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Blue Mountain - Label Discography

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  UK  28
  Germany  12
  Netherlands  8
  Australia  7
  New Zealand  3
  Spain  3
  France  2
  Argentina  1
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De Hems

A: Baby It's Alright
B: Lady Lady
Blue Mountain UKBM 100119717"0 

A: Mississippi Lady
B: Ballad Of San Andreas
Blue Mountain UKBM 100210 Dec 19717"0 
Steve Ryder

A: Ain't It Nice
B: Remember Me
Blue Mountain UKBM 100310 Dec 19717"0 
Scott English

A: Waterfall Woman
B: Denver's Calling
Blue Mountain UKBM 100421 Jan 19727"1 
McGuinness Flint

A: Let The People Go
B: Cheeky Chappy
Blue Mountain UKBM 10053 Mar 19727"1 
Monsoon [70's]

A: Night Of The Fly
B: Caroline, The Wine Was Good
Blue Mountain UKBM 100610 Mar 19727"08.0
Carl Douglas

A: Somebody Stop This Madness
B: Ain't No Use
Blue Mountain UKBM 100724 Mar 19727"0 
Ruby James

A: Love To Survive
B: When Love Comes Around Again
Blue Mountain UKBM 100817 Mar 19727"0 
Teddy Brown

A: It Takes A Little Longer
B: Little Girl
Blue Mountain UKBM 100919727"0 

A: Ohio Sun
B: Songs On My Guitar
Blue Mountain UKBM 101012 May 19727"0 

A: Jack-a-dandy
B: The Legend Of Pompey Snow
Blue Mountain UKBM 101119727"1 
Peter Franc

A: Song For Every Season
B: Woman Don't Try To Re-arrange Me
Blue Mountain UKBM 101226 May 19727"1 
Lorna Bennett

A: Breakfast In Bed

Scotty And Lorna Bennett

B: Skank In Bed
Blue Mountain UKBM 101313 Oct 19727"610.0
Lorna Bennett

A: Breakfast In Bed
B: Remember When
Blue Mountain UKBM 101313 Oct 19727"48.3
Scott English

A: He Was Me (He Was You)
B: Ballad Of The Unloved
Blue Mountain UKBM 101425 Aug 19727"0 

A: Dream Lover
B: Wappadusa
Blue Mountain UKBM 101619727"49.0
Desi Young

A: Don't Know Why I Love You

Bongo Herman

B: S.90.Skank
Blue Mountain UKBM 10178 Dec 19727"0 
Owen Gray

A: Tumblin' Dice
B: Tumblin' Dice (Instrumental Version)
Blue Mountain UKBM 101819 Jan 19737"1 
Joe Higgs

A: Lay A Foundation

Teddy Magnus

B: Beautiful Sunday
Blue Mountain UKBM 10195 Jan 19737"0 
The Maytals

A: Christmas Song
B: I Can't Believe
Blue Mountain UKBM 10205 Jan 19737"1 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: Baby Baby We've Got A Date
B: Stop That Train (Instrumental)
Blue Mountain UKBM 102119 Jan 19737"0 
Boston Jack

A: Starvation
B: Slave
Blue Mountain UKBM 102219737"1 

A: Only Love Can Win
B: Jamaica Rum
Blue Mountain UKBM 102323 Feb 19737"78.0
Owen Grey

A: Suffering In The Land
B: You Poured Sugar On Me
Blue Mountain UKBM 102415 Jun 19737"0 
Lorna Bennett

A: Chapel Of Love
B: I Love Every Little Thing About You
Blue Mountain UKBM 102520 Apr 19737"28.5

A: My Boy Lollipop
B: I'm In Love
Blue Mountain UKBM 102613 Apr 19737"0 

A: This Is Reggae Music
B: Break Down The Barriers
Blue Mountain UKBM 102711 May 19737"3 
Harry J. Allstars

A: U.F.O.
B: Reggae With The Birds
Blue Mountain UKBM 102818 May 19737"0 

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