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Big Life - Label Discography

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Society [Big Life]

A: Saturn Girl
B: Love It
Big Life UKBLR 119877"1 
Yazz And The Plastic Population

A: The Only Way Is Up
B: Bad House Music
Big Life UKBLR 4Jul 19887"16.0

A: Stand Up For Your Love Rights
B: Stand Up For Your Love Rights (What It Is! Mix)
Big Life UKBLR 5Oct 19887"87.5

A: Stand Up For Your Love Rights
B: Stand Up For Your Love Rights (What It Is! Mix)
Big Life UKBLR 5 LOct 1988Special Edition 7"1 

A: Fine Time
B: Dream
Big Life UKBLR 6Jan 19897"26.5
De La Soul

A: Me Myself And I
B: Brain Washed Follower
Big Life UKBLR 7Mar 19897"09.7

A: Where Has All The Love Gone?
B: Stand Up For Your Love Rights (U.S. Remix)
Big Life UKBLR 8Mar 19897"17.0
De La Soul

A: Say No Go
B: They Don't Know That The Soul Don't Go For That ("Potholes" Instrumental)
Big Life UKBLR 10Jun 19897"29.0
De La Soul

A: Eye Know
B: The Mack Daddy On The Left
Big Life UKBLR 139 Oct 19897"010.0
De La Soul

A: The Magic Number
B: Buddy
Big Life UKBLR 14Dec 19897"18.3

A: Affection
B: This Time (Edit)
Big Life UK877 564-719907"0 

A: Treat Me Good
B: I Want Your Love
Big Life UKBLR 2419907"0 
Bobby Valentino

A: The Man Who Invented Jazz
B: Blood On The Honky Tonk Floor
Big Life UKBLR 2919907"0 
Ashley And Jackson

A: Solid Gold (Version)
B: Solid Gold (Original)
Big Life UKBLR 3419907"3 
The It

A: In This Place Called Nowhere (Edit)
B: In This Place Called Nowhere (Album Version)
Big Life UKBLR 3619907"0 

A: Wanted On The Floor
B: Dream
Big Life UKBLRX PROMO 219907"0 
Reese Featuring MC Slow Mello Flo

A: You're Mine [Hip House Mix]
B: You're Mine [Mello Mix]
Big Life UKKOOL 5119907"0 
Blue Pearl

A: Naked In The Rain (7" Radio Mix)
B: Naked In The Rain (7" Instrumental Mix)
Big Life UKBLR 2318 Jun 19907"107.7
A Man Called Adam

A: Barefoot In The Head
B: So Good, So Right (Remix)
Big Life UKBLR 28Sep 19907"0 
Skin Lagoon

A: Northern Girl
B: Perfect Bride
Big Life UKBLR 2117 Sep 1990Promo Only 7"0 
Blue Pearl

A: Little Brother
B: Rollover (Instrumental)
Big Life UKBLR 32Oct 19907"08.0
The Soup Dragons

A: Mother Universe
B: Dream-E-4-Ever (Live)
Big Life UKBLR 308 Oct 19907"17.0
The Orb

A: Little Fluffy Clouds
B: Little Fluffy Clouds (Ambient Mk 1)
Big Life / WAU! Mr. Modo UKBLR 33Nov 19907"110.0
2 Mad

A: Thinkin' About Your Body
B: Boogaloo
Big Life UKBLR 3719917"1 
A Man Called Adam

A: I Want To Know
B: Midieval
Big Life UKBLR 3819917"0 
Skin Lagoon

A: Dance With Me
B: Love You Like A Mountain
Big Life UKBLR 3919917"1 
Ashley And Jackson

A: Sweet Time (Edit)
B: Head Over Heels
Big Life UKBLR 4819917"1 

A: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Short And Satisfying Version)
B: Let Your Body Jazz
Big Life UKBLR 4919917"0 
Snowboy Featuring Noel McKoy

A: Give Me The Sunshine

Snowboy Featuring Salsa Supremo Joe De Jesus

B: El Nuevo Latino
Big Life UKBLR 5419917"1 
Mica Paris

A: Young Soul Rebels (Edit)
B: Young Soul Rebels (Original Version)
Big Life UKBLR 5719917"0 
A Man Called Adam

The Chrono Psionic Interface EP

A1: The Chrono Psionic Interface (7" Version)
A2: Antiworld
B1: The Chrono Psionic Interface (Spaced Out Mix)
B2: Lost In The Green Light
Big Life UKBLR 591991EP0 
Naughty By Nature

A: O.P.P. (Vocal)
B: Wickedest Man Alive (Vocal)
Big Life UKBLR 6219917"0 
Naughty By Nature

A: Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Radio Mix)
B: O.P.P. (Live)
Big Life UKBLR 6519917"0 

A: Hallelujah (Radio Edit)
B: Power Project 1
Big Life UKDFP 119917"0 
The James Taylor Quartet

A: Absolute
Big Life UKJTQ 7 PROMO 11991Promo Only 7"0 
Mega City Four

A: Words That Say
B: Lipscar
Big Life UKMEGA PROMO 11991Promo Only 7"0 
Junior Reid

A: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
B: Dub Action
Big Life UKBLR 354 Feb 19917"0 
Digital Underground

A: Same Song (Around The World Edit)
B: Tie The Knot
Big Life UKBLR 40Mar 19917"0 
De La Soul

A: Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) (Party Line Edit)
B: Piles And Piles Of Demo Tapes By Da Miles (Conley's Decision)
Big Life UKBLR 4215 Apr 19917"08.5
Blue Pearl

A: Alive (Edit)
B: Down To You (Massey Mix)
Big Life UKBLR 44Jun 19917"0 
The Orb

A: Perpetual Dawn (Solar Youth Mix)
B: Star 6 And 7 8 9
Big Life / WAU! Mr. Modo UKBLR 46 Jun 19917"1 
The Orb

A: Perpetual Dawn (Solar Youth Mix)
Big Life / WAU! Mr. Modo UKBLR 46 PROMOJun 1991Promo Only 7"0 

A: I Wish That
B: Fantasy Wish
Big Life UKBLR 433 Jun 19917"1 
Bobby Valentino

A: No Smoke Without Fire
B: (Is She Really Staying In With Him?) Is A Bluebird Blue
Big Life UKBLR 5124 Jun 19917"0 
De La Soul

A: A Rollerskating Jam Named 'Saturdays' (Disco Fever Edit)
B: What Yo Life Can Truly Be
Big Life UKBLR 55Jul 19917"210.0
The Soup Dragons

A: Electric Blues
B: Unearthed
Big Life UKBLR 5619 Aug 19917"0 
Mega City Four

A1: Words That Say
A2: Untouchable
B1: Lipscay
B2: Mansion
Big Life UKMEGA 2Sep 1991EP0 
Mega City Four

A1: Words That Say
A2: Untouchable
B1: Lipscay
B2: Mansion
Big Life UKMEGA R2Sep 1991EP14.0
De La Soul

A: Keepin' The Faith (Just A Touch Edit)
B: Keepin' The Faith (Instrumental)
Big Life UKBLR 64Nov 19917"0 
Blue Pearl

A: (Can You) Feel The Passion
B: I'm On To You (Instrumental)
Big Life UKBLR 6730 Dec 19917"1 

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