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Brent - Label Discography

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The Chevrons [NYC]

A: That Comes With Love
B: Don't Be Heartless
Brent USA7000Apr 19597"1 
Rusty Isabell

A: Firewater (Sew Dew)
B: The Blast
Brent USA7001Apr 19597"2 
Skip And Flip

A: It Was I
B: Lunch Hour
Brent USA7002May 19597"1110.0
Lee Greenlee

A: Starlight
B: Cherry, I'm In Love With You
Brent USA7003Aug 19597"3 
The Argyles

A: Vacation Days Are Over
B: It Takes Time
Brent USA7004Sep 19597"5 
Skip And Flip

A: Fancy Nancy
B: It Could Be
Brent USA7005Sep 19597"0 
Rusty Isabell

A: Manhunt
B: I Give Up
Brent USA7006Oct 19597"0 
The Chevrons [NYC]

A: Lullabye
B: Day After Forever
Brent USA7007Nov 19597"39.0
Bill Collins

A: Border Beat
B: Upturn
Brent USA7008Nov 19597"1 
Eddie Quinteros

A: Come Dance With Me
B: Vivian
Brent USA7009Jan 19607"28.5
Skip And Flip

A: Cherry Pie
B: (I'll Quit) Cryin' Over You
Brent USA7010Mar 19607"99.0
The Crystals [Brent]

A: Malageuna
B: Gypsy Ribbon
Brent USA701119607"3 
Eddie Quinteros

A: Please Don't Go
B: Lookin' For My Baby
Brent USA701219607"1 
Skip And Flip

A: Hully Gully Cha Cha Cha
B: Teenage Honeymoon
Brent USA7013Aug 19607"0 
Eddie Quinteros

A: Slow Down Sandy
B: Lindy Lou
Brent USA7014Aug 19607"1 
The Chevrons [NYC]

A: Little Star
B: Little Darlin
Brent USA7015Sep 19607"5 
The Chaps

A: One Lovely Yesterday
B: Perfect Night For Love
Brent USA7016Sep 19607"1 
Skip And Flip

A: Willow Tree
B: Green Door
Brent USA7017Sep 19607"0 
Nat Brown

A: Three Pictures
B: Just Leave It To Me
Brent USA7019May 19617"0 
Suzy And The Copycats

A: Come Back To Me
B: No Other Love (Like Yours)
Brent USA7020Apr 19617"1 
Carl Lester And The Showstoppers

A: When You See Me Hurt
B: Don't You Know That I Believe
Brent USA7021Jun 19617"2 
Little Jimmy Brown

A: Tell It Like It Is
B: I Didn't Know
Brent USA7022Jun 19617"1 
Dee Jones

A: Hideaway Heaven
B: Dreamland
Brent USA7023Jul 19617"1 
Wayne Worley And His Worley Birds

A: Red Headed Woman
B: To Be Alone
Brent USA7024Aug 19617"1 
Big Pete And The Minute Men

A: Baracuda
B: Big Pete
Brent USA702519617"2 
Don Wyatt

A: I'm In Love
B: Reason To Love
Brent USA702619617"0 
Nelvin Elder

A: Find Me A Dream
B: I Dream
Brent USA7027Dec 19617"2 
Skip And Flip

A: One More Drink For Julie
B: Over The Mountain
Brent USA7028Feb 19627"0 
Bertha Tillman

A: Oh My Angel
B: Lovin' Time
Brent USA7029Mar 19627"39.8
Hank Blackman And The Killers

A: Itchy Koo
B: Everyone Has Someone
Brent USA7030Apr 19627"0 
The Chancellors [Brent]

A: Straightaway
B: Upside Down
Brent USA7031Jun 19627"0 
Bertha Tillman

A: (I Believe) Something Funny Is Going On
B: I Wish
Brent USA7032Jul 19627"0 
The Donays

A: Bad Boy
B: Devil In His Heart
Brent USA7033Aug 19627"22 
The Five Counts

A: Watermelon Walk
B: Spanish Nights
Brent USA7034Aug 19627"2 
Laura Johnson

A: I Know How It Feels
B: Wondering If You Miss Me
Brent USA7035Sep 19627"0 
Perry And Pete

A: Follow Me
B: Rockin' Wobble
Brent USA703619627"0 
The Heartbreakers [Los Angeles]

A: Corrida Mash (Running Mash)
B: I'm Leaving It All Up To You
Brent USA703719627"1 
Johnny Payne

A: Tinklin' Bells
B: I Can't Take Another Heartbreak
Brent USA7038Nov 19627"1 
Lightnin' Post

A: Moonlight Serenade
B: Canadian Sunset
Brent USA703919627"0 
Varetta And The Thomases

A: Breaking Hearts
B: Fly By Night
Brent USA7040Dec 19627"2 
Sue Rose

A: Luckiest Day Of My Life
B: I'm So Sad
Brent USA704119637"1 
Jody Reynolds

A: The Girl From King Marie
B: Raggedy Ann
Brent USA7042May 19637"2 
Johnny Lance

A: The Big Tragedy
B: All About Julie
Brent USA7043May 19637"2 
Corki Ray With Audiofaze

A: Whirlwind
B: Once It Was Mine
Brent USA7044Jun 19637"2 
Boo Boo And Bunky

A: Turn Around
B: This Old Town
Brent USA7045Aug 19657"3 
The In Crowd [Brent]

A: Cat Dance
B: Grapevine
Brent USA7046Sep 19657"2 
Shane [Brent]

A: Don't Turn Me Off
B: That Girl Of Mine
Brent USA7047Sep 19657"1 
The Word [War-Babies]

A: Now It's Over
B: So Little Time
Brent USA704819657"1 
The Ban

A: Now That I'm Hoping
B: Bye Bye
Brent USA7049Nov 19657"1 
The Off Set

A: Just A Little Smile
B: Lonely, Lonely Night
Brent USA7051Nov 19657"1 

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