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Beverly Hills - Label Discography

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9336 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA
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Jeannie Harmon

A: I'm In Love With The Man In The Moon
B: That's What Living Means To Me
Beverly Hills USA45-933919697"0 
The Geneva Convention

A: Something Beautiful
B: Call My Name
Beverly Hills USA45-934019697"0 
Buddy Davis And Doodle Faulk

A: And Then We Fell In Love
B: Something Really Happens
Beverly Hills USA45-9336Aug 19697"0 
Jaye P. Morgan

A: Love Of A Gentle Man
B: Billy Sunshine
Beverly Hills USA45-9337Aug 19697"1 
Shay Dennis

A: Peppermint Park
B: Look Away
Beverly Hills USA45-934219707"0 
Bruno Nicolai

A: Main Theme From "Land Raiders"
B: The Only Good Indian
Beverly Hills USA45-934319707"0 
Burt Taylor

A: Smile Me A Spring
B: The Miracle Of Spring
Beverly Hills USA45-934619707"0 
The William Loose Orchestra

A: Theme Of "the Vixen"
B: O'Banion's Song
Beverly Hills USA45-934719707"0 
The William Loose Orchestra

A: Harry's Theme
B: The Toys Of Our TIme
Beverly Hills USA45-934819707"0 
Push [Beverly Hills]

A: How Come No One Married Uncle Sam???
B: When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Beverly Hills USA45-935019707"1 

A: Rollin' Around
B: Soggy Mountain Shack
Beverly Hills USA45-935119707"0 

A: Leaving You
B: Box
Beverly Hills USA45-935319707"1 
Solomon [Beverly Hills]

A: Merry Go Round
B: Sweet High
Beverly Hills USA45-935419707"0 

A: The Beginning
B: Color Me Free
Beverly Hills USA45-935619707"0 
Jubal's Children

A: The Bomb
B: Thanks A Lot For Nothing
Beverly Hills USA45-935719707"1 
Burt Taylor ‎

A: Smile Me A Spring
B: The Miracle Of Spring
Beverly Hills USABH-934619707"0 
Jaye P. Morgan

A: I've Got An Awful Lot Of Losing You To Do
B: He's Too Good To Me
Beverly Hills USA45-9349Jun 19707"0 
Frank Fanelli

A: Saturdays Only
B: Saturdays Only
Beverly Hills USA45-9355Dec 1970Promo Only 7"0 

A: Spring Fever - Part 1
B: Spring Fever - Part 2
Beverly Hills USA45-936219717"0 
Jody Berry

A: Is Everybody Lyin'
B: Hello Trouble
Beverly Hills USA45-937019717"0 
Frank Lewis

A: Year Of War
B: Indianapolis
Beverly Hills USA45-9358Jan 19717"0 
David Canary

A: So Many People
B: So Many People
Beverly Hills USA45-9360Apr 1971Promo Only 7"0 
Carlo Dini

A: The Summer Knows
B: The Gift Of Love
Beverly Hills USA45-9365Jul 19717"1 
Tommy Graham [country]

A: Here I Go Crying Again
B: Two Fisted Patriot Man
Beverly Hills USA45-9366Jul 19717"0 
Jaye P. Morgan

A: A Song For You
B: Do You Really Have A Heart
Beverly Hills USA45-9367Jul 19717"0 
The Eleventh Floor

A: Jealous Guy
B: B Side Blues
Beverly Hills USA45-9371Oct 19717"1 
Chuck Blore

A: I Wish I'd Known Her
B: Consider It Done
Beverly Hills USA45-937619727"0 
Andreas Hauff

A: Show Me The Way
B: Light In The Darkness
Beverly Hills USABH-45-937819727"0 
Tedd Phillips And Orch.

A: Laura's Tune

Tedd Phillips

B: Tantalizing Melody
Beverly Hills USABH-45-938019727"0 
Jackie Vernon

A: Guaranteed Annual Sex
B: Calling Polly Loomis
Beverly Hills USABH-45-938119727"0 
A Different Bag

A: Mother Fudge-Cicle (Part I)
B: Mother Fudge-Cicle (Part II)
Beverly Hills USABH-45-938319727"0 
Cathie Taylor

A: Something Pretty Bad
B: The Days And The Nights I Loved You
Beverly Hills USABH-45-938419727"1 
David And Goliath

A: Why Do You Pretend
B: I Wonder Where
Beverly Hills USABH-45-9387Nov 19727"0 
David And Goliath

A: The Way That It Goes
B: After Tomorrow
Beverly Hills USABH-45-939019737"0 
Texas Slim Dees

A: Old Joe

Ray Ferber

B: Where There's A Will (There's A Relative)
Beverly Hills USABH-45-939319737"1 

A: Stand Up
B: Song In "D"
Beverly Hills USABH-45-939419737"0 
The Salambos

A: Salambo Part I
B: Salambo Part II
Beverly Hills USABH-45-939519737"0 
Ray Ferber

A: The Summer Years
B: So Little Time
Beverly Hills USABH-45-939619737"0 
Maureen Bailey

A: You Can't Run Away From Yesterday
B: Please Don't Dog Your Woman
Beverly Hills USABH-45-939719737"0 
Claire Courtney

A: That's What I Get For Being A Woman
B: Come On Phone
Beverly Hills USABH-45-9391Mar 19737"36.0
Mike Settle

A: Without Sal [Mono]
B: Without Sal [Stereo]
Beverly Hills USABH-45-9392Mar 1973Promo Only 7"0 
Horst Jankowski

A: A Walk In The Black Forest
B: Blue Spring
Beverly Hills USABH-GE4116May 19737"1 
Art And Dotty Todd

A: Chanson D'Amour
B: The Summer Knows
Beverly Hills USABH-GE4117May 19737"0 
Candy Apple

A: Remember When You Were A Kid
B: I'm Alive
Beverly Hills USABH-45-9399Aug 19737"3 

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