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Bigtop - Label Discography

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  USA  171
  Sweden  9
  Japan  6
  Bootleg  2
  Thailand  2
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The Notables

A: Moonlight And Roses (Bring Memories Of You)
B: Under The Bridges Of Paris
Bigtop USA45-3001May 19587"0 
The Honeytones

A: Don't Look Now, But -
B: I Know - I Know
Bigtop USA45-3002May 19587"1 
The Shades [US '50s]

A: Sun Glasses

The Knott Sisters

B: Undivided Attention
Bigtop USA45-3003Jul 19587"2 
Bobby Pedrick, Jr.

A: White Bucks And Saddle Shoes
B: Stranded
Bigtop USA45-3004Sep 19587"9 
Mae Arnette

A: Why Keep On Breaking My Heart
B: Fool That I Am
Bigtop USA45-3005Oct 19587"1 
Music Men

A: Santa Cruz
B: Blue Bird
Bigtop USA45-3006Jan 19597"0 
Sammy Turner

A: Sweet Annie Laurie
B: Thunderbolt
Bigtop USA45-3007Jan 19597"3 
Bobby Pedrick, Jr.

A: Betty Blue Eyes
B: Pajama Party
Bigtop USA45-3008Feb 19597"0 
The Mad Perfesser

A: Silent Movies
B: Talking Pictures
Bigtop USA45-3009Feb 19597"2 
Clint Miller

A: Lonely Traveler
B: You Must Have Read My Mind
Bigtop USA45-3013Mar 19597"1 
Vic Winston

A: Tonight
B: Julia
Bigtop USA45-3012Apr 19597"1 
The Music Men

A: An Open Fire
B: Via De Paradisio
Bigtop USA45-3014May 19597"1 
Jeri Lynn

A: If
B: Now I'm Of Age
Bigtop USA45-3015May 19597"1 
Sammy Turner

A: Lavender-Blue
B: Wrapped Up In A Dream
Bigtop USA45-3016Jun 19597"39.0
Sammy Turner

A: Lavender-Blue
B: Wrapped Up In A Dream
Bigtop USA45-3016Jun 1959Special Edition 7"3 
Fred Spencer

A: Brussel Sprouts
B: Somebody
Bigtop USA45-3017Jun 19597"0 
Bob Mersey

A: Bittersweet September
B: La Ronde
Bigtop USA45-3021Jul 19597"0 
Bobby Pedrick

A: Summer Nights
B: My Private Joy
Bigtop USA45-3024Jul 19597"1 
Stan Applebaum And His Orchestra

A: Bikini
B: Everytime (I Look At You) (L'eau Vive)
Bigtop USA45-3025Aug 19597"1 
Ellen Van Valen

A: I Really Don't Want To Know
B: I Wish I Didn't Love You
Bigtop USA45-3026Aug 19597"7 
The Chavis Brothers

A: Hey, Good Lookin'
B: Love Me Baby
Bigtop USA45-3027Sep 19597"0 
Dean Evans

A: A Good Night Kiss
B: Hold Me Close
Bigtop USA45-3028Sep 19597"37.0
Sammy Turner

A: Always
B: Symphony
Bigtop USA45-3029Oct 19597"7 
Sammy Turner

A: Always
B: Symphony
Bigtop USA45-3029Oct 1959Special Edition 7"0 
Johnny Apollo

A: Olympia
B: The Happy Glockenspiel
Bigtop USA45-3030Oct 19597"0 
Kenny And Corky

A: Nuttin' For Christmas
B: Suzy Snowflake
Bigtop USA45-3031Nov 19597"5 
Sammy Turner

Lavender Blue Moods

A1: Honey
A2: Falling
B1: The Things I Love
B2: I Want To Be Loved
Bigtop USAEP 1011960EP1 
Sammy Turner

A: Paradise
B: I'd Be A Fool Again
Bigtop USA45-3032Jan 19607"19.0
Don Covay

A: Beauty And The Beast
B: Cause I Love You
Bigtop USA45-3033Mar 19607"0 
Mel Gadson

A: Comin' Down With Love
B: I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You
Bigtop USA45-3034Apr 19607"38.0
Spencer Ross

A: Theme Of A Lonely Evening
B: Bobby's Blues
Bigtop USA45-3035Apr 19607"1 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A: Down Yonder
B: Sheba
Bigtop USA45-3036Apr 19607"510.0
Tony Middleton

A: Unchained Melody
B: Sweet Baby Of Mine
Bigtop USA45-3037May 19607"1 
Sammy Turner

A: Goodnight Irene
B: I Want To Be Loved
Bigtop USA45-3038Jun 19607"1 
Ocie Smith

A: You Are My Sunshine
B: Well I'm Dancin
Bigtop USA45-3039Jul 19607"3 
The Lincoln Trio

A: Garden Of Eden Part 1
B: Garden Of Eden Part II
Bigtop USA45-3040Jul 19607"0 
Azie Mortimer

A: Lips
B: Wrapped Up In A Dream
Bigtop USA45-3041Jul 19607"2 
Mike Drummond

A: Love Affair
B: Little Lover
Bigtop USA45-3042Jul 19607"4 
Sam "The Man" Taylor

A: Any Time
B: King Size Blues
Bigtop USA45-3043Jul 19607"0 
Barbara Lantz

A: One More Time
B: You're Not Worth My Tears
Bigtop USA45-3044Jul 19607"1 
Sammy Turner

A: Stay My Love
B: Fools Fall In Love
Bigtop USA45-3049Jul 19607"1 
Liza Smith

A: I Wanna Love You
B: Follow Me
Bigtop USA45-3045Aug 19607"0 
The Doves [1960's]

A: Don't Turn Away From Me
B: Let's Make Up
Bigtop USA45-3046Aug 19607"1 
Mel Gadson

A: Blood Brothers
B: Stairway Of Love
Bigtop USA45-3048Aug 19607"0 
Willie Jones

A: Mary

Willie Jones and Liza Smith

B: Somewhere
Bigtop USA45-3050Aug 19607"0 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A: Rocking Goose
B: Revival
Bigtop USA45-3051Aug 19607"69.0
Joey And The Ambers

A: The Treasure In My Heart
B: Sweet Sweet Memory
Bigtop USA45-3052Sep 19607"2 
Kenny Martin

A: Heart Storm
B: Lovin' Man
Bigtop USA45-3053Oct 19607"0 
Travis And Bob

A: Pocahontas
B: Daydreams
Bigtop USA45-3054Oct 19607"5 
Tom Clay

A: That's All
B: The Little Boy
Bigtop USA45-3055Oct 19607"0 

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