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Big - Label Discography

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Joe White

A: This Is The Time
B: Since The Other Day
Big UKBG 30119707"0 
The Meditators

A: When You Go To A Party
B: Good Morning Mother Cuba
Big UKBG 30219707"0 
Dobby Dobson

A: That Wonderful Sound
B: I Wasn't Born Yesterday
Big UKBG 30319707"0 
The Itals

A: Everytime
B: Everytime - Version 2
Big UKBG 30419707"0 
Rupie Edwards All Stars

A: Music Alone Shall Live
B: Music Alone Shall Live (Version II)
Big UKBG 30519707"1 
The Slickers

A: Dip Dip
B: Too Much Of One Thing
Big UKBG 30619707"1 
Pam Brooks

A: Oh Me Oh My

Ansell Collins

B: Staccatto
Big UKBG 30719707"18.0
Joe White

A: Baby I Care
B: Ain't Misbehaving
Big UKBG 30919707"1 
Dobby Dobson

A: Halfway To Paradise
B: Utopia
Big UKBG 31019707"27.5
Bruce Bennett

A: If You Don't Mind
B: Lenore
Big UKBG 31119707"0 
Joe Higgs

A: Burning Fire
B: Fire Version
Big UKBG 31219717"0 
Froggy Ray

A: Uncle Charlie
B: When You Got To A Party (Version)
Big UKBG 31319717"0 
Froggy Ray

A: Half Moon

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Full Moon
Big UKBG 31419717"0 
Keith Cole

A: Musical Attack

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Shack Attack
Big UKBG 31519717"0 
Keith Cole

A: Music Alone Version 3

Rupie Edwards Allstars

B: Behold Another Version
Big UKBG 31619717"0 
Niney And The Observers

A: You Must Believe Me
B: You Must Believe Me Version
Big UKBG 31719717"0 
The Conscious Minds

A: Jamaican Boy
B: Brain Wash
Big UKBG 31819717"07.0
The Gaylads

A: Can't Hide The Feeling
B: Can't Hide The Feeling Version Two
Big UKBG 31919717"310.0
Rupie Edwards All Stars

A: Soulful Stew
B: Soulful Stew-Version Two
Big UKBG 32019717"28.0
Glen Adams

A: Weary Version 3

Tony Brevett

B: Hills And Valleys
Big UKBG 32119717"17.0
Ken Parker

A: Ain't Misbehaving
B: Genuine Love
Big UKBG 32219717"0 
Dave McLaren

A: Love Is What I Bring

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Love Version
Big UKBG 32319717"1 
Errol Dunkley

A: Deep Meditation

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Meditation Version
Big UKBG 32419717"0 
The Itals

A: Ba Da Doo Ba Dey

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Ba Da Doo Ba Dey (Version)
Big UKBG 32519717"0 
Hugh Roy Jnr

A: Papacito

Rupie Edwards

B: I'm Gonna Live Some Life
Big UKBG 32919717"210.0
The Diamonds [Reggae]

A: Girl You Are Too Young

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Too Young Version
Big UKBG 32610 Sep 19717"18.0
Errol Dunkley

A: Three In One

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: One In Three
Big UKBG 3278 Oct 19717"17.0
The Ethiopians

A: Solid As The Rock

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Solid (Version)
Big UKBG 33019727"0 
Dion And The Three Tops

A: Three Tops Time

Underground People

B: Tops (Version)
Big UKBG 33119727"0 
Bongo Herman And Les

A: Eternal Drums

Errol Dunkley

B: Darling Oh!
Big UKBG 33219727"1 
Rupie Edwards All Stars

A: Press Along
B: Press Along - Version
Big UKBG 33319727"0 
Max Romeo

A: Are You Sure

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Are You Sure (Version)
Big UKBG 33419727"0 
Rupie Edwards All Stars

A: Jimmy As Job Card
B: Riot
Big UKBG 33519727"08.0
B. B. Seaton

A: I Want Justice
B: Justice (Version)
Big UKBG 33619727"0 
Rupie Edwards

A: Christmas Parade

Underground People

B: Santa
Big UKBG 33719727"1 

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