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Bell - Label Discography

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  USA  866
  UK  469
  Germany  201
  New Zealand  108
  Australia  105
  Canada  87
  Netherlands  84
  Japan  60
  France  51
  Belgium  43
  Ireland  28
  Yugoslavia  22
  South Africa  20
  Denmark  18
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The Box Tops

A: Soul Deep
B: (The) Happy Song
Bell Japan8800119697"0 
Tommy Boyce And Bobby Hart

A: I'll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind
B: Smilin'
Bell Japan8800919697"0 
Margo Guryan

A: Sunday Mornin'
B: Spanky And Our Gang
Bell Japan8801019697"0 

A1: Mississippi Queen
A2: For Yasgur's Farm
B1: Dreams Of Milk And Honey
B2: Blood Of The Sun
Bell Japan780061970EP010.0
The Partridge Family

All About David Cassidy

A1: I Think I Love You
A2: I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
B1: I'm On The Road
B2: Only A Moment Ago
Bell Japan780081970EP0 
The Original Caste

A: One Tin Soldier
B: Live For Tomorrow
Bell Japan8801619707"0 
Edison Lighthouse

A: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
B: Every Lonely Day
Bell Japan8801919707"09.0
The Original Caste

A: Mr. Monday
B: Sweet Chicago
Bell Japan8802419707"0 

A: Mississippi Queen
B: The Laird
Bell Japan8802619707"0 

A: Mississippi Queen
B: The Laird
Bell Japan8802619707"0 
The 5th Dimension

A: Puppet Man
B: A Love Like Ours
Bell Japan8802719707"0 
The 5th Dimension

A: Save The Country
B: People Gotta Be Free
Bell Japan8802919707"0 
The Original Caste

A: Leaving It All Behind
B: A Picture Of Bob Dylan
Bell Japan8803219707"0 
Edison Lighthouse

A: She Works In A Woman's Way
B: It's Gonna Be A Lonely Summer
Bell Japan8803419707"0 

A: Candida
B: Look At
Bell Japan8803519707"0 
The 5th Dimension

A: On The Beach (In The Summertime)
B: This Is Your Life
Bell Japan8803619707"0 
The Partridge Family

A: I Think I Love You
B: Somebody Wants To Love You
Bell Japan8803719707"29.0

A: For Yasgur's Farm
B: To My Friend
Bell Japan8803819707"0 
The Original Caste

A: Ain't That Tellin' You People
B: Watch The Children
Bell Japan8804019707"0 
The Original Caste

A: Come Together
B: Nothing Can Touch Me
Bell Japan8804319707"0 
The 5th Dimension

A: One Less Bell To Answer
B: Feelin' Alright
Bell Japan8804419707"0 

A: Knock Three Times
B: Home
Bell Japan8804519707"1 
The Partridge Family

A: Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
B: You Are Always On My Mind
Bell Japan8804819717"0 

A: I Play And Sing
B: Get Out From Where We Are
Bell Japan8804919717"0 
The 5th Dimension

A: Love's Lines, Angles And Rhymes
B: The Singer
Bell Japan8805019717"0 
The Original Caste

A: When Love Is Near
B: Sault Ste. Marie
Bell Japan8805119717"0 

A: The Animal Trainer And The Toad
B: Tired Angels (For J.M.H.)
Windfall Japan88052-W19717"0 
The Partridge Family

A: I'll Meet You Halfway
B: Morning Rider On The Road
Bell Japan8805319717"0 
The Monkees (Mickey Dolenz And Davy Jones)

A: Do It In The Name Of Love
B: Lady Jane
Bell Japan8805419717"0 
Edison Lighthouse

A: What's Happening
B: Take A Little Time
Bell Japan8805819717"0 
Davy Jones [Monkee]

A: Rainy Jane
B: Welcome To My Love
Bell Japan8805919717"0 
The Partridge Family

A: I Woke Up In Love This Morning
B: Twenty Fours A Day
Bell Japan8806219717"2 
Tom Hartman

A: Sunshine Woman
B: A Little More
Bell Japan8806519717"0 
Edison Lighthouse

A: My Baby Loves Lovin'
B: United We Stand
Bell Japan8806619717"0 
The Partridge Family

A: Jingle Bells
B: White Christmas
Bell Japan8807019717"0 
The 5th Dimension

A: Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In
B: One Less Bell To Answer
Bell JapanBLPA 1119717"0 

A: Roll Over Beethoven
B: Crossroader
Windfall JapanBLPA-3WF19717"0 
David Cassidy

A: Cherish
B: All I Wanna Do Is Touch You
Bell Japan8807219727"0 
The Partridge Family

A: Am I Losing You
B: If You Ever Go
Bell JapanBLPA 1619727"0 

A: Travelin' In The Dark (For E.M.P.)
B: Long Red
Windfall JapanBLPA-17-WF19727"0 
The Partridge Family

A: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

David Cassidy

B: How Can I Be Sure
Bell JapanBLPA 2119727"2 

A: Don't Look Around
B: Dreams Of Milk And Honey
Windfall JapanBLPA-27-WF19727"0 
David Cassidy

A: Rock Me Baby
B: Two Time Loser
Bell JapanBLPA 2819727"0 
David Cassidy

A: Could It Be Forever
B: Blind Hope
Bell JapanBLPA-819727"0 
Edison Lighthouse

A: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
B: What's Happening
Bell JapanBLPB-20219727"0 
The Partridge Family

A: Friend And A Lover
B: Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
Bell JapanBLPB 20319727"1 
The Partridge Family

The Partridge Family Shopping Bag

A1: Every Little Bit O' You
A2: Am I Losing You
B1: Every Song Is You
B2: It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)
Bell JapanBLPE-51972EP1 
Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando

A: Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree
B: You're A Lady
Bell JapanBLPB-20619737"0 

A: Theme For An Imaginary Western
B: Roll Over Beethoven
Windfall JapanBLPB-214-WF19737"0 
Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando

A: Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
B: The Spark Of Love Is Kindlin'
Bell JapanBLPB-21619737"0 

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