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Penny Farthing - Label Discography

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270 xxx series dist. by Philips
6067 xxx series dist. by Philips
BF xxxxx series dist. by Bellaphon
BL xxxxx series dist. by Bellaphon
  UK  213
  Germany  84
  New Zealand  42
  Netherlands  38
  Australia  34
  Spain  17
  Canada  16
  Belgium  14
  Italy  14
  France  11
  Portugal  11
  Norway  10
  South Africa  7
  USA  6
+ More Countries (20 Total)
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Samantha Jones

A: Today (Without You)
B: Until Tomorrow
Penny Farthing Germany270 800 PFFNov 19697"19.0
Magic Valley

A: Taking The Heart Out Of Love
B: Uptight Basil
Penny Farthing Germany270 801 PFFNov 19697"2 

A: Laugh At The Poor Man
B: Girlfriend
Penny Farthing Germany270 802 PFFDec 19697"0 
Happy Confusion

A: Yes, Sir
B: Hereditary Impediment
Penny Farthing Germany270 803 PFFDec 19697"0 
Krimson Kake

A: Feelin' Better
B: Waiter!
Penny Farthing Germany270 804 PFFDec 19697"0 
Bobby Knox

A: Kissin'
B: Walkin' Down A Backstreet
Penny Farthing Germany6067 00419707"0 
Lincoln Black

A: Famous Last Words
B: You Built Me Up So High
Penny Farthing Germany6067 00519707"0 

A: The River
B: Thief
Penny Farthing Germany6067 00619707"0 
Stamford Bridge

A: Chelsea
B: Ossie
Penny Farthing Germany6067 00719707"0 
Body And Soul

A: Go Back To School
B: Here Comes That Feeling
Penny Farthing Germany6067 00819707"0 
Samantha Jones

A: Melody Man
B: I'm Sorry But I'm Think I Love You
Penny Farthing Germany6067 00919707"0 
Spencer Mac

A: Better By You - Better Than My
B: Commuter
Penny Farthing Germany6067 01419707"1 
Heatwave [Penny Farthing]

A: Sister Simon (Funny Man)
B: Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)
Penny Farthing Germany6067 01519707"410.0
Killing Floor

A: Call For The Politicians
B: Acid Bean
Penny Farthing Germany6067 01719707"1 
Happy Confusion

A: The Singer Sings His Song (And The Gambler Gambles On)
B: Judy
Penny Farthing Germany6067 001Feb 19707"0 

A: Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water
B: Hey, Hey, Here It Comes
Penny Farthing Germany6067 002Feb 19707"0 

A: Snarlin' Mumma Lion
B: Stronger Than A Man (Can Only Be A Woman)
Penny Farthing Germany6067 003Feb 19707"0 
Stamford Bridge

A: Roly Poly
B: Little Boy Blue
Penny Farthing Germany6067 010Sep 19707"07.0
Red Line Explosion

A: Sweet Talking Mama
B: Evil Woman
Penny Farthing Germany6067 02019717"0 
Stamford Bridge

A: Rise Sally Rise
B: Chaquita Maria
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 1806119717"0 
Daniel Boone

A: Mamma (Did You Really Think We'd Leave All Alone)
B: Hey Girl (Won't You Come Back To My Arms)
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18058Dec 19717"0 

A: Jakaranda
B: Same Old Way
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18059Dec 19717"0 
Steel Mill

A: Green Eyed God
B: Zangwill
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18063Dec 19717"0 
Kentucky Freeway

A: Take Off
B: Who Knows What I Need?
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 1807819727"0 
Daniel Boone

A: Annabelle (Deutsche Originalaufnahme)
B: Ich Liebe Dich So Wie Du Bist (Who Turned The Light Out On My Life)
Penny Farthing GermanyBL 1122619727"0 
Daniel Boone

A: Beautiful Sunday
B: Truly Julie
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18075Mar 19727"07.0

A: Shakin' All Over
B: My Baby Don't Cry
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18076Mar 19727"1 
Daniel Boone

A: Beautiful Sunday (Deutsche Originalaufnahme)
B: Mamma (Instrumental)
Penny Farthing GermanyBL 11206Apr 19727"07.0
Steel Mill

A: Summer's Child
B: Get On The Line
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18095May 19727"1 
The Barron Knights

A: You're All I Need
B: Nothin' Doin'
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18101May 19727"0 
Daniel Boone

A: Annabelle
B: Who Turned The Lights Out On My Life
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18116Aug 19727"17.0

A: Dreams Are Ten A Penny
B: Counting Trains
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18134Oct 19727"29.0
Daniel Boone

A: Sunshine Lady
B: Schönes junges Mädchen
Penny Farthing GermanyBL 1124419737"0 
Daniel Boone

A: Sunshine Lover
B: Sunday Morning Coming
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18155Jan 19737"18.0

A: Jenny, Jenny (Dreams Are Ten A Penny)
B: Fährt Ein Zug Durch Die Nacht
Penny Farthing GermanyBL 11238Jan 19737"78.0
The James Boys [Penny Farthing]

A: Over And Over
B: Same Old Way
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18174Jun 19737"0 
John Kincade

A: Shine On Me Woman
B: Until Tomorrow
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18176Jun 19737"07.0

A: Do You Remember Marilyn?
B: The Love Of A Lady
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18178Jun 19737"08.5
J. C. Livingstone

A: Let's Spend The Summer Together
B: Viva La Eva
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18188Jul 19737"08.0
The Chandaliers

A: Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
B: One Way Street
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18194Jul 19737"0 
John Kincade

A: Hell Wie Die Sonne
B: Von Heut´ Auf Morgen
Penny Farthing GermanyBL 11256Aug 19737"07.0
Daniel Boone

A: Skydiver
B: Carrie Lee
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18195Sep 19737"07.0

A: Big Hand For Annie
B: One Sweet Girl
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18198Oct 19737"06.0
Daniel Boone

A: Skydiver (Deutsche Originalaufnahme)
B: Carrie Lee (Deutsche Originalaufnahme)
Penny Farthing GermanyBL 11264Oct 19737"0 
The James Boys [Penny Farthing]

A: Hello Hello
B: Shoog Shoog
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18200Nov 19737"1 
Barron Knights

A: Turning My Back On You
B: Oh Little Girl
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18215Dec 19737"0 
The Reflections [Penny Farthing]

A: Remember (Vocal)
B: Remember (Instrumental)
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 1823719747"1 
The James Boys [Penny Farthing]

A: Komm' Beweg' Dich (Keep Moving)
B: Sally Lauf' Nicht Weg
Penny Farthing GermanyBL 1128819747"0 
Paul Da Vinci

A: Das Leben fängt erst eben für Dich an (Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore)
B: Wo sind die Freunde
Penny Farthing GermanyBL 1130319747"0 
John Kincade

A: Till I Kissed You
B: Pie In The Sky
Penny Farthing GermanyBF 18219Jan 19747"26.0

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