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Blue Horizon - Label Discography

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  UK  71
  Netherlands  18
  France  11
  Germany  11
  South Africa  4
  USA  4
  Italy  3
  Rhodesia  1
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Hubert Sumlin

A: Across The Board
B: Sumlin Boogie
Blue Horizon UK45 100019657"1 
Woodrow Adams

A: Baby You Just Don't Know
B: Wine Head Woman
Blue Horizon UK45 100119657"1 
Little George Smith

A: Blues In The Dark
B: Telephone Blues
Blue Horizon UK45 100219657"4 
Snooky And Moody

A: Snooky And Moody's Boogie
B: Snooky's Telephone Blues
Blue Horizon UK45 100319667"3 
J. B. Lenore

A: Mojo Boogie
B: I Don't Care What Nobody Say
Blue Horizon UK45 100419667"59.0
Drifting Slim

A: Good Morning Baby
B: My Sweet Woman
Blue Horizon UK45 100519667"4 
Houston Boines

A: Superintendent Blues
B: Monkey Motion
Blue Horizon UK45 100619667"1 
Champion Jack Dupree

A: Get Your Head Happy
B: Easy Is The Way
Blue Horizon UK45 100719677"2 
Sonny Boy Williamson And His Houserockers

A: From The Bottom
B: Empty Bedroom
Blue Horizon UK45 100819677"19.0
Eddie Boyd

A: It's So Miserable To Be Alone
B: Empty Arms
Blue Horizon UK45-BH.100919677"0 
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

A: I Believe My Time Ain't Long
B: Rambling Pony
Blue Horizon UK30513 Nov 19677"209.0
Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation

A: Warning
B: Cobwebs
Blue Horizon UK3109Dec 19677"78.0
The Chicken Shack

A: It's OK With Me Baby
B: When My Left Eye Jumps
Blue Horizon UK57-3135Jan 19687"0 
Arthur K. Adams

A: She Drives Me Out Of My Mind
B: Gimme Some Of Your Lovin'
Blue Horizon UK57-313616 Feb 19687"0 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Black Magic Woman
B: The Sun Is Shining
Blue Horizon UK57-313829 Mar 19687"28.0
Eddie Boyd

A: The Big Boat
B: Sent For You Yesterday
Blue Horizon UK57-31373 May 19687"2 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Need Your Love So Bad
B: Stop Messin' Round
Blue Horizon UK57-31395 Jul 19687"89.5
Champion Jack Dupree

A: I Haven't Done No One No Harm

Champion Jack Dupree With Stan Webb (Guitar)

B: How Am I Doing It
Blue Horizon UK57-314019 Jul 19687"0 
Duster Bennett

A: It's A Man Down There
B: Things Are Changing
Blue Horizon UK57-314116 Aug 19687"37.0
Otis Spann

A: Bloody Murder
B: Can't Do Me No Good
Blue Horizon UK57-3142Sep 19687"2 
Chicken Shack

A: Worried About My Woman
B: Six Nights In Seven
Blue Horizon UK57-3143Oct 19687"06.0
B. B. King

A: The Woman I Love
B: Blues For Me
Blue Horizon UK57-3144Oct 19687"1 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Albatross
B: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
Blue Horizon UK57-314522 Nov 19687"79.3
Chicken Shack

A: When The Train Comes Back
B: Hey Baby
Blue Horizon UK57-3146Dec 19687"39.0
Buster Brown

A: Sugar Babe
B: I'm Going -- But I'll Be Back
Blue Horizon UK57-314719697"0 
Duster Bennett

A: Raining In My Heart
B: Jumpin' For Joy
Blue Horizon UK57-314817 Jan 19697"3 
Guitar Crusher

A: Since My Baby Hit The Numbers
B: Hambone Blues
Blue Horizon UK57-314914 Feb 19697"0 
Garfield Love

A: Next Time You See Me
B: Part Time Love
Blue Horizon UK57-315021 Feb 19697"0 
Bobby Parker

A: It's Hard But It's Fair
B: I Couldn't Quit My Baby
Blue Horizon UK57-315128 Feb 19697"1 
Champion Jack Dupree

A: Ba' La Fouche
B: Kansas City
Blue Horizon UK57-315228 Mar 19697"1 
Chicken Shack

A: I'd Rather Go Blind
B: Night Life
Blue Horizon UK57-315318 Apr 19697"510.0
Duster Bennett

A: Bright Lights Big City
B: Fresh Country Jam
Blue Horizon UK57-315411 Jul 19697"1 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Need Your Love So Bad
B: No Place To Go
Blue Horizon UK57-315711 Jul 19697"28.8
Otis Spann With Fleetwood Mac

A: Walkin'
B: Temperature Is Rising (98.8 Degrees F)
Blue Horizon UK57-315518 Jul 19697"39.0
Gordon Smith

A: Too Long
B: Funk Pedal
Blue Horizon UK57-315625 Jul 19697"19.0
Chicken Shack

A: Tears In The Wind
B: The Things You Put Me Through
Blue Horizon UK57-3160Aug 19697"29.0
Champion Jack Dupree

A: I Want To Be A Hippy
B: Goin' Back To Louisiana
Blue Horizon UK57-31581 Aug 19697"2 
Otis Rush

A: All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
B: Double Trouble
Blue Horizon UK57-315915 Aug 19697"0 
B. B. King

A: Everyday I Have The Blues
B: Five Long Years
Blue Horizon UK57-316112 Sep 19697"1 

A: Chairman Mao's Boogaloo
B: No One Else
Blue Horizon UK57-316226 Sep 19697"0 
Duster Bennett

A: I'm Gonna Wind Up Ending Up Or I'm Gonna End Up Winding Up With You
B: Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me
Blue Horizon UK57-3164Oct 19697"37.7
Christine Perfect

A: When You Say
B: No Road Is The Right Road
Blue Horizon UK57-3165Oct 19697"0 
Juke Boy Bonner

A: Runnin' Shoes
B: Yackin' In My Plans
Blue Horizon UK57-31633 Oct 19697"1 
Earl Hooker

A: Boogie Don't Blot
B: Funky Blues
Blue Horizon UK57-316614 Nov 19697"0 
Top Topham

A: Christmas Cracker
B: Cracking Up Over Christmas
Blue Horizon UK57-316728 Nov 19697"0 
Chicken Shack

A: Maudie
B: Andalucian Blues
Blue Horizon UK57-316816 Jan 19707"2 

A: Comment
B: Funky Wasp
Blue Horizon UK57-316930 Jan 19707"0 
George Smith [blues]

A: Someday You're Gonna Learn (To Treat Me Right)
B: Before You Do Your Thing (You'd Better Think)
Blue Horizon UK57-317013 Feb 19707"17.0
Bacon Fat

A: Nobody But You
B: Smalls On 53rd
Blue Horizon UK57-317120 Feb 19707"0 
Christine Perfect

A: I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)
B: Close To Me
Blue Horizon UK57-317224 Apr 19707"38.5

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