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C/Z - Label Discography

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Skin Yard

A: Gelatin Babies
B: Bleed
C/Z USACZ00419877"0 
Teriyaki Asthma


A1: Mexican Seafood

Helios Creed

A2: America Is In Good Hands

Coffin Break

B1: Hole In The Ground


B2: Solid Alligators
C/Z USAC/Z 0091989EP14.0

Crisco Wristwatch

A: Too Much Of One Thing
B: This
C/Z USACZ01519907"0 
Crypt Kicker Five

A: 4th Hole
B: Bedouin Stomp
C/Z USACZ01919907"0 
Icky Joe

A1: Marron, Marron
A2: Liberace
B1: Zara
B2: I'll Love You There
C/Z USACZ 0221991EP0 
Teriyaki Asthma Volume Vi

The Thrown Ups

A1: Walrus Head


A2: You're A Dick And I'm Gonna Kill You

Pain Teens

B1: Come Up And See Me Sometime


B2: Caitlin Bums
C/Z USACZ0361991EP0 
7 Year Bitch

A: Rock•A•Bye•Baby
B: Wide Open Trap
C/Z USACZ0781994Special Edition 7"0 
The Presidents Of The United States Of America

A: Fuck California
B: Carolyn's Booty
C/Z USACZ08219957"0 
Engine Kid

A: Astronaut
B: Treasure Chest
C/Z USACZ0617"0 
Teriyaki Asthma Volume IX


A1: There She Goes


A2: One Proud Stout


B1: Head Lika Weedeater

Trash Can School

B2: Hobgoblins

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