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Cadet - Label Discography

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Label changed name from Argo to Cadet in Jan. 1966.
See also Cadet Concept.
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Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: Egg Nog
B: Jingle Bells
Cadet USA5488Dec 19647"0 
The Students

A: I'm So Young
B: Everyday Of The Week
Cadet USA538619657"1 
Jean DuShon

A: Feeling Good
B: Take A Chance
Cadet USA5518Nov 19657"110.0
Lou Donaldson

A: Musty Rusty (Part 1)
B: Musty Rusty (Part 2)
Cadet USA5521Nov 19657"0 
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: Hang On Sloopy
B: Movin' Easy
Cadet USA5522Nov 19657"0 
George Kirby

A: What Can I Do
B: Goodnight Irene
Cadet USA5523Nov 19657"0 
Etta James And Sugar Pie DeSanto

A: Do I Make Myself Clear
B: Somewhere Down The Line
Cadet USA5519Dec 19657"0 
Jim And Cathy

A: Santa's Got A Brand New Bag
B: People Stand Back
Cadet USA5524Dec 19657"0 
Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: The "In" Crowd
B: Since I Fell For You
Cadet USA550619667"09.0
Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: All My Love Belongs To You
Cadet USA5525Jan 19667"0 
Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: 'Tout A Doubt
Cadet USA5525Jan 19667"0 
Etta James

A: Only Time Will Tell
B: I'm Sorry For You
Cadet USA5526Jan 19667"0 
Jean DuShon

A: Out In The Cold Again
B: What Now My Love
Cadet USA5530Mar 19667"0 
Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: Hi Heel Sneakers-Pt. 1
B: Hi Heel Sneakers-Pt. 2
Cadet USA5531Mar 19667"2 
Alan Moorhouse Orchestra

A: Ballad Of The Green Berets
B: London Bridge
Cadet USA5532Apr 19667"0 
Spooner's Crowd

A: Two In The Morning
B: I'll Be Your Baby
Cadet USA5533Apr 19667"3 
Spooner's Crowd

A: Two In The Morning
Cadet USA5533Apr 1966Promo Only 7"0 
James Phelps

A: Action
B: Oh, What A Feeling
Cadet USA5534May 19667"5 
The Dells

A: Thinkin' About You
B: The Change We Go Thru (For Love)
Cadet USA5538Jun 19667"0 
The Soulful Strings

A: The Sidewinder
B: Message To Michael
Cadet USA5540Jun 19667"0 
Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: Wade In The Water
B: Ain't That Peculiar
Cadet USA5541Jun 19667"08.0
Etta James And Sugar Pie DeSanto

A: In The Basement - Pt. 1
B: In The Basement - Pt. 2
Cadet USA5539Jul 19667"2 
Ben Branch And The Downhomers

A: Honey Man
B: Crowder Peas And Okra
Cadet USA5543Sep 19667"0 
Barbara And The Browns

A: I Don't Want To Have To Wait
B: Plenty Of Room
Cadet USA5544Sep 19667"0 
Barbara And The Browns

A: I Don't Want To Have To Wait
Cadet USA5544Sep 1966Promo Only 7"0 
Jean DuShon

A: For Once In My Life
B: All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings
Cadet USA5545Sep 19667"2 
Florian Taylor

A: Think About Me
B: Knowing
Cadet USA5546Sep 19667"0 
Ramsey Lewis

A: Up Tight
B: Money In The Pocket
Cadet USA5547Oct 19667"0 
Kenny Burrell

A: Hot Bossa
B: Mother In Law
Cadet USA5548Oct 19667"0 
Marlena Shaw

A: Let's Wade In The Water
B: Show Time
Cadet USA5549Nov 19667"29.5
Jean DuShon

A: As I Watch You Walk Away
B: Make Him Your Own
Cadet USA5550Nov 19667"0 
The Dells

A: Run For Cover
B: Over Again
Cadet USA5551Dec 19667"19.0
Etta James

A: I Prefer You
B: I'm So Glad
Cadet USA5552Dec 19667"0 
Ramsey Lewis

A: Day Tripper
B: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Cadet USA5553Dec 19667"0 
Jessie Anderson

A: True Love Express
B: You're Only A Woman
Cadet USA5554Dec 19667"0 
Kenny Burrell

A: Silent Night
B: The Little Drummer Boy
Cadet USA5555Dec 19667"0 
Bobby Bryant Sextet

A: 58th Street
B: A Change Is Gonna Come
Cadet USA558219677"0 
Ramsey Lewis

A: One, Two, Three
B: Down By The Riverside
Cadet USA5556Jan 19677"07.0
Ramsey Lewis

A: One, Two, Three
Cadet USA5556Jan 1967Promo Only 7"0 
Marlena Shaw

A: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
B: Go Away Little Boy
Cadet USA5557Feb 19677"09.0
The Wildweeds

A: No Good To Cry
B: Never Mind
Cadet USA5561Feb 19677"37.0
Ray Bryant

A: Slow Freight
B: If You Go Away
Cadet USA5558Mar 19677"0 
The Soulful Strings

A: Paint It Black
B: Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
Cadet USA5559Mar 19677"0 
Barbara And The Browns

A: I'm Gonna Start A War
B: Can't Find No Happiness
Cadet USA5560Mar 19677"0 
Ramsey Lewis

A: Function At The Junction
B: Hey, Mrs Jones
Cadet USA5562Apr 19677"1 
Etta James

A: It Must Be Your Love
B: Don't Pick Me For Your Fool
Cadet USA5564May 19677"1 
Ramsey Lewis

A: Saturday Night After The Movies
B: China Gate
Cadet USA5565May 19677"0 
Jay Jordan

A: Wealth And Power
B: Lots Of Luck
Cadet USA5567Jul 19677"0 
Etta James

A: 842-3089 Call My Name
B: Happiness
Cadet USA5568Jul 19677"0 
The Wildweeds

A: Someday Morning
B: Can't You See I'm Lonely
Cadet USA5572Jul 19677"19.0

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