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Calla - Label Discography

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Betty Lavette

A: Let Me Down Easy
B: What I Don't Know (Won't Hurt Me)
Calla USA102Mar 19657"110.0
Betty Lavette

A: I Feel Good (All Over)
B: Only Your Love Can Save Me
Calla USA104Sep 19657"29.3
Little Jerry Williams

A: Baby, You're My Everything
B: Just What Do You Plan To Do About It
Calla USA105Oct 19657"1 
Betty Lavette

A: Stand Up Like A Man
B: I'm Just A Fool For You
Calla USA106Nov 19657"010.0
Cecil Garrett And The Fascinations

A: Bearcat (Part I)
B: Bearcat (Part II)
Calla USA107Dec 19657"0 
Jerry Williams

A: If You Ask Me (Because I Love You)
B: Yvonne
Calla USA11619667"110.0
Jerry Williams

A: What's The Matter With You Baby
B: What Do You Plan To Do About
Calla USA12119667"08.0
The Witches And A Warlock

A: Won't You Please
B: Heavenly Love
Calla USAC-108Jan 19667"0 
Jerry Williams

A: Baby, Bunny (Sugar, Honey)
B: Philly Duck
Calla USAC-109Feb 19667"0 
Mary Wheeler

A: Prove It
B: Fresh Out Of Teardrops
Calla USA111Mar 19667"0 
The Orlons

A: Spinnin' Top
B: Anyone Who Had A Heart
Calla USA113May 19667"2 
Doris Troy

A: I'll Do Anything
B: Heartaches
Calla USA114Jun 19667"1410.0
Bob Rubino

A: There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
B: I'm A Lonely Boy
Calla USA115Jul 19667"1 
J. J. Jackson

A: Boogaloo Baby
B: But It's Alright
Calla USA119Sep 19667"29.8
J. J. Jackson

A: I Dig Girls
B: That Ain't Right
Calla USA125Dec 19667"1 
Frankie And The Classicals

A: Good-bye Love (Hello Sadness)
B: What Shall I Do
Calla USAC-012719677"010.0
The Larry Page Orchestra

A: Waltzing To Jazz
B: Jo Jo
Calla USAC-126Feb 19677"0 
Frankie And The Classicals

A: I Only Have Eyes For You
B: What Shall I Do
Calla USAC-127Mar 19677"29.7
Jean Wells

A: After Loving You
B: Putting The Best On The Outside
Calla USAC-128Apr 19677"38.0
J. J. Jackson

A: It Seems Like I've Been Here Before
B: Till Love Goes Out Of Style
Calla USAC-130Apr 19677"0 
J. J. Jackson

A: Four Walls (Three Windows And Two Doors)
B: Here We Go Again
Calla USAC-133Jun 19677"2 
The Sandpebbles

A: Forget It
B: Psychedelic Technicolor Dream
Calla USAC-134Jun 19677"28.0
The Maze [USA]

A: Chained To Your Heart
B: I Got Love
Calla USA135Jul 19677"58.0
Vernon Harrell

A: Can't Take The Hurt
B: Do It - To It
Calla USAC-136Sep 19677"0 
Jean Wells

A: I'm In Your Corner
B: I Feel Good
Calla USAC-137Sep 19677"16.0
Gene Burks

A: You Got It
B: You Don't Love Me
Calla USAC-138Oct 19677"0 
Troy Seals

A: The Wedding Of Society's Child
B: Sweet Love
Calla USAC-139Oct 19677"0 
Shirley Wahls

A: Because I Love You
B: I Don't Know
Calla USAC-140Oct 19677"0 
The Sandpebbles

A: Love Power
B: Because Of Love
Calla USAC-1412 Oct 19677"38.0
Larry Page Orchestra

A: The Last Waltz
B: Girl On A Swing
Calla USA144Nov 19677"0 
Jean Wells

A: Have A Little Mercy
B: With My Love And What You've Got (We Could Turn The World Around)
Calla USAC-143Nov 19677"18.0
Rosco Gordon

A: Just A Little Bit
B: I Really Love You
Calla USAC-145Jan 19687"0 
Tony Fox

A: (I've Got To) Do It To It
B: E.S.P.
Calla USAC-146Jan 19687"0 
Jean Wells

A: Sit Down And Cry
B: Can't You Feel It
Calla USAC-147Feb 19687"1 
The Sandpebbles

A: If You Didn't Hear Me The First Time (I'll Say It Again)
B: Flower Power
Calla USAC-148Mar 19687"1 
Jean Wells

A: Try Me And See
B: The Best Thing For You Baby
Calla USAC-150Apr 19687"3 
Tony Fox

A: Lean On Me
B: Grass Roots
Calla USAC-151Jun 19687"0 
Jean Wells

A: Ease Away A Little Bit At A Time
B: With My Love And What You've Got
Calla USAC-152Jul 19687"0 
The Sandpebbles

A: Soul Keeps Rolling Along
B: Let It Be Me
Calla USAC-153Jul 19687"1 
Los Pop Tops

A: Oh Lord, Why Lord
B: The Voice Of The Dying Man
Calla USAC-154Aug 19687"1 
The Sandpebbles

A: Never My Love
B: Who Knows What Will Be Tomorrow
Calla USAC-155Sep 19687"0 
Los Canarios

A: Get On Your Knees
B: 3-2-1-Ah
Calla USAC-156Oct 19687"19.0
Jean Wells

A: What Have I Got To Lose
B: Broomstick Horse Cowboy
Calla USAC-157Oct 19687"1 
J. R. Bailey

A: Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Wear On)
B: Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Wear On) (Instrumental)
Calla USAC-158Nov 19687"0 
Jean Wells

A: Keep Your Mouth Shut (And Your Eyes Open)
B: Our Sweet Love Turned Bitter
Calla USAC-159Feb 19697"0 
The Sandpebbles

A: The Garden Of Eden
B: You Turn Me On
Calla USAC-160Feb 19697"1 
Johnny Thunder

A: I'm Alive
B: Verbal Expressions Of T.V.
Calla USAC-161Mar 19697"11 
Leon Gardner

A: Natural
B: Something For Nothing
Calla USAC-163Apr 19697"1 
Brainstorm [Calla]

A: Early In The Morning
B: Movin'
Calla USAC-164May 19697"0 
The Billy Mitchell Group

A: Oh Happy Day
B: The Chokin' Kind
Calla USAC-165Jul 19697"1 

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