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Beeb - Label Discography

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Gene Vincent

A1: Roll Over Beethoven
B1: Say Mama
B2: Be-Bop-A-Lula
Beeb UKBEEB 00120 Sep 19747"55.0
Don Maclean

A: Gitarzan
B: The Oggle Cockle Song
Beeb UKBEEB 0028 Nov 19747"0 

A: Going Nowhere
B: Everything's All Right
Beeb UKBEEB 00315 Nov 19747"0 

A: Rock Around The Rock
B: Susanne And Me
Beeb UKBEEB 00428 Feb 19757"1 
Fat Grapple

A: Happy In The Lord
B: My Friends And I
Beeb UKBEEB 00528 Mar 19757"37.0
Susanne And Me

A: Looking For Clancy
B: Just Like A Picture Show
Beeb UKBEEB 00616 May 19757"06.0
Suzanne [Carolyn Smith]

A: Who Is Going To Walk Me Home Tonight?

Suzanne And Me

B: Come Back All Is Forgiven
Beeb UKBEEB 0073 Oct 19757"2 
Cindy Kent

A: I Only Want To Be In The World
B: Lovin' Is Easy
Beeb UKBEEB 00823 May 19757"0 
Sammy Duck

A: Duck 'N' Roll
B: Sammy's Cha Cha
Beeb UKBEEB 00911 Jul 19757"4 
The Dooleys

A: On The Move
B: Easy To Love You
Beeb UKBEEB 01012 Sep 19757"7 
Lionel Morton

A: Don't Let Life Get You Down
B: Play Away
Beeb UKBEEB 01131 Oct 19757"2 
Roger James Group

A: The Little Orphan Boy
B: She's Leaving Me Again
Beeb UKBEEB 01228 Nov 19757"1 
Lena Zavaroni

A: Some Of These Days
B: Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like
Beeb UKBEEB 01326 Mar 19767"04.5
Zero [Graham Walker]

A: Angels (Theme from the BBC T.V. Series)
B: Truckin'
Beeb UKBEEB 0149 Apr 19767"29.0
Sum R Fun

A: Ooh La La
B: Easy Lovin'
Beeb UKBEEB 01523 Jul 19767"1 
Billy Mysner

A: Little Ol' Rock 'n' Roll Band
B: One Fine Sunshine Day
Beeb UKBEEB 0166 Aug 19767"0 
Funk Band Inc

A: Jamaica Lady
B: Get It Off
Beeb UKBEEB 01713 Aug 19767"0 
Maggie Stewart

A: Bye, Bye, Love
B: True Blue
Beeb UKBEEB 01826 Nov 19767"2 
Graffiti [UK 1970s]

A: Come Together
B: Dear Prudence
Beeb UKBEEB 01931 Dec 19767"4 
Freddie "Fingers" Lee

A: Down On The Farm
B: My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Beeb UKBEEB 02015 Jul 19777"2 
Radio Active

A: Ten Years After
B: Alltime Needletime Loser
Beeb UKBEEB 02130 Sep 19777"3 
Chris Farlowe And Dave Greenslade

A: Gangsters

Dave Greenslade

B: Sarah Gant Theme
Beeb UKBEEB 02210 Feb 19787"04.0
Uncle Po

A: Use My Friends
B: 15 Minutes
Beeb UKBEEB 02324 Mar 19787"2 
Alan Parker

A: Angels (Theme From BBC TV Series)
B: Santa Monica Bound
Beeb UKBBEB 02428 Apr 19787"69.0
Sunshine [Rod McQueen]

A: Take Me For What I Got
B: Come Back Baby
Beeb UKBEEB 02528 Apr 19787"2 
Jock Swon And The Metres

A: New Wave Band
B: Theme From The Film With The Same Name
Beeb UKBEEB 02617 Nov 19787"0 

A: Blake's 7 Disco
B: Disco Jimmy
Beeb UKBEEB 027Mar 19797"1 
Geraint Watkins

A1: I'm A Fool To Care
B1: Roberta
B2: Hound Dog
Beeb UKBEEB 028Sep 19817"2 

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