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Francesco Napoli

A: Piano, Piano
B: Amica Mia
BCM Germany7-2081-719827"0 
Francesco Napoli

A: Balla...Balla (Italian Hit Connection)
B: Balla
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2002-4119877"1 

A: Jack Mix II
B: Move On Out
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2009-4119877"0 
Enzo Avitabile

A: Black Out
B: Soul Express
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2010-4119877"0 
Gibson Brothers

A: Cuba ('88 Remix Edit)
B: Cuba (Original Single Mix)
BCM Germany0700219887"0 
Stevie B.

A: Spring Love (Come Back To Me)
B: Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Long Version)
BCM Germany0700319887"0 
Rob Base And D.J. E-Z Rock

A: Get On The Dance Floor (Original Album Version)
B: Get On The Dance Floor (E-Z Rockin' Bonus Beats)
BCM Germany0713319887"0 

A: Dr. Acid And Mr. House (Radio Edit)
B: Acid Gaga
BCM Germany0714819887"0 

A: Pump Up The...Jack Mix IV
B: Here It Is Get Into It
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2057-4119887"0 

A: I Need You (Radio Mix)
B: I Need You (Radio Instrumental)
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2080-4119887"04.0
Mic Mac Meyers

Action Mix 2

A: Radio Train Action
B: Late Night Express
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2088-4119887"0 

A: Out Of The Blue - The Smokey Hit Connection
B: Out Of The Blue
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2099-4119887"0 

A: Be Gentle (Radio Edit)
B: Be Gentle (Instrumental)
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2130-4119887"13.0
The Four Seasons Featuring Frankie Valii

1988 Remix By Ben Liebrand

A: Oh What A Night (88 Remix Edit)
B: Oh What A Night (Original Single Version 1976)
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2139-4119887"0 
All Systems Go

A: Pop Muzik
B: Crash Bang Wallop
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2142-4119887"0 
Friends Of Mr. Cairo

A: The Caravan (Radio Edit
B: The Caravan (Instrumental)
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2149-4119887"0 

A: Anytime (Radio Mix)
B: Anytime (Instrumental)
BCM GermanyB.C. 7-2160-4119887"04.0
Francesco Napoli

A: Si ...cara Mia Si
B: Casanova
BCM GermanyBCN 072819887"0 
Francesco Napoli

A: Mondo Magico
B: Santa Lucia
BCM GermanyBCN 794219887"0 
Mayflower [Germany]

A: Bumm Bumm Part I
B: Bumm Bumm Part II
BCM Germany0719919897"1 
Stevie B.

A: I Wanna Be The One (Radio Edit)
B: I Wanna Be The One (Blissapella Edit)
BCM Germany0720819897"0 
Francesco Napoli

A: Viva L'amore (German Version)
B: Viva L'amore (Ital. Version)
BCM Germany0722619897"0 
De La Soul

A: Me Myself And I (Radio Version)
B: Brain Washed Follower
BCM Germany0723219897"010.0
Rob Base And D.J. E-Z Rock

A: Joy And Pain (Radio Version)
B: Times Are Gettin' Il
BCM Germany0723319897"0 

A: On And On ( Can We Go On)
B: On And On (Instrumental Version)
BCM Germany0725619897"0 
Donna Allen

A: Joy And Pain (Edit Dance)
B: Come For Me
BCM Germany0725719897"0 
De La Soul

A: Say No Go (Remix Radio Version)
B: They Don't Know (Potholes In My Lawn Instr.)
BCM Germany0729519897"0 
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers

A: Swing The Mood (Radio Mix)
B: Glen Miller Medley (The J.B. Edit)
BCM Germany0730119897"18.0
Honesty 69

A: French Kiss ( Hot Radio Version)
B: French Kiss (Triple "M" Cut)
BCM Germany0730619897"0 
The Mixmaster

A: Grand Piano
B: Piano Groove
BCM Germany0734419897"1 
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers

A: Let's Party
B: Auld Lang Syne
BCM Germany0738119897"17.0
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers

A: That's What I Like (Radio Mix)
B: Pretty Blue Eyes
BCM Germany073502 Oct 19897"05.0
Digital Underground

A: The Humpty Dance (Mini-Hump Radio Mix)
B: The Humpty Dance (Humpstrumental Mix)
BCM Germany0736419907"210.0

A: Touch Me (Radio Version)
B: Touch Me (Instrumental Edit)
BCM Germany0737019907"0 
Honesty 69

A: Rich in Paradise (Adam and Eve Edit.)
B: A Kiss In Paradise
BCM Germany0737319907"0 
De La Soul

A: The Magic Number (1-2-3 Edition)

De La Soul Feat The Jungle Brother's, Monie Lov, Queen Latifah And Q-tip

B: Buddy
BCM Germany0738719907"0 
Twenty 4 Seven Featuring Captain Hollywood

A: I Can't Stand It! (Radio Version)
B: I Can't Stand It! (Short Instrumental)
BCM Germany0739519907"0 

A: Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Single Mix)
B: Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Instrumental)
BCM Germany0740019907"16.0
Stevie B.

A: The Stevie B. Megamix (Radio Version)
B: Dreamin' Of Love
BCM Germany0740219907"0 
Gibson Brothers

A: Megamix (Radio Version)
B: Megamix (Tic Tac Version)
BCM Germany0741719907"0 

A: This Beat Is Technotronic (Single Version)
B: This Beat Is Technotronic (Rap To Beats)
BCM Germany0742019907"0 

A: Everybody Listen To It (House Edit)
B: Everybody Listen To It (Piano Version)
BCM Germany0742119907"0 

A: Don't You Love Me (Radio Version)
B: Don't You Love Me (Hiphouse Edit)
BCM Germany0742519907"0 
Musto And Bones

A: All I Want Is To Get Away (Radio Edit)
B: All I Want Is To Get Away (Bones Beats)
BCM Germany0743419907"0 

A: Girl To Girl
B: 49ers Megamix (Radio Version)
BCM Germany0744519907"16.0
Mizz Mitchell

A: Oh La La La (Radio Mix)
B: Oh La La La (Dub Edit)
BCM Germany0746119907"0 
Tony Scott [90s]

A: Gangster Boogie (Radio Edit)
B: Gangster Boogie (LP Version)
BCM Germany0746219907"0 
Stevie B.

A: Love And Emotion (Mean Edit)
B: Love And Emotion (LP Version)
BCM Germany0746519907"0 
Gary's Gang

A: Keep On Dancin' Radio Edit
B: Keep On Dancin' Original 1978 Edit
BCM Germany07470 19907"0 
Simon Harris Starring Dina Carroll And Monte Luv

A: Don't Stop The Music (Radio Edit)

Simon Harris

B: Love Brake
BCM Germany0747319907"0 

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