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Bearsville - Label Discography

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  USA  158
  UK  48
  Canada  33
  Germany  17
  Australia  14
  Netherlands  13
  New Zealand  5
  France  4
  Belgium  3
  South Africa  3
  Italy  2
  Brazil  1
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Todd Rundgren

A: I Saw The Light
B: Marlene
Bearsville UKK 1550230 Mar 19727"29.2
Hungry Chuck

A: South In New Orleans (Doin' The Funky Lunchbox)
B: Dixie Highway
Bearsville UKK 1550323 Jun 19727"3 

A: What A Shame
B: Hole To Hide In
Bearsville UKK 1550130 Jun 19727"2 

A: Wonder Girl
B: (No More) Mr Nice Guys
Bearsville UKK 1550510 Nov 19727"37.5
Todd Rundgren

A1: I Saw The Light
B1: Black Maria
B2: Long Flowing Robe
Bearsville UKK 1550625 May 19737"18.3
Bobby Charles

A: Small Town Talk
B: Grow Too Old
Bearsville UKK 1550814 Sep 19737"910.0
Todd Rundgren

A: We Gotta Get You A Woman
B: Couldn't I Just Tell You
Bearsville UKK 155095 Oct 19737"29.0
Todd Rundgren

A: Hello It's Me
B: Cold Morning Light
Bearsville UKK 1551318 Jan 19747"19.0

A: Long Way To Go
B: Ride, Ride, Ride
Bearsville UKK 1551115 Feb 19747"0 

A: Long Way To Go
B: Long Way To Go
Bearsville UKK 1551115 Feb 1974Promo Only 7"1 
Todd Rundgren

A: A Dream Goes On Forever
B: Heavy Metal Kids
Bearsville UKK 1551531 May 19747"09.0

A: Girl From Germany
B: Beaver O'Lindy
Bearsville UKK 1551628 Jun 19747"48.3

A: Step Outside (Edited Ver)
B: Maybellene
Bearsville UKK 1551726 Jul 19747"0 
Todd Rundgren

A: Wolfman Jack
B: Breathless
Bearsville UKK 1551928 Feb 19757"0 
Felix Cavaliere

A: Flip Flop
B: Can't Stop Loving You
Bearsville UKK 1552026 Sep 19757"1 
Todd Rundgren

A: Real Man
B: Intro-Prana
Bearsville UKK 1552126 Sep 19757"0 

A: Slow Ride
B: Save Your Loving (For Me)
Bearsville UKK 1552230 Jan 19767"0 
Todd Rundgren

A: Love Of The Common Man
B: Good Vibrations
Bearsville UKK 1552425 Jun 19767"0 
Jesse Winchester

A: Let The Rough Side Drag
B: The Only Show In Town
Bearsville UKK 15527Sep 19767"0 
Tony Wilson

A: I Like Your Style
B: Legal Paper
Bearsville UKK 15526Oct 19767"0 
Utopia Featuring Todd Rundgren, Roger Powell, Kasim Sulton And John Wilcox

A: Communion With The Sun
B: Sunburst Finish
Bearsville UKK 155314 Mar 19777"0 
Tony Wilson

A: Anything That Keeps You Satisfied
B: I Can't Leave It Alone
Bearsville UKK 1553011 Mar 19777"1 
Tony Wilson

A: New York City Life
B: The Politician (A Man Of Many Words)
Bearsville UKK 155336 May 19777"2 
Jesse Winchester

A: Nothing But A Breeze
B: Twigs And Seeds
Bearsville UKK 1553517 Jun 19777"0 

A: Love Is The Answer
B: The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Bearsville UKK 1553614 Oct 19777"0 

A: I Just Want To Make Love To You
B: Fool For The City
Bearsville UKK 1553713 Jan 19787"0 
Roger Powell

A: Pipeline
B: March Of The Dragon Slayer
Bearsville UKK 1553817 Feb 19787"1 
Todd Rundgren

A: Can We Still Be Friends
B: Determination
Bearsville UKK 1553926 May 19787"0 
Norma Jean [Soul]

A: Saturday
B: This Is The Love
Bearsville UKK 1554121 Jul 19787"0 
Todd Rundgren

A: All The Children Sing
B: Bag Lady
Bearsville UKK 1554324 Nov 19787"19.0

A: Set The World On Fire
B: High On Love
Bearsville UKK 15542Jan 19797"2 
Randy Vanwarmer

A: Just When I Needed You Most
B: Your Light
Bearsville UKWIP 651620 Jul 19797"17.1
Randy Vanwarmer

A: Call Me
B: Forever Loving You
Bearsville UKWIP 653619 Oct 19797"0 

A: I Just Want To Touch You
Bearsville UKIEP 12 DJJan 1980Promo Only 7"0 
Brian Briggs

A: Nervous Breakdown
B: Lifer
Bearsville UKWIP 654529 Feb 19807"2 

A: Set Me Free
B: Umbrella
Bearsville UKWIP 65817 Mar 19807"0 
Norma Jean [Soul]

A: High Society
B: Hold Me Lonely Boy
Bearsville UKWIP 655928 Mar 19807"1 

A: Third Time Lucky
B: Somebody's Been Sleepin' In My Bed
Bearsville UKWIP 658228 Mar 19807"0 
Randy Vanwarmer

A: Whatever You Decide
B: Losing Out On Love
Bearsville UKWIP 6611Jul 19807"0 

A1: I Just Want To Touch You
A2: Silly Boy
B1: Life Goes On
B2: All Smiles
Bearsville UKIEP 12Nov 1980EP310.0
The Johnny Average Band Featuring Nikki Wills

A: Ch Ch Cheri
B: Gotta Go Home
Bearsville UKWIP 6676 (DJ)19817"0 
Todd Rundgren

A: Time Heals
B: Tiny Demons
Bearsville UKPSR 455Feb 1981Bonus 7"07.0
Brian Briggs

A: See You On The Other Side
B: Spy Vs Spy
Bearsville UKWIP 6664Mar 19817"1 
Randy Vanwarmer

A: Hanging Onto Heaven
B: The Beat Of Love
Bearsville UKAAAB 116Dec 19817"1 
Brian Briggs

A: Lookin' Out
B: Lifer
Bearsville UKAAAB 120Jan 19827"0 

A: One World
B: Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)
Bearsville UKAVATAR AAAB 126Apr 19827"4 
Todd Rundgren

Four Track E.P.

A1: Time Heals
A2: Can We Still Be Friends
B1: I Saw The Light
B2: Tiny Demons
Bearsville UKAVAB 1Nov 1982EP3 
Todd Rundgren

A1: Time Heals
A2: Why Can't We Be Friends
B1: I Saw The Light
B2: Tiny Demons
Bearsville UKAVAB 1PNov 1982Picture Disc0 

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