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Buk - Label Discography

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  Germany  9

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BU 3001-3027
Oscar [UK group]

A: Well Known Lady
B: Feel Alright
Buk UKBU 300127 Sep 19747"1 
Freddy Breck

A: Years Of Love
B: Our Song
Buk UKBU 30024 Oct 19747"42.0

A: American Dream
B: Julie
Buk UKBU 300315 Nov 19747"0 
Malcolm Roberts

A: Be My Love
B: Leon
Buk UKBU 300422 Nov 19747"0 
Freddy Breck

A: Your Song Of Love
B: Always
Buk UKBU 300514 Feb 19757"0 
Oscar [UK group]

A: Mad About The Boy
B: Don't Care What Happens Tomorrow
Buk UKBU 300621 Mar 19757"0 

A: I Want To Be Sure
B: New Guitar
Buk UKBU 300730 May 19757"1 
Howard Carpendale

A: You're Breaking My Heart
B: Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine
Buk UKBU 300811 Jul 19757"1 

A: Overnight Sensation
B: It's Only Money
Buk UKBU 300927 Jun 19757"2 
Jenny Darren

A: Slay Me Like A Lady
B: When I Get Home
Buk UKBU 301013 Jun 19757"0 

A: Around My Head
B: Please Come Back
Buk UKBU 301125 Jul 19757"0 
John Krelli

A: Jig-A-Jig Jig (My Love Is Big)
B: Do You Love Me (Yes I Do)
Buk UKBU 30124 Jul 19757"0 
Freddy Breck

A: Love And Roses
B: I'll Hold You Close
Buk UKBU 301320 Jun 19757"0 
Sounds Of Music

A: Cool Girl In White
B: I Fell In Love
Buk UKBU 30148 Aug 19757"0 

A: I Just Ain't Good Enough For You
B: No Way
Buk UKBU 301519757"0 
Colin Areety

A: Baby You Don't Know How Good You Are
B: Freedom Fighter
Buk UKBU 301625 Jul 19757"2 
Lois Lane

A: River Deep Mountain High (Part 1)
B: River Deep Mountain High (Part 2)
Buk UKBU 301712 Sep 19757"0 
Rudolph Walker

A: It Was Love
B: Reggae Woman
Buk UKBU 30184 Jul 19757"27.0
Candlewick Green

A: Last Bus Home
B: Things That We Said
Buk UKBU 301929 Aug 19757"2 
After Hours

A: School Fool
B: I Need You I Want You
Buk UKBU 302017 Oct 19757"0 
Malcolm Roberts

A: Sunday Morning Sunshine
B: You Are
Buk UKBU 302131 Oct 19757"0 
Freddy Breck

A: Count On Me
B: The Weaver Zam Pano
Buk UKBU 30227 Nov 19757"1 
The Tom Parker Orchestra

A: Penny Wishes
B: Sieglinde
Buk UKBU 302331 Oct 19757"0 
The Million Airs

A: I'll Never Smile Again
B: South Rampart Street Parade
Buk UKBU 302414 Nov 19757"0 
Paul Joses

A: Don't Gun Me Down
B: You Don't Know
Buk UKBU 302524 Oct 19757"0 
Tony Sheridan

A: Lonely
B: If She'd Have Stayed
Buk UKBU 302621 Nov 19757"07.0
Tony Monopoly

A: I Believe
B: One More Mile (And Darling I'll Be Home)
Buk UKBU 30272 Jan 19767"4 
BUK 3000-3012

A: River Of Love
B: Too Late To Say Goodbye
Buk UKBUK 300028 May 19767"2 
Tony Monopoly

A: I Believe
B: One More Mile (And Darling I'll Be Home)
Buk UKBUK 3001Apr 19767"1 
The Enid

A: The Lovers
B: In The Region Of The Summer Stars
Buk UKBUK 300228 May 19767"0 
Mark Christian

A: This Is The First Time
B: Love Isn't Easy
Buk UKBUK 300328 May 19767"1 
Kate T. Fields

A: April Showers
B: The Nearness Of You
Buk UKBUK 300428 May 19767"0 

A: Girlfriend
B: Gonna Make It
Buk UKBUK 3005May 19767"0 
Locust [UK]

A: Foxy
B: Cosmic Kangaroo Juice
Buk UKBUK 300628 May 19767"0 
Lois Lane

A: Laurel And Hardy
B: Sleep My Little One
Buk UKBUK 300728 May 19767"1 
Tony Monopoly

A: You Can Do It Better With Me
B: Better By Far
Buk UKBUK 300816 Jul 19767"0 

A: Maybe Baby Someday
B: Rock 'N' Roll Singer
Buk UKBUK 30098 Oct 19767"0 
Tony Monopoly

A: I'd Move Heaven And Earth
B: Rock 'N' Roll (I Gave You All The Best Years Of My Life)
Buk UKBUK 30108 Oct 19767"15.0

A: Your Move
B: Keep On Movin'
Buk UKBUK 301122 Oct 19767"0 
Rock Island Line

A: Ice Cream
B: Crossword Puzzle
Buk UKBUK 301222 Oct 19767"1 

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