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Beacon - Label Discography

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  UK  105
  Netherlands  7
  France  2
  Spain  2
  Germany  1
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The Show Stoppers

A: Ain't Nothing But A House Party
B: What Can A Man Do
Beacon UK3 1001 Mar 19687"289.3
Sons And Lovers

A: Help Me (I'm On Top Of The World)
B: Feel Alright
Beacon UK3 101Apr 19687"1 
Bobby Wells

A: Let's Copp A Groove
B: Recipe For Love
Beacon UK3-10224 May 19687"1 
Mike Wade

A: Lovers
B: Two Three Four
Beacon UK3 104Jun 19687"1 
Jon And Jeannie

A: Lover's Holiday
B: Something You Got
Beacon UK3 10519687"17.0
Show Stoppers

A: Shake Your Mini
B: Heartbreaker
Beacon UK3-106Jun 19687"59.0
Sons And Lovers

A: Happiness Is Love
B: Things You Do
Beacon UK3 10719687"27.0
The Show Stoppers

A: Ain't Nothing But A House Party
B: What Can A Man Do
Beacon UKBEA 10019717"49.0
Tony Ronald

A: Please Don't Go Away
B: Why
Beacon UKBEA 10115 Sep 19727"0 
Bobby Wells

A: Let's Copp A Groove
B: Recipe For Love
Beacon UKBEA 10224 May 19687"37.0

A: California Sunshine
B: Kentucky Girl
Beacon UKBEA 10627 Oct 19727"0 
Sons And Lovers

A: Happiness Is Love
B: Things You Do
Beacon UKBEA 10719687"1 
Ram John Holder

A: I Just Came To Get My Baby
B: Yes I Do
Beacon UKBEA 108Oct 19687"36.0

A: Little Friend
B: On The Run
Beacon UKBEA 10827 Oct 19727"0 
Sound Barrier

A: She Always Comes Back To Me
B: Groovin' Slow
Beacon UKBEA 109Nov 19687"18.0
Root And Jenny Jackson

A: Lean On Me
B: Please Come Home
Beacon UKBEA 11019687"0 

A: You Won't See Me Leaving
B: Leaves Of Love
Beacon UKBEA 11119687"17.5
Tommy Farrell

A: I Don't Want
B: Careless Hands
Beacon UKBEA 11219687"110.0
Jon And Jeannie

A: Don't Sign The Papers
B: We Got Lovin'
Beacon UKBEA 11319687"0 
Tony Richie

A: Anybody At The Party Seen Jenny
B: You Can't Win
Beacon UKBEA 11419687"3 
Jeannie Dee [UK]

A: Come Into My Arms
B: Sun Shine On Me
Beacon UKBEA 11519697"3 
Sons And Lovers

A: How'd We Ever Get This Way
B: From Now The Sun Shines
Beacon UKBEA 11619687"2 
Sol Raye

A: I've Got You, You've Got Me
B: Give Me Love
Beacon UKBEA 1166 Jul 19737"0 
John Fitch And Associates

A: Romantic Attitude
B: Stoned Out Of It
Beacon UKBEA 11719697"29.0
Tommy Farrell

A: I Can't See Nobody
B: Soon
Beacon UKBEA 11819697"0 
The Chi-Lites

A: Pretty Girl
B: Love Bandit
Beacon UKBEA 11919697"19.0
The Marylebone Ensemble

A: Porcelain (Instrumental)
B: Transplant (Instrumental)
Beacon UKBEA 12019697"24.0

A: Orphan
B: Oh Strange Man
Beacon UKBEA 12121 Mar 19697"39.0
The Funky Bottom Congregation

A: Hara-Krishna
B: Things About Yourself
Beacon UKBEA 12219697"07.5
The Sandcastles

A: Oh ! How I Miss Her
B: Waiting For You
Beacon UKBEA 12319697"0 
Eldridge Devlin

A: A Little Love
B: You're My Girl
Beacon UKBEA 12419697"03.0
Tony Ritchie

A: Lindy Lindy
B: Grab A Bit Of My Heart
Beacon UKBEA 12519697"18.0
Tommy Farrell

A: You Made Me Lie To You
B: Soon
Beacon UKBEA 12619697"0 

A: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
B: Wonderland Of Love
Beacon UKBEA 127Mar 19697"38.0
The Bunch [Beacon]

A: Red Rover, Red Rover
B: Happy Like This
Beacon UKBEA 12816 May 19697"0 
Black Velvet

A: African Velvet
B: Whatcha' Gonna Do Bout It
Beacon UKBEA 12916 May 19697"18.5

A: Just A Little Bit Of Lovin'
B: School Prom.
Beacon UKBEA 13019697"07.0

A: Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Heart
B: When I See Her Smile
Beacon UKBEA 131Jun 19697"0 
Sons And Lovers

A: Reach Out In The Darkness
B: Where Do I Go
Beacon UKBEA 1324 Jul 19697"0 

A: In The Year 2525
B: Parting
Beacon UKBEA 133Aug 19697"17.3

A: I Ain't Afraid
B: Beggar
Beacon UKBEA 13419697"0 
Paula Parfitt

A: I'm Gonna Give You Back Your Ring
B: Love Is Wonderful
Beacon UKBEA 13526 Sep 19697"29.0
Root And Jenny Jackson

A: Let's Go Somewhere
B: If I Didn't Love You
Beacon UKBEA 13617 Oct 19697"0 
Black Velvet

A: Peace And Love Is The Message
B: Clown
Beacon UKBEA 13713 Oct 19697"1 
The Brixton Market

A: Children Get Ready
B: Bangarang
Beacon UKBEA 13814 Nov 19697"1 
Esso Steel Band

A: Somewhere My Love
B: Spanish Eyes
Beacon UKBEA 13914 Nov 19697"0 
Tony Ronald

A: Why
B: Please Don't Go Away
Beacon UKBEA 14021 Nov 19697"0 
Denny Amberton

A: San Juan
B: I Don't Care
Beacon UKBEA 14119697"07.0
Jeannie Dee [UK]

A: Don't Go Home My Little Darling
B: Come See About Me
Beacon UKBEA 1425 Dec 19697"1 

A: Whitchi Tai To
B: Speakin' My Mind
Beacon UKBEA 14319697"109.3

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