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Bell - Label Discography

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  USA  866
  UK  469
  Germany  201
  New Zealand  108
  Australia  105
  Canada  87
  Netherlands  84
  Japan  60
  France  51
  Belgium  45
  Ireland  28
  Yugoslavia  22
  South Africa  20
  Denmark  18
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James And Bobby Purify

A: I'm Your Puppet
B: So Many Reasons
Bell CanadaBELL 648X19667"09.0
The Ovations

A: Me And My Imagination
B: They Say
Bell CanadaGOLDWAX 314X19667"0 
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels

A: Devil With A Blue Dress On / Good Golly Miss Molly
B: I Had It Made
Bell CanadaNV 817XSep 19667"0 
The Chicago Loop

A: (When She Needs Good Lovin') She Comes To Me
B: This Must Be The Place
Bell CanadaDYNOVOICE 226XNov 19667"0 
The Bob Crewe Generation

A: Music To Watch Girls By
B: Girls On The Rocks
Bell CanadaDYNOVOICE 229XDec 19667"2 
James Carr

A: The Dark End Of The Street
B: Lovable Girl
Bell Canada317X19677"0 
James And Bobby Purify

A: Shake A Tail Feather
B: Goodness Gracious
Bell CanadaBELL 669X19677"0 
Oscar Toney Jr.

A: Turn On Your Love Light
B: Any Day Now
Bell CanadaBELL 681X19677"010.0
Bruce Channel

A: Mr. Bus Driver
B: It's Me
Bell CanadaMALA 579X19677"0 
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels

A: Sock It To Me - Baby!
B: I Never Had It Better
Bell CanadaNEWVOICE 820X19677"0 
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels

A: Too Many Fish In The Sea - Three Little Fishes
B: One Grain Of Sand
Bell CanadaNEW VOICE 822X19677"0 
Mitch Ryder

A: Joy
B: I'd Rather Go To Jail
Bell CanadaNEWVOICE 824X19677"0 
The Box Tops

A: The Letter
B: Happy Times
Bell CanadaMALA 565XJul 19677"1 
Chris Bartley

A: I Found A Goodie
B: Be Mine Forever
Bell Canada14001X19687"0 
The Delfonics

A: La-La-Means I Love You
B: Can't Get Over Losing You
Bell Canada150X19687"0 
Merrilee Rush And The Turnabouts

A: That Kind Of Woman
B: Sunshine And Roses
Bell CanadaBELL 738X19687"0 
Bobby Darin

A: Long Line Rider
B: Change
Bell CanadaDIRECTION 350X19687"0 
The Box Tops

A: Choo Choo Train
B: Fields Of Clover
Bell CanadaMALA 12,005X19687"0 
Merrilee Rush

A: Angel Of The Morning
B: Reap What You Sow
Bell CanadaBELL 705XFeb 19687"0 
The Box Tops

A: I Met Her In Church
B: People Gonna Talk
Bell CanadaMALA 12017XAug 19687"0 
Bobby Russell

A: 1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero
B: Let's Talk About It
Bell CanadaELF 90020XSep 19687"0 
James And Bobby Purify

A: Untie Me
B: We're Finally Gonna Make It
Bell CanadaBELL 751XDec 19687"0 
The Box Tops

A: Sweet Cream Ladies
B: I See Only Sunshine
Bell CanadaMALA 12035XDec 19687"2 
Blake Emmons

A: You're My Woman
B: Our House Today
Bell Canada227X19697"0 
Crazy Elephant

A: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
B: Hips And Lips
Bell CanadaBELL 763X19697"0 

A: You're Not Even Going To The Fair
B: This Kind Of Feeling
Bell CanadaBELL 810X19697"0 
The Box Tops

A: Soul Deep
B: (The) Happy Song
Bell CanadaMALA 12040XJun 19697"0 
Crazy Elephant

A: Sunshine Red Wine
B: Pam
Bell CanadaBELL 804XJul 19697"0 
The Box Tops

A: Turn On A Dream
B: Together
Bell CanadaMALA 12042XSep 19697"0 
The Original Caste

A: One Tin Soldier
B: Highway
Bell CanadaT.A. 186Nov 19697"1 
Blake Emmons

A: Green Side Saddle Banana
B: I Can't Remember To Forget
Bell Canada231X19707"0 
Blake Emmons

A: Deadest Man Living
B: Last Of The Red Hot Daddies
Bell Canada238X19707"0 
Edison Lighthouse

A: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
B: Every Lonely Day
Bell CanadaBELL 858X19707"0 

A: Candida
B: Look At.....
Bell CanadaBELL 903X19707"0 
The Partridge Family

A: I Think I Love You
B: Somebody Wants To Love You
Bell CanadaBELL.910X19707"09.0
The 5th Dimension

A: One Less Bell To Answer
B: Feelin' Alright
Bell CanadaBELL.940X19707"0 
The Original Caste

A: Mr Monday
B: Highway
Bell CanadaBELL GT.63X19707"0 
The Delfonics

A: Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
B: Down Is Up, Up Is Down
Bell CanadaPHILLY GROOVE 161X19707"0 
The Original Caste

A: Nothing Can Touch Me (Don't Worry Baby, It's Alright)
B: Country Song
Bell CanadaTA 197X19707"0 
Five Flights Up

A: Do What You Wanna Do
B: Black Cat
Bell CanadaTA 202X19707"0 
The Original Caste

A: Ain't That Tellin' You People
B: Sweet Chicago
Bell CanadaTA 204X19707"0 

A: Mississippi Queen
B: The Laird
Bell CanadaWINDFALL 532X19707"0 
The Original Caste

A: Mr. Monday
B: Highway
Bell CanadaTA, 192XApr 19707"0 

A: For Yasgur's Farm
B: To My Friend
Bell CanadaWINDFALL 533XSep 19707"0 
Holly Sherwood

A: Day By Day (Godspell Medley)
B: Great Golden Day
Bell CanadaBELL 30057X19717"0 
Davy Jones [Monkee]

A: Rainy Jane
B: Welcome To My Love
Bell CanadaBELL 45111X19717"0 

A: What Are You Doing Sunday
B: The Sweet Soft Sounds Of Love
Bell CanadaBELL 45141X19717"0 
The Partridge Family

A: It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)
B: One Night Stand
Bell CanadaBELL 45160X19717"0 

A: Knock Three Times
B: Home
Bell CanadaBELL. 938X19717"0 
The Partridge Family

A: Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
B: You Are Always On My Mind
Bell CanadaBELL 963X19717"0 

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