makepeace

A: No Regrets
B: You're Talking Out Of Your Head
Barn UK2014 11820 Jan 19787"1 
The Depressions

A: Messing With Your Heart
B: Street Kid
Barn UK2014 1193 Feb 19787"1 
Gillian Burns

A: Mister, It's Your Lucky Day
B: Magic Of The Moonlight
Barn UK2014 12010 Mar 19787"0 

A: Give Us A Goal
B: Daddio
Barn UK2014 1213 Mar 19787"58.0
The Depressions

A: Get Out Of This Town
B: Basement Daze
Barn UK2014 12214 Apr 19787"1 
Andy Forray

A: Remy Road
B: Seek
Barn UK2014 12316 Jun 19787"0 
Gillian Burns

A: Thank You For The Music
B: You
Barn UK2014 1244 Aug 19787"0 
Wine And Roses

A: Hold Me Baby
B: Baby You're Gettin' To Me
Barn UK2014 12518 Aug 19787"0 
The D.P.s

A: If You Know What I Mean
B: Running Away
Barn UK2014 1268 Sep 19787"0 

A: Rock 'n' Roll Bolero
B: It's Alright Buy Me
Barn UK2014 12713 Oct 19787"28.0
Nick Van Eede

A: Rock N Roll Fool
B: Ounce Of Sense
Barn UK2014 12820 Oct 19787"0 
The D.P.s

A: Television Romeo
B: Born To Win
Barn UK2014 12917 Nov 19787"1 
Stavely Makepeace

A: Coconut Shuffle
B: Napoleon Brandy
Barn UKBARN 00125 May 19797"1 

A: Ginny, Ginny
B: Dizzy Mama
Barn UKBARN 00225 May 19797"28.0
Nick Van Eede

A: All Or Nothing
B: Hold On To Your Heart
Barn UKBARN 00329 Jun 19797"0 

A: Danger Zone
B: Swear To God
Barn UKBARN 00429 Jun 19797"0 
Freddi Meyer

A: Fool Over You
B: The Charmer
Barn UKBARN 00529 Jun 19797"0 
En Route

A: Break Down Your Defences
B: Rusty Capri
Barn UKBARN 00619797"4 
Body, Soul And Spirit

A: Show Me The Way
B: Dance, Dance, Dance
Barn UKBARN 00719797"1 
Nick Van Eede

A: I Only Want To Be Number One
B: Dicing
Barn UKBARN 00819797"0 
Freddi Meyer

A: Heroes And Losers
B: It's All Just A Dream
Barn UKBARN 00926 Oct 19797"0 

A: Sign Of The Times
B: Not Tonight Josephine
Barn UKBARN 01026 Oct 19797"27.0

A: Okey Cokey
B: My Baby's Got It
Barn UKBARN 01114 Dec 19797"35.0
Ada Wilson

A: In The Quiet Of My Room
B: I'm In Control Here
Barn UKBARN 012Jan 19807"4 

A: Gypsy Roadhog
B: Forest Full Of Needles
Barn UKDJ 2014 105Jan 1977Promo Only 7"1 

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