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Bell - Label Discography

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For the 1950s label see Bell Record
  USA  892
  UK  469
  Germany  219
  Canada  137
  Australia  136
  New Zealand  131
  Japan  93
  Netherlands  86
  France  80
  Belgium  64
  Yugoslavia  36
  Ireland  33
  Spain  27
  Italy  22
+ More Countries (29 Total)
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The Eggheads [Bell]

A: (Why Don't You Stop) Foolin' Around
B: Miracle
Bell USA601Apr 19647"2 
Tom Crewe

A: Mighty Fine Girl
B: C'mon Dream
Bell USA602May 19647"1 
Sir Lister Shaw

A: Skokian
B: The Magnificent Matador
Bell USA603May 19647"0 
Jayson King

A: Heartaches
B: Bamboo Man
Bell USA604Jun 19647"0 
The Al Martin Six

A: Baby Beatle Walk
B: Prego
Bell USA605Jun 19647"0 
The Magics [Bell]

A: Zombie Walk
B: Henry Lee
Bell USA606Jul 19647"2 
The Vapors [USA]

A: Our Secret
B: Jump Out
Bell USA607Oct 19647"3 
Georgia Gibbs

A: You Can Never Get Away From Me
B: I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
Bell USA608Oct 19647"0 
Tom King

A: Keystone Capers
B: Stagecoach
Bell USA609Dec 19647"0 
Diane Christian

A: Wonderful Guy
B: It Happened One Night
Bell USA610Dec 19647"0 
The Dedications [New York]

A: I Ain't A Bit Sorry
B: Toy Boy
Bell USA611Jan 19657"3 
Brooks O'Dell

A: It Hurts Me To My Heart
B: Walkin' In The Shadow Of Love
Bell USA612Feb 19657"0 
Sandra King

A: Leave It Up To The Boys
B: Please Heart
Bell USA613Jan 19657"1 
Sandy Carmel

A: Kiss Me Goodnight
B: First Boy
Bell USA614Mar 19657"1 
Georgia Gibbs

A: You Can Never Get Away From Me
B: Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder
Bell USA615-AMar 19657"1 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Venice Blue (Que C'est Triste Venise)
B: Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder
Bell USA615Apr 19657"0 

A: Forever And Always
B: The Nashville Jerk
Bell USA616Apr 19657"0 
Diane Christian

A: Little Boy
B: Why Don't The Boy Leave Me Alone
Bell USA617May 19657"0 
Brooks O'Dell

A: You Better Make Up Your Mind
B: Slow Motion
Bell USA618Jun 19657"18.0
Toby Browne

A: Play The Music, Keep On Dancing
B: Child
Bell USA619Jun 19657"0 
Titus Turner and His Tear Tones

A: I Am A Member Of The Club
B: Sportin' Tom
Bell USA620Jun 19657"0 
The Untamed

A: I'll Go Crazy
B: My Baby Is Gone
Bell USA621Jun 19657"0 
Bartholomew Plus Three

A: She's Mine
B: You're Not There
Bell USA622Jun 19657"3 
Bette Davis

A: Mother Of The Bride
B: Life Is A Lonely Thing
Bell USA623Jun 19657"1 
The Twilighters [Cleveland]

A: Be Faithful
B: Thumper
Bell USA624Jul 19657"09.0
Prince And Princess

A: Ready, Steady, Go
B: Take Me Serious
Bell USA625Jul 19657"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Call Me
B: Don't Cry Joe
Bell USA626Jul 19657"0 
The Hy-Tones

A: Till You Break Up With Him
B: You Don't Even Know My Name
Bell USA627Aug 19657"0 
Bobbie Smith

A: (You Know) I'll Be Around
B: Wait
Bell USA628Oct 19657"0 
The Big Town Boys

A: It Was I
B: Paul At The Pass
Bell USA629Sep 19657"0 
Wayne Lacadisi

A: Little Black Egg
B: Broken Hearts
Bell USA630Oct 19657"0 
The Twilighters [Cleveland]

A: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo
B: Boo's Blues
Bell USA631Nov 19657"0 
Dee And The Yeomen

A: Take The First Train Home
B: Why, Why, Why
Bell USA632Nov 19657"1 
Jimmy Walton And His Band

A: It Was True

Jimmy Walton And His Band Feat. Carole Ray

B: Since We Drifted Apart
Bell USA633Dec 19657"1 
The Hi-Fives [Bell]

A: Son Of Raunchy
B: Julie
Bell USA634Dec 19657"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Let Me Dream
B: In Time
Bell USA635Dec 19657"18.0
Dick Rivers

A: In Your Shoes
B: Forty Winks Away
Bell USA636Feb 19667"0 
Prince And Princess

A: Stick Together
B: Insanity
Bell USA637Feb 19667"0 
Bobby Kris

A: Travellin' Bag
B: Walk On By
Bell USA638Mar 19667"0 
The Max Nix

A: Kicks Inn
B: Back 'Ere
Bell USA639Mar 19667"0 
Syndicate Of Sound

A: Little Girl
B: You
Bell USA640Apr 19667"69.1
Georgia Gibbs

A: Kiss Of Fire
B: Blue Grass
Bell USA641Apr 19667"0 
Salena Jones

A: A Walk In The Black Forest
B: As Long As I Live
Bell USA642May 19667"0 
Gary And The Knight Lites

A: So Far Away From Home
B: Lonely Soldier's Pledge
Bell USA643Jun 19667"2 
Chas McDevitt And Shirley Douglas

A: The Most Of What Is Least
B: Don't Blame Me
Bell USA644Jul 19667"0 
Jill Rennie

A: I Never Knew
B: What Did I Do
Bell USA645Jul 19667"0 
Syndicate Of Sound

A: Rumors
B: The Upper Hand
Bell USA646Aug 19667"68.0
The Masque

A: Black Is Black
B: Sweet Soul
Bell USA647Aug 19667"38.0
James And Bobby Purify

A: I'm Your Puppet
B: So Many Reasons
Bell USA648Sep 19667"18.8
Salena Jones

A: I Am Yours
B: That's When You Really Love Him
Bell USA649Sep 19667"0 

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