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Merrill Moore

A: Sweet Mama Tree Top Tall
B: Little Green Apples
B&C UKCB 1002 May 19697"0 
James Carr

A: Freedom Train
B: That's The Way Love Turned Out For Me
B&C UKCB 1012 May 19697"18.5
Bob And Earl

A: Dancin' Everywhere
B: Baby It's Over
B&C UKCB 10223 May 19697"0 
The Kentuckians

A: Pop-A-Top
B: How'd We Ever Get This Way?
B&C UKCB 10313 Jun 19697"0 
Horace Faith

A: Spinning Wheel
B: Like I Used To Do
B&C UKCB 10413 Jun 19697"1 
Jackie Lee And Dolores Hall

A: Whether It's Right Or Wrong
B: Baby I'm Satisfied
B&C UKCB 10525 Jul 19697"36.0
Clyde McPhatter

A: Denver
B: Tell Me
B&C UKCB 1065 Sep 19697"19.0
Aaron Neville

A: Tell It Like It Is
B: Why Worry
B&C UKCB 1078 Aug 19697"710.0
Don Fox

A: Once In A While
B: You Belong To My Heart
B&C UKCB 1103 Oct 19697"12.0
Simon K

A: You Know I Do
B: Bring Your Love Back (To Me)
B&C UKCB 11121 Nov 19697"28.0
House Of Lords

A: In The Land Of Dreams
B: Ain't Gonna Wait Forever
B&C UKCB 11224 Oct 19697"28.0

A: How Are You
B: Easy Girl
B&C UKCB 11331 Oct 19697"1 
Wild Angels

A: Buzz Buzz
B: Please Don't Touch
B&C UKCB 11421 Nov 19697"0 
Dry Ice

A: Running To The Convent
B: Nowhere To Go
B&C UKCB 11528 Nov 19697"28.0
Jill Day

A: I'll Think About You
B: The Way Of Love
B&C UKCB 1171 May 19707"2 
The Johnny Arthey Orchestra

A: Serenade To Summertime
B: Star Shine
B&C UKCB 1186 Mar 19707"1 
The Forum

A: The River Is Wide
B: I Fall In Love All Over Again
B&C UKCB 1196 Feb 19707"09.5
Atomic Rooster

A: Friday The Thirteenth
B: Banstead
B&C UKCB 12113 Mar 19707"78.0
Wild Angels

A: Sally Ann
B: Wrong Number, Try Again
B&C UKCB 1235 Jun 19707"0 
Bennett And Evans

A: No, No You Don't Know
B: The Path Is Hard To Follow
B&C UKCB 12426 Jun 19707"010.0
Freddie Notes And The Rudies

A: It Came Out Of The Sky
B: Well Oh Well
B&C UKCB 12517 Apr 19707"2 
Sweet Salvation

A: Honey Man
B: Freedom City
B&C UKCB 12710 Jul 19707"1 
Ray Morgan

A: Long And Winding Road
B: The Sweetest Wine
B&C UKCB 1283 Jul 19707"67.0
Carol Grimes And Delivery

A: Harry Lucky
B: Homemade Ruin
B&C UKCB 12928 Aug 19707"4 
Atomic Rooster

A: Tomorrow Night
B: Play The Game
B&C UKCB 13125 Sep 19707"68.0
Friendship [70s]

A: The World Is Going To Be A Better Place
B: A Million Hearts
B&C UKCB 1336 Nov 19707"1 
Lewis Rich

A: The Prophet
B: Freedom City
B&C UKCB 13420 Nov 19707"1 
Ray Morgan

A: Barefoot Days
B: Love Doesn't Change
B&C UKCB 13520 Nov 19707"0 
Sweet Salvation

A: Honey Man
B: The Crucifix, Swastika And Star
B&C UKCB 13629 Jan 19717"0 
The Weathermen

A: It's The Same Old Song
B: Why Should I Fight!
B&C UKCB 13911 Dec 19707"6 
Ray Morgan

A: No More Tears
B: Wheel Keep Turning
B&C UKCB 14029 Jan 19717"0 
Redwood [London]

A: Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)
B: Homemade Happy Day
B&C UKCB 14212 Feb 19717"0 
Wild Angels

A: Three Nights A Week
B: Time To Kill
B&C UKCB 1452 Apr 19717"03.0

A: Trouble At The Mill
B: Radio Lady
B&C UKCB 1462 Apr 19717"0 
The Weathermen

A: Honey Bee (Keep On Stinging Me)
B: Anarchy Rock
B&C UKCB 1472 Apr 19717"0 
Emperor Rosko

A: The Customs Man
B: Take It In Your Stride
B&C UKCB 14816 Apr 19717"1 
The Arnold Corns

A: Moonage Daydream
B: Hang On To Yourself
B&C UKCB 14923 Apr 19717"48.0
Ray Morgan

A: Let's Fall In Love Again
B: This Path Is Hard To Follow
B&C UKCB 15021 May 19717"2 

A: Laughing
B: House Where I Live
B&C UKCB 15121 May 19717"6 
The Herd

A: You've Got Me Hanging From Your Lovin' Tree
B: I Don't Wanna Go To Sleep Again
B&C UKCB 1544 Jun 19717"0 
Rock And Roll Allstars

A: Baby, Can You Feel It?
B: It Keeps Raining
B&C UKCB 15528 May 19717"0 
Atomic Rooster

A: Devil's Answer
B: The Rock
B&C UKCB 15728 May 19717"88.2
Trevor Billmuss

A: English Pastures
B: Fishing Song
B&C UKCB 15818 Jun 19717"1 
Gary Charles

A: You've Been Away Too Long
B: Lovely Linda
B&C UKCB 15916 Jul 19717"29.0
Jo Taylor

A: The Junkman's Serenade
B: You Fooled Me
B&C UKCB 16030 Jul 19717"0 
Marc Ellington

A: Alligator Man
B: Song For A Friend
B&C UKCB 16130 Jul 19717"2 
The Weathermen

A: Fine Together Stomp
B: Fred Parsons, Jim Flynn, Waxie Maxie, Lee Gopthal, Old Uncle Clive Crawley And All
B&C UKCB 162Aug 19717"2 
Friendship [70s]

A: Stop Living Alone
B: Friends Make Living What It Is
B&C UKCB 16324 Sep 19717"0 
Steeleye Span

A1: Rave On
A2: Reels
B1: Female Drummer
B&C UKCB 1641 Oct 19717"9 
Paul Kent

A: Do You?
B: Helpless Harry
B&C UKCB 16529 Oct 19717"0 

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