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Bell - Label Discography

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  USA  866
  UK  469
  Germany  201
  New Zealand  108
  Australia  104
  Canada  86
  Netherlands  84
  Japan  60
  France  51
  Belgium  43
  Ireland  28
  Yugoslavia  22
  South Africa  20
  Denmark  18
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The Box Tops

A: Cry Like A Baby
B: The Door You Closed To Me
Bell UKBLL 10011 Mar 19687"39.8
Reparata And The Delrons

A: Captain Of Your Ship
B: Toom Toom (Is A Little Boy)
Bell UKBLL 10021 Mar 19687"28.6
Oscar Toney, Jr.

A: Without Love (There Is Nothing)
B: A Love That Never Grows Cold
Bell UKBLL 10031 Mar 19687"0 
James Carr

A: A Man Needs A Woman
B: Stronger Than Love
Bell UKBLL 10041 Mar 19687"1 
The Delfonics

A: La-La Means I Love You
B: Can't Get Over Losing You
Bell UKBLL 100515 Mar 19687"28.3
Lee Dorsey

A: Can You Hear Me?
B: Cynthia
Bell UKBLL 10065 Apr 19687"0 
Flash And The Board Of Directors

A: Busy Signal
B: Love Ain't Easy
Bell UKBLL 100711 Apr 19687"1 
James And Bobby Purify

A: I Can Remember (Not Too Long Ago)
B: I Was Born To Lose Out
Bell UKBLL 100819 Apr 19687"07.0
The Changin' Times

A: When The Good Sun Shines
B: Show Me The Way To Go Home
Bell UKBLL 100926 Apr 19687"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Keep On
B: Barbara Allen
Bell UKBLL 101010 May 19687"28.0
Oscar Toney, Jr.

A: No Sad Song
B: Never Get Enough Of Your Love
Bell UKBLL 101124 May 19687"0 
The Gentrys

A: I Can't Go Back To Denver
B: You Better Come Home
Bell UKBLL 101224 May 19687"0 
Merrilee Rush

A: Angel Of The Morning
B: Reap What You Sow
Bell UKBLL 101324 May 19687"18.0
Reparata And The Delrons

A: Saturday Night Didn't Happen
B: Panic
Bell UKBLL 101431 May 19687"28.0
The Lemonade Charade

A: San Bernadino
B: Hideaway Of Your Love
Bell UKBLL 10157 Jun 19687"0 
The Delfonics

A: I'm Sorry
B: You're Gone
Bell UKBLL 101614 Jun 19687"16.0
The Box Tops

A: Choo Choo Train
B: Fields Of Clover
Bell UKBLL 101714 Jun 19687"0 
Moses And Joshua

A: Get Out Of My Heart
B: They Don't Want Us Together
Bell UKBLL 1018Jun 19687"1 
Bobby Russell

A: Dusty
B: I Made You This Way
Bell UKBLL 101912 Jul 19687"06.0
The O'Jays

A: Look Over Your Shoulder
B: I'm So Glad I Found You
Bell UKBLL 102012 Jul 19687"2 
Reparata And The Delrons

A: Weather Forecast
B: You Can't Change A Young Boy's Mind
Bell UKBLL 102119 Jul 19687"18.5
Len Barry

A: 456 (Now I'm Alone)
B: Funky Night
Bell UKBLL 102216 Aug 19687"2 
Butterscotch Caboose

A: Melinda
B: Let A Little Sunshine In
Bell UKBLL 102323 Aug 19687"1 
James And Bobby Purify

A: Help Yourself To All My Lovin'
B: Last Piece Of Love
Bell UKBLL 10246 Sep 19687"0 
Bob Brady And The Con Chords

A: Everybody's Goin' To The Love-In
B: It's Been A Long Time Between Kisses
Bell UKBLL 102513 Sep 19687"59.0
Merrilee Rush And The Turnabouts

A: That Kind Of Woman
B: Sunshine And Roses
Bell UKBLL 1026Sep 19687"18.0
Bob Kuban And The In-Men

A: The Cheater
B: Try Me Baby
Bell UKBLL 102727 Sep 19687"0 
The Delfonics

A: Break Your Promise
B: Alfie
Bell UKBLL 102827 Sep 19687"06.0
Robert Knight

A: Isn't It Lonely Together
B: We'd Better Stop
Bell UKBLL 102915 Nov 19687"1 
Bruce Channel

A: Try Me
B: Water The Family Tree
Bell UKBLL 10304 Oct 19687"07.0
Chris Bartley

A: I Found A Goodie
B: Be Mine Forever
Bell UKBLL 103111 Oct 19687"2 
The Masqueraders

A: I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else
B: I Got It
Bell UKBLL 103218 Oct 19687"1 
The O'Jays

A: The Choice
B: Going Going Gone
Bell UKBLL 1033Oct 19687"0 
Bobby Russell

A: 1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero
B: Let's Talk About It
Bell UKBLL 103425 Oct 19687"1 
The Box Tops

A: I Met Her In Church
B: People Gonna Talk
Bell UKBLL 10351 Nov 19687"0 
Tim Easley

A: Susie Q (Part One)
B: Susie Q (Part Two)
Bell UKBLL 10368 Nov 19687"0 
The Bleus

A: Milk And Honey
B: Leavin' Lisa
Bell UKBLL 103722 Nov 19687"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Mr. Bus Driver
B: The Trouble With Sam
Bell UKBLL 103822 Nov 19687"0 
The International Bell

A: As Much As I Love You (Lo Mucho Que Te Quicro)
B: Luz (Light)
Bell UKBLL 1039Nov 19687"0 
Bobby Darin

A: Change
B: Long Line Rider
Bell UKBLL 104029 Nov 19687"17.0
Merrilee Rush

A: Reach Out I'll Be There
B: Love Street
Bell UKBLL 104113 Dec 19687"08.0
The Delfonics

A: Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love)
B: Somebody Loves You
Bell UKBLL 10423 Jan 19697"19.5
James And Bobby Purify

A: Untie Me
B: We're Finally Gonna Make It
Bell UKBLL 10433 Jan 19697"07.0
Sam Hutchins

A: Dang Me
B: I'm Tired Of Pretending
Bell UKBLL 104410 Jan 19697"1 
The Box Tops

A: Sandman
B: Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
Bell UKBLL 104517 Jan 19697"38.0
Smokestack Lightnin'

A: Light In My Window
B: Long Stemmed Eyes (John's Song)
Bell UKBLL 104624 Jan 19697"0 
Solomon Burke

A: Uptight Good Woman
B: I Can't Stop (No No No)
Bell UKBLL 1047Nov 19687"0 

A: National Gas
B: Wouldn't You
Bell UKBLL 104814 Feb 19697"110.0
Shirley And The Shirelles

A: Look What You've Done To My Heart
B: A Most Unusual Boy
Bell UKBLL 104921 Feb 19697"19.0
Bobby Russell

A: Carlie
B: Ain't Society Great?
Bell UKBLL 105021 Feb 19697"5 

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