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California - Label Discography

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Ricky Nelson

A: Poor Little Fool
B: Don´t Leave Me This Way
California NorwayC 30019587"0 
Ricky Nelson

A: I Can't Help It
B: Restless Kid
California NorwayC 30719597"37.0
Fats Domino

A: When The Saints Go Marching In
B: Telling Lies
California NorwayC 31119597"8 
Ricky Nelson

A: Never Be Anyone Else But You
B: It's Late
California NorwayC 31319597"29.0
Rick Nelson

A: Sweeter Than You
B: Just A Little Too Much
California NorwayC 31919597"0 
Fats Domino

A: Blueberry Hill
B: My Blue Heaven
California NorwayC 32219597"0 
Fats Domino

A: Be My Guest
B: I've Been Around
California NorwayC 32419597"28.0
Ricky Nelson

A1: One Minute To One
A2: Half Breed
B1: Blood From A Stone
B2: I've Been Thinkin'
California NorwayCEP 3071959EP0 
Fats Domino

A: I Want To Walk You Home
B: I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Some Day
California NorwayC 32119607"07.0
Fats Domino

A: Country Boy
B: If You Need Me
California NorwayC 32619607"1 
Fats Domino

A: The Big Beat
B: I'll Be Glad When You're Dead
California NorwayC 33019607"0 
Ricky Nelson

A: Young Emotions
B: Right By My SIde
California NorwayC 33419607"0 
Fats Domino

A: I Hear You Knocking
B: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
California NorwayC-33719607"0 
Fats Domino

A: Walking To New Orleans
B: Don't Come Knockin'
California NorwayC-34319607"28.0
Fats Domino

A: My Girl Josephine
B: Natural Born Lover
California NorwayC-35119607"08.0
Ricky Nelson

A: You Are The Only One
B: Milk Cow Blues
California NorwayC-36119617"1 
Ricky Nelson

A: Hello Mary Lou
B: Travelin' Man
California NorwayC-36619617"0 
Fats Domino

A: Let The Four Winds Blow
B: Good Hearted Man
California NorwayC-36819617"29.0
Slim Whitman

A: Once In A Lifetime
B: When I Call On You
California NorwayC-36919617"06.0
Rick Nelson

A: A Wonder Like You
B: Everlovin'
California NorwayC-37219617"39.0
Sandy Nelson

A: Drums Are My Beat
B: The Birth Of The Beat
California NorwayC-37519627"1 
Slim Whitman

A: Annie Laurie
B: Valley Of Tears
California NorwayC-37819627"1 
Fats Domino

A: Dance With Mr. Domino
B: Nothing New (Same Old Thing)
California NorwayC-38319627"0 
Sandy Nelson

A: All Night Long
B: Rompin' And Stompin'
California NorwayC-38719627"1 
Rick Nelson

A: Today's Teardrops
B: Thank You Darlin'
California NorwayC 42019637"0 
Fats Domino

A: Margie
B: I'm Ready
California NorwayC 3187"0 
Ricky Nelson

A: Yes Sir, That's My Baby
B: I'm All Through With You
California NorwayC-3607"0 

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