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Bradleys - Label Discography

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  UK  106
  Spain  4
  Ireland  2
  Italy  2
  France  1
  Japan  1
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Chris Bennett

A: Disco Man
B: This Perfect Day
Bradleys UKBLAK 100130 Jan 19767"0 
Black Blood

A: Ewohe Dance
B: Rasteferia
Bradleys UKBLAK 100213 Feb 19767"0 
Ann C. Sheridan

A: I Want You (She's So Heavy)
B: I'll Be Gone
Bradleys UKBLAK 100328 May 19767"0 
Tracey King

A: Sunshine Girl
B: Little Bit Of Water
Bradleys UKBLAK 10046 Aug 19767"1 
Paul Brett

A: Mr. Custer
B: Goodtimes, Hardtimes
Bradleys UKBRAD 30123 Feb 19737"2 

A: Travelling Home
B: Still Got Time
Bradleys UKBRAD 3029 Mar 19737"1 
Hunter Muskett

A: John Blair
B: Silver Coin
Bradleys UKBRAD 3039 Mar 19737"57.0
Opera Nova

A: The Great Awakening
B: Western Isles
Bradleys UKBRAD 30419737"1 
Paul Brett

A: Summer Driftin'
B: Clocks
Bradleys UKBRAD 30519737"0 
Winston [70's]

A: Mona
B: Rockerdile
Bradleys UKBRAD 3067 Sep 19737"38.0
Peter Henn

A: Flip Flap
B: Song Of The Rising Country Wind
Bradleys UKBRAD 3077 Sep 19737"2 

A: Lady Luck
B: Billy Kern
Bradleys UKBRAD 3087 Sep 19737"0 
Freddie Cannon

A: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
B: Tallahassie Lassie
Bradleys UKBRAD 3095 Oct 19737"04.0
Buster [Bradleys]

A: Motor Machine
B: Ring Around
Bradleys UKBRAD 31019737"0 
Joys Of Youth

A: Love Is A Four Letter Word
B: Nobody Knows Where The Ogly Goes
Bradleys UKBRAD 31119737"05.0
Starbuck [UK]

A: Do You Like Boys
B: You Never Wanna Rock 'N' Roll
Bradleys UKBRAD 31226 Oct 19737"3 
Jackie And Nicky

A: Break Out The Morning
B: Children Of Love
Bradleys UKBRAD 31319737"0 

A: One More Kiss
B: An Englishman's Home Is His Castle
Bradleys UKBRAD 31419737"0 

A: Children Of The Sun
B: Your Day Will Come
Bradleys UKBRAD 31519737"0 
Norman Vaughan

A: Song Medley: Nobody's Sweetheart; Way Down Yonder In New Orleans; Hey Neighbour; I Can't Give You Anything But Love; Ain't She Sweet
B: Song Medley: Girl Of My Dreams; Down In The Glen; Am I Wasting My Time On You; Carolina Moon; Mistakes
Bradleys UKBRAD 31619737"0 
The Kopites

A: Liverpool, We Love You
B: Liverpool, We Love You (Version)
Bradleys UKBRAD 31719737"0 
Buster [Bradleys]

A: Superstar
B: Rainbow And Colours
Bradleys UKBRAD 74018 Feb 19747"0 
Gemini [Bradleys]

A: I'll Be With You Again And Again (Communication Hangup)
B: Changes
Bradleys UKBRAD 74028 Feb 19747"2 

A: Looking For The Light
B: Odyssey
Bradleys UKBRAD 740329 Mar 19747"0 
Wess And Dori Ghezzi

A: Let It Be Free
B: Turn Around
Bradleys UKBRAD 740429 Mar 19747"0 
Paul Brett

A: Soho Jack
B: Captain Dan
Bradleys UKBRAD 740519747"0 
Stu James

A: I Only Wish I Had The Time
B: Back To Basingstoke (Part 1)
Bradleys UKBRAD 740624 May 19747"0 
Jungle Juice

A: The Zoo Gang
B: Monkey Business
Bradleys UKBRAD 740724 May 19747"4 
Sweet Dreams

A: Honey Honey
B: I Surrender
Bradleys UKBRAD 7408May 19747"178.8
Stephanie De Sykes (With Rain)

A: Born With A Smile On My Face
B: Woman's Intuition
Bradleys UKBRAD 740914 Jun 19747"106.3

A: O.K. Chicago
B: Yellow Train
Bradleys UKBRAD 741028 Jun 19747"28.0
Starbuck [UK]

A: Heart Throb
B: Ricochet
Bradleys UKBRAD 74115 Jul 19747"1 
Vaudeville Express

A: Hey You Out There
B: I'd Rather Sing A Ragtime Song
Bradleys UKBRAD 741219 Jul 19747"0 

A: Golden Day
B: One Night Together
Bradleys UKBRAD 741312 Jul 19747"17.0
Miki Antony

A: We Made It This Summertime
B: Hey Suzanne
Bradleys UKBRAD 741426 Jul 19747"2 
The Fascinations [UK]

A: Mama's Boy
B: Stay With Me
Bradleys UKBRAD 741513 Sep 19747"0 

A: Let Your Hair Hang Down
B: Performers Prayer
Bradleys UKBRAD 741620 Sep 19747"1 
El Chicle

A: La La La
B: Streaking A Go-Go
Bradleys UKBRAD 741720 Sep 19747"1 
Twinkle Ripley

A: Days
B: Caroline
Bradleys UKBRAD 741827 Sep 19747"29.5

A: Everyday There's Another Tomorrow
B: I've Gotta' Get Away From You
Bradleys UKBRAD 741918 Oct 19747"0 
Jack Parnell And His Orchestra

A: Spy Glass
B: The Razor's Edge
Bradleys UKBRAD 742011 Oct 19747"0 
The Goodies

A: Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
B: The Inbetweenies
Bradleys UKBRAD 7421Nov 19747"88.8
The Goodies

A: The Inbetweenies
B: Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
Bradleys UKBRAD 742118 Oct 19747"16.0
Dave Jordan

A: Street Corner Music
B: God's Own Country
Bradleys UKBRAD 74223 Jan 19757"0 
Tom Paxton

A: Engelbert The Elephant
B: Little Brand New Baby
Bradleys UKBRAD 742322 Nov 19747"3 
The Oosh Band

A: Hari-Kari On (Theme From "Carry On Laughing")
B: My Good Woman
Bradleys UKBRAD 74243 Jan 19757"1 
Stephanie De Sykes

A: Only Love
B: What Good Is Love
Bradleys UKBRAD 74748 Nov 19747"2 
Donnie Elbert

A: You're Gonna Cry When I'm Gone
B: Another Tear Will Take Its' Place
Bradleys UKBRAD 750124 Jan 19757"0 
Sweet Dreams

A: The Best Of Everything
B: Only You Can Touch Me
Bradleys UKBRAD 750231 Jan 19757"0 
Miki Antony

A: Get Your Dancin' Shoes On
B: Schoolgirl
Bradleys UKBRAD 750314 Feb 19757"0 

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