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Blow Up - Label Discography

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Nicky Onidis

A: Can You Light My Fire
B: Can You Light My Fire (Instrumental)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.50019817"0 
Ray Steele

A: Feel The Need
B: Bombs Away
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.50319817"1 

A: Business In The City
B: Cold, Clean And Clear
Blow Up Germany110 52519827"0 
Dimi Island

A: Bamboo Dancing In America
B: Sky Blue And White
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.50519827"0 

A: Hold On
B: Political Games
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.50619827"0 

A: Zauberstab
B: Zauberstab (instrumental)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.50919827"0 
Nicky Onidis

A: Baby, I Love You
B: I Will Give You My Heart
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.51219827"0 
Montevideo [Germany]

A: Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins
B: Sterntaler
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.51719827"0 
Alan And Denise

A: Rummenigge
B: Malaga Blues
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.52019837"1 

A: Step By Step
B: Step By Step (Instr.)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.52119837"0 
Orbit [Hip-Hop]

A: The Beat Goes On (Vocal)
B: The Beat Goes On (Lunar Mix)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.52219837"0 
Joe Fagin

A: Why Don't We Spend The Night
B: Cry For No One
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.53019837"0 
Cleo Und Wolfgang

A: Rummenigge

Wolfgang Fierek

B: Aerobic Blues
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.53219837"0 
Wolfgang Fierek

A: Geh ma zu Dir oder geh ma zu mir
B: Wuist Mi
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.53919847"0 
My Mine

A: Hypnotic Tango
B: Hypnotic Tango (Instrumental Version)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.54319847"09.0
Joe Fagin

A: That's Livin' Alright
B: Do You Give A Damn
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.54619847"1 
Krüger Und Krakor

A: Wildes Wasser
B: Katy
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.54819847"0 

A: Selling Song
B: The Wind Is Blowin'
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.54919847"0 
Hubert Kah

A: Engel 07
B: Rhythmus A Gogo
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.55219847"1 
Florian Haidt

A: Ich Will, Wenn Ich Wüßte Daß Ich Darf
B: Express (Instrumental)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.55619847"0 
Hubert Kah

A: Wenn der Mond die Sonne berührt
B: Südsee
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.55819847"1 
Wolfgang Fierek

A: Resi, I Hol Di Mit Mei'm Traktor Ab
B: I hab mi so auf di gefreut
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.56319857"0 
Hubert Kah

A: Goldene Zeiten
B: Millionen
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.56619857"1 

A: Feuer
B: Jetzt oder nie (Renn los)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.57019857"0 
Two Of Us

A: Two Of Us
B: Neige D'amour (Instr.)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.57419857"0 

A: Cairo (Edit)
B: So Hot
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.58119857"0 
Two Of Us

A: Blue Night Shadow
B: Blue Night Shadow (Part II)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.568Apr 19857"17.0
Wolfgang Fierek

A: Schöner als fliag'n
B: Die Stund' die wir beinand' war'n
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.572Aug 19857"0 
Hubert Kah

A: Limousine
B: Drowning
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.57519867"0 
Two Of Us

A: Generation Swing
B: Million Dollar Girl
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.58319867"0 
Joyce Sims

A: All And All
B: All And All (Dub)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.59619867"0 
Hubert Kah

A: Something I Should Know (Remix)
B: Lonesome Cowboy
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.59819867"0 
Mel And Kim

A: Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)
B: System (House Mix)
Blow Up GermanyINT110.70719867"2 
Mel And Kim

A: Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)
B: System (House Mix)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.70719867"06.0
Silent Circle

A: Time For Love
B: Give Me Time
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.70919867"0 
Matia Bazar

A: Ti Sento
B: I Feel You
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.587Mar 19867"0 
Frank Zander

A: Marlene
B: Wiltrud (Laß fünfe jrade sein)
Blow Up Germany110.74319877"0 
Mel And Kim

A: Respectable
B: Respectable (Instrumental)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.71519877"18.0
Wolfgang Fierek

A: So a Schand in Griechenland
B: Alle Frauen dieser Welt
Blow Up GermanyINT 110 71919877"0 
Hubert Kah

A: Military Drums
B: Explain The World In A Word
Blow Up GermanyINT110.72119877"0 
Silicon Dream

A: Marcello The Mastroianni (Metropolitan-Mix)
B: Marcello The Mastroianni (La Dolce Vita-Mix)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.72619877"0 
Matia Bazar

A: Noi
B: Al Confini Della Realta
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.73119877"0 
Mel And Kim

A: F.L.M.
B: F.L.M. (Instrumental)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.73219877"2 
Wolfgang Fierek

A: Schifahr'n ist der grösste Hit
B: Das himmliche Gefühl
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.73519877"0 
Silicon Dream

A: Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (Mars Mix)
B: Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (Venus Mix)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.74419877"0 
Matia Bazar

A: Angelina
B: Cose
Blow Up Germany110 712Jan 19877"0 
Joan Orleans

A: Just Maybe
B: Tears In Your Eyes
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.717May 19877"0 
Mel And Kim

A: That's The Way It Is
B: You Changed My Life
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.74019887"2 
Sweet Connection

A: Need Your Passion
B: Need Your Passion - Night Fever Mix (Instrumenal)
Blow Up GermanyINT 110.75019887"07.0
Silicon Dream

A: Jimmy Dean Loves Marilyn (Film Ab) Cinemascope Mix
B: Jimmy Dean Loves Marilyn (Film Ab) East Of Eden Mix
Blow Up GermanyINT 110 76019887"0 

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