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Big Shot - Label Discography

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A: Reggae Girl

Clive All Stars

B: Donkey Trot
Big Shot UKBI 50119687"19.5

A: If You Can't Be Good Be Careful
B: Something About My Man
Big Shot UKBI 50219687"17.0
Junior Soul

A: Chattie Chattie
B: Magic Touch
Big Shot UKBI 50319687"1 
Derrick Harriott

A: Standing In


B: Bumble Bee
Big Shot UKBI 50519687"1 
Derrick Morgan

A: Shower Of Rain

Val Bennett

B: It Might As Well Be Spring
Big Shot UKBI 50619687"19.0
Rudy Mills

A: John Jones
B: Place Called Happiness
Big Shot UKBI 50919687"29.7
Lester Sterling

A: Forest Gate Rock

Raving Ravers

B: Rock, Rock And Cry
Big Shot UKBI 50719697"0 

A: Biafra
B: Drop Pon
Big Shot UKBI 51019697"1 
Derrick Harriott

A: Another Lonely Night
B: Been so long
Big Shot UKBI 51119697"1 
Monty Morris

A: Deportation
B: He Is Back
Big Shot UKBI 51319697"2 

A: You Are No Good
B: Do The Reggae
Big Shot UKBI 51419697"0 
Sugar Simone

A: Is It Because
B: Take Life Like It Is
Big Shot UKBI 51519697"0 

A: Another Scorcher
B: My Baby
Big Shot UKBI 51719697"18.0
Cannon Ball And Johnny Melody

A: Parapinto
B: Cool Hand Luke
Big Shot UKBI 51819697"0 
Eddie Lovette

A: You're My Girl
B: By-Ooh-Paooh-Pa-Pa-Ya
Big Shot UKBI 51919697"1 
K. Beckford

A: Suzie Wong

Swinging Kings

B: Deebo
Big Shot UKBI 52119697"0 
The Saints [Jamaica]

A: Windy Pt. I
B: Windy Pt. II
Big Shot UKBI 52219697"1 
The Demons

A: You Belong To My Heart
B: Bless You
Big Shot UKBI 52319697"0 
Vern And Alvin

A: Old Man Dead

G.G. Rhythm Section

B: Reggae Me
Big Shot UKBI 52519697"1 
Les Foster

A: Do It Nice
B: Because Your Mine
Big Shot UKBI 52919697"0 
Sylvan Williams

A: Sweeter Than Honey
B: Son Of Reggae
Big Shot UKBI 53219697"1 
Sylvan Williams

A: This Old Man
B: When The Morning Comes
Big Shot UKBI 53319697"0 

A: Sufferer
B: Kiss A Finger
Big Shot UKBI 508Jan 19697"19.5

A: Son Of A Preacher Man
B: That´s How Strong My Love Is
Big Shot UKBI 516Mar 19697"1 
The Impersonators

A: I've Tried Before
B: Make It Easy On Yourself
Big Shot UKBI 5248 Aug 19697"010.0

A: Nice Nice
B: I'll Be Around
Big Shot UKBI 52615 Aug 19697"0 
Amor Vivi

A: Dirty Dog
B: Round And Round The Moon
Big Shot UKBI 534Dec 19697"0 
Escorts [Jamaica]

A: I'm So Afraid Of Love
B: Mother Nature
Big Shot UKBI 53519707"0 

A: He Who Keepeth His Mouth
B: One Day
Big Shot UKBI 53619707"1 
Boris Gardner And The Love People

A: Memories Of Love
B: Sweet Soul Special
Big Shot UKBI 53719707"1 
Boris Gardiner

A: Darkness
B: Watch This Music
Big Shot UKBI 53819707"0 
Boris Gardner And The Love People

A: Hot Shot
B: Watch This Music
Big Shot UKBI 53919707"0 
Sir Washington

A: Let Me Hold You
B: London Bridge
Big Shot UKBI 5401970Promo Only 7"0 
Techniques All Stars

A: Come Back Darling
B: More Over
Big Shot UKBI 54319707"0 
Techniques All Stars

A: Elfrego Bacca


B: Iron Joe
Big Shot UKBI 54519707"28.0
Lloyd And Claudette

A: Queen Of The World

The Prophets [Reggae]

B: Top Of The World
Big Shot UKBI 54619707"110.0
Errol English

A: I Don't Want To Love You
B: Love Is Pure
Big Shot UKBI 54719707"0 
Errol English

A: Once In My Life
B: Rabbit In A Cottage
Big Shot UKBI 54819707"1 
Johnnie Osborne

A: See And Blind

Techniques All Stars

B: Scarface
Big Shot UKBI 54919707"0 
Patrick And Lloyd

A: Return Of The Pollock

The Prophets [Reggae]

B: Concorde
Big Shot UKBI 55019707"4 
Lloyd And The Prophets

A: Bush Beat

Patrick And The Prophets

B: Please Come Home
Big Shot UKBI 55319707"1 
The Prophets [Reggae]

A: Crystal Blue Persuasion
B: Crystal Blue Persuasion (Vers. II)
Big Shot UKBI 55419707"0 
The Prophets [Reggae]

A: Tumble Time (Vers. I)
B: Tumble Time (Vers. II)
Big Shot UKBI 55519707"0 
The Prophets [Reggae]

A: Revenge Of Eastwood (Vers.1)
B: Revenge Of Eastwood (Vers.2)
Big Shot UKBI 55719707"1 
Billy Jack With The Cimarons

A: Once A Man
B: Soul Mood
Big Shot UKBI 55819707"0 
Candy [Reggae]

A: Ace Of Hearts

Billy Jack

B: Bet Yer Life I Do
Big Shot UKBI 55919707"26.0

A: Put It On
B: Rasta Isies
Big Shot UKBI 56119707"18.0
The Cimmarons

A: Funky Fight
B: You Turned Me Down
Big Shot UKBI 56219707"0 
Keith Hudson

A: Shades Of Hudson
B: Spanish Amigo
Big Shot UKBI 56519707"0 
Lloyd Sievright And Barry Howard

A: Freedom Sound
B: Last Love
Big Shot UKBI 56619707"0 

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