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Cactus - Label Discography

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Gypsy Queen

A: Love Is In The Air
B: Everybody Searchin'
Cactus UKCT 119727"0 
Andromeda [Cactus]

A: After The Storm
B: Rainbow Chasing
Cactus UKCT 219727"3 

A: Don't Stroke My Pussy
B: Don't Stroke My Pussy (version)
Cactus UKCT 311 Aug 19727"16 

A: Don't Stick Stickers On My Paper Knickers
B: Don't Stick Stickers On My Paper Knickers Version
Cactus UKCT 419727"11 
April Shower

A: It's So Funny
B: Turn Away From The Station
Cactus UKCT 519737"0 

A: It's Not Right
B: For You
Cactus UKCT 623 Feb 19737"0 
Havrol And The Carib Band

A: Fountain Of Love
B: Love In A Ball
Cactus UKCT 719737"0 
Winston Curtis And 90º Inclusive

A: Didn't You Know

Honey Boy

B: What's Your Name
Cactus UKCT 819737"0 
Al Moodie

A: Moses Rock
B: Moses Version
Cactus UKCT 919737"0 
Barry And Carl

A: Was A Sunny Day
B: Love Is The Key
Cactus UKCT 1019737"1 
The Actions

A: Please Mr. D.J.

Tony R.

B: Gully Bank Rock
Cactus UKCT 1119737"0 
Andell And Bolivar

A: Get With It

Pastel Black

B: Get. Version
Cactus UKCT 1219737"0 
Honey Boy

A: Let's Stay Together
B: I'm A Loser
Cactus UKCT 1319737"0 
Honey Boy

A: Away In A Manger/Jingle Bells


B: Inclusive Rock
Cactus UKCT 1419737"2 
Peter Campbell

A: A Born Loser

Billy Campbell

B: Our World, My Girl
Cactus UKCT 1519737"0 
Honey Boy

A: Sweet Cherrie
B: Impossible Love
Cactus UKCT 1623 Dec 19737"3 
Cliff St. Lewis

A: That Train

Ista Willow

B: Commandment Rock
Cactus UKCT 1819747"0 
John Holt

A: Everybody Knows
B: Version
Cactus UKCT 1919747"0 
U. Roy

A: Train From The West

Ansel Collins

B: Inbound Train
Cactus UKCT 2019747"3 
Maureen Davis

A: Own True Love

Honey Boy And 90º Inclusive

B: Own Version
Cactus UKCT 2119747"18.0
Delroy Wilson

A: Have Some Mercy


B: Different Fashion
Cactus UKCT 2219747"0 
Peter Campbell

A: Fight With Love

Ricky Lee-kong

B: From Heaven Above
Cactus UKCT 2319747"0 
Honey Boy

A: Most Beautiful Girl In The World
B: Green Green Grass Of Home
Cactus UKCT 2419747"0 
The Minstrells [Reggae]

A1: Time Is On My Mind

Errol Dunkley

A2: If You Say So

U. Roy Jnr.

B1: Heavier Than Lead

Joe Higgs

B2: Mother Radio
Cactus UKCTEP 251974EP0 
I. Roy

A: Orthodox Rock

Bongo Herman

B: Orthodox Drums
Cactus UKCT 2619747"29.0
Maureen Davis

A: Hey Hey Hey
B: Angel Of The Morning
Cactus UKCT 2719747"0 
90º Inclusive

A: Who Knows When
B: The Remedy
Cactus UKCT 2819747"1 
Topper Zukie

A: Viego
B: A Message To Pork Eaters
Cactus UKCT 2919747"0 
U Roy

A: No One In The World

Glen Brown

B: Tell It Like It Is
Cactus UKCT 3019747"0 
Prince Jazbo

A: Concubine Donkey Pt. 1
B: Concubine Donkey Pt. 2
Cactus UKCT 3119747"0 
Johnny Clark

A1: Jump Back Baby

Glen Brown

A2: South East Rock

G. Devon

B1: Fathers Call

Glen Brown

B2: Dance Good
Cactus UKCTEP 3219747"0 
Eagles [Reggae]

A: Don't Look Back
B: Version
Cactus UKCT 3319747"38.0
Pluto [Reggae]

A: Boogie Bump
B: Boogie Shank
Cactus UKCT 3415 Nov 19747"1 
Pluto [Reggae]

A: I Man Bitter
B: Version
Cactus UKCT 3519747"18.0
Jackie Brown

A: Love Galore
B: Love Dub
Cactus UKCT 3619747"07.0
The Ethiopians

A: Better Man
B: Shanking Man
Cactus UKCT 3719747"08.0
Rupie Edwards

A: Ire Feelings (Skanga)

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Feeling High
Cactus UKCT 3815 Nov 19747"58.0
Jah Woosh

A: Judy Drowned
B: Crooked Skank
Cactus UKCT 3919747"0 
Cynthia Richards

A: Think About Me
B: Take A Giant Step
Cactus UKCT 4019747"18.0
Gregory Isaacs

A: Open The Door To Your Heart

Andy's All Stars

B: Version
Cactus UKCT 4115 Nov 19747"18.0
Prince Jazzbo

A: Youth In Service
B: Version
Cactus UKCT 4215 Nov 19747"0 
Junior English

A: Big Boy And Teacher
B: Paul And Paula
Cactus UKCT 4315 Nov 19747"0 
Cynthia Richards

A: Keep It In The Family

Cactus All Stars

B: Version
Cactus UKCT 4515 Nov 19747"0 
The Ethiopians

A: Conquering Lion
B: Lion Head
Cactus UKCT 4615 Nov 19747"09.0
Honey Boy

A: Guitar Man

The All Stars

B: Guitar Man (Version)
Cactus UKCT 4719747"0 
The Heaven Singers

A: Rasta Dread Locks

Rupie All Stars

B: Dreadlocks Dub
Cactus UKCT 4819747"1 
Rupie Edwards

A: Buck Shot
B: Buckshot Dub
Cactus UKCT 4919747"1 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Little Boys And Little Girls
B: Footsteps
Cactus UKCT 5019747"0 
Rupie Edwards

A: Leggo Skanga
B: Do The Skanga
Cactus UKCT 5131 Jan 19757"17.0
Paul Johnson [70s]

A: Something Old, Something New
B: Open Your Eyes
Cactus UKCT 5231 Jan 19757"1 

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