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Blue Cat - Label Discography

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Joe Mansano

A: Life On Reggae Planet

The Rhythm Aces [reggae]

B: Z.Z. Beat
Blue Cat UKBS 15019687"0 
Lloyd And Devon

A: Out Of The Fire
B: Can't Understand
Blue Cat UKBS 15119687"1 

A: Loving Reggae

Roy Samuel

B: Musical Beat
Blue Cat UKBS 15219697"29.0
Trevor And The Maytones

A: Everyday Is Like A Holiday
B: Have You Time
Blue Cat UKBS 15319697"0 
The Slickers

A: Frying Pan

Ranfold Williams

B: Code It
Blue Cat UKBS 15419697"0 
The Sparkers

A: Dig It Up
B: This Life Make Me
Blue Cat UKBS 15519697"210.0
Owen Gray

A: I Can't Stop Loving You
B: Tell Me Darling
Blue Cat UKBS 15619697"1 
Sam Sham

A: Drumbago


B: Song Of The Year
Blue Cat UKBS 15719697"18.0
Devon And Sedrick

A: What A Sinthing
B: Short Up Dress
Blue Cat UKBS 15819697"0 
Samuel Edwards

A: Want It Want It

The Sparkers

B: Israel
Blue Cat UKBS 15919697"0 
Rico Rodriguez

A: The Bullet
B: Rhythm-In
Blue Cat UKBS 16019697"0 
Maxie Romeo

A: Me Want Man

Al Reid

B: Vietcong
Blue Cat UKBS 16119697"0 
Carlton Reid

A: Warning
B: Leave Me To Cry
Blue Cat UKBS 16219697"0 
Maxie Romeo

A: It's Not The Way

Al Reid

B: Darling
Blue Cat UKBS 16319697"1 
Ameil Moody

A: Ratchet Knife
B: Bend The True
Blue Cat UKBS 16419697"0 
The G.G. Rhythm Section


The Maytones

B: Botheration
Blue Cat UKBS 16519697"0 
The Maytones

A: Copper Girl
B: Love
Blue Cat UKBS 16619697"0 
Vern And Alvin

A: Everybody Reggae
B: Another Fool
Blue Cat UKBS 16719697"0 
Alove And Paxton

A: Wickeder
B: Stay In My Arms
Blue Cat UKBS 16819697"0 
The Soul Kings

A: Magnificent Seven

Rupie Edwards

B: Long Lost Love
Blue Cat UKBS 16919697"1 
The Concords [Jamaica]

A: Bettoo
B: I Need Your Loving
Blue Cat UKBS 17019697"0 
Bobby Dobson

A: Strange
B: Your New Love
Blue Cat UKBS 17119697"0 
Gladstone And Followers

A: Judas
B: World Come To An End
Blue Cat UKBS 17219697"0 
The Maytones

A: Mi Nah Tek You Lick
B: D. D. Money
Blue Cat UKBS 17319697"0 
The Righteous Twins

A: If I Could Hear My Mother
B: Satan Can't Prevail
Blue Cat UKBS 17419697"0 

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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Enos McLeod

A: You Can Never Get Away

Lloyd Clarke

B: Young Love
Blue Cat UKBS 135Nov 2015Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Enos And Sheila

A: La La Bam-Ba

Untouchables [Jamaica]

B: Wall Flower
Blue Cat UKBS 135Nov 2015Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Untouchables [Jamaica]

A: Prisoner In Love
B: Your Love
Blue Cat UKBS 137Nov 2015Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Austin Faithful

A: Uncle Joe
B: I Am Losing You
Blue Cat UKBS 140Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Dee Set

A: I Know A Place

Ranfold Williams

B: Code It
Blue Cat UKBS 146Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Lloyd And Devon

A: Out Of The Fire
B: Can't Understand
Blue Cat UKBS 151Bootleg / Repro 7"110.0

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