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Capitol - Label Discography

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  USA  7621
  UK  2850
  Canada  1488
  Netherlands  997
  Australia  989
  Germany  818
  New Zealand  556
  Japan  246
  France  236
  Denmark  135
  Italy  121
  Mexico  107
  Spain  95
  Ireland  94
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Ann Jones

A: Give Me A Hundred Reasons
B: I Believe You, Baby
Capitol Canada1541419497"1 
Tex Williams

A: (There's A) Bluebird On Your Windowsill
B: A Letter Asking For My Broken Heart
Capitol Canada4022519497"0 
Leon Payne

A: I Love You Because
B: A Link In The Chain Of Broken Hearts
Capitol CanadaF-4023819497"0 
Leon Payne

A: I Hate To Leave You
B: Find The, Fool Them, Leave Them
Capitol CanadaF-4027019497"0 
Leon Payne

A: You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
B: I Couldn't Do A Thing With You
Capitol CanadaF-109319507"0 
Leon Payne

A: Did I Forget To Tell You
B: I Miss That Gal
Capitol CanadaF-116419507"0 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: I'll Make Believe
B: RFD Blues
Capitol CanadaF-130219507"1 
Leon Payne

A: Because You Love Me
B: My Daddy
Capitol CanadaF-132119507"1 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: Lost Love Blues
B: Many's The Time
Capitol CanadaF-137119507"1 
Leon Payne

A: If I Could Only Live My Life Over
B: I Don't Know Why
Capitol CanadaF-140519507"1 
Nellie Lutcher And Her Rhythm

A: That's A Plenty
B: I'll Never Get Tired
Capitol CanadaF4001319507"7 
Joe "Fingers" Carr And The Carr-Hops

A: Snookey Ookums
B: Rootee Tootee
Capitol CanadaF 43819507"0 
Tex Williams

A: Wild Card
B: Tamburitza Boogie
Capitol CanadaF-48419507"0 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: A Load Of Trouble (And A Worried Mind)
B: I've Got The Craziest Feeling
Capitol CanadaF-52719507"4 
Leon Payne

A: I'm A Lone Wolf
B: I Just Said Goodbye To My Dreams
Capitol CanadaF-92019507"1 
Jack Kingston

A: A Love That's True
B: There's No Room In My Heart
Capitol CanadaC-65319517"1 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: I Always Play A Losin' Hand
B: Wine, Women And Pink Elephants
Capitol CanadaF-142319517"2 
Leon Payne

A: Farewell Waltz
B: Empty Dreams
Capitol CanadaF-146319517"0 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: I'm Alone Because I Love You
B: The Spider And The Fly
Capitol CanadaF-148719517"0 
Skeets McDonald

A: Fuss And Fight
B: Baby Brown Eyes
Capitol CanadaF-189019517"0 
Tex Williams

A: Don't Make Love To Mary (With Mabel On Your Mind)
B: Cheaters Never Prosper
Capitol CanadaF-57319517"0 
Pee Wee Hunt And His Orchestra

A: Carolina In The Morning
B: Sugar Blues
Capitol CanadaF-62419517"0 
Nat "King" Cole

A: Too Young
B: That's My Girl
Capitol CanadaF-63719517"0 
Johnny Standley With Horace Heidt And His Musical Knights

A: It's In The Book Part 1
B: It's In The Book Part 2
Capitol CanadaF103919527"0 
Les Paul And Mary Ford

A: Bye Bye Blues

Les Paul

B: Mammy's Boogie
Capitol CanadaF-104119527"0 
Leon Payne

A: Gentle Hands
B: He Is The Light Of The World
Capitol CanadaF-187219527"0 
Leon Payne

A: I Want You To Love Me
B: How Can I Help
Capitol CanadaF-191019527"0 
Skeets McDonald

A: Wheel Of Fortune
B: The Love That Hurt Me So
Capitol CanadaF-199319527"0 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: Got My Heart Set On You
B: There's A Blue Sky Way Out There
Capitol CanadaF-200619527"0 
Leon Payne

A: Poke Salad Greens
B: Weeping Willow
Capitol CanadaF-205519527"0 
Skeets McDonald

A: Please Come Back
B: Curtain Of Tears
Capitol CanadaF-207319527"0 
Martha Carson

A: Beyond The Shadows
B: I'm Gonna Walk And Talk With The Lord
Capitol CanadaF-214519527"0 
Leon Payne

A: Jesus Paid The Price
B: Golden Harvest
Capitol CanadaF-215519527"0 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: Hot Rod Mama
B: Nicotine Fits
Capitol CanadaF-224419527"0 
Leon Payne

A: Mailman
B: Lyin' To My Heart
Capitol CanadaF-229519527"0 
Leon Payne

A: A Million Years Ago
B: Lonely And Blue Over Someone
Capitol CanadaF-76019527"1 
Skeets McDonald

A: Tell Me Why
B: Be My Life's Companion
Capitol CanadaF-92119527"1 
The Billy May Band

The Billy May Band

A1: When I Take My Sugar To Tea
A2: Always
B1: Love Is Just Around The Corner
B2: Easy Street
Capitol CanadaEAP 1-4121953EP0 
Kay Starr

A: Side By Side
B: Noah!
Capitol CanadaF-107219537"0 
Jean Shepard

A: Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
B: Twice The Lovin' (In Half The Time)
Capitol CanadaF-109119537"1 
Roy Acuff

A: Tied Down
B: What Will I Do
Capitol CanadaF-110419537"1 
Nat King Cole

A: Blue Gardenia

Nat King Cole And Billy May

B: Can't I
Capitol CanadaF-110819537"1 
Roy Acuff

A: Is It Love Or Is It Lies
B: Lonesome Joe
Capitol CanadaF-114819537"1 
Leon Payne

A: Wouldn't It Be Wonderful
B: I Need Your Love
Capitol CanadaF-245419537"0 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: The Wheel That Does The Squeakin'
B: I Can't Run Away
Capitol CanadaF-248219537"0 
Dub Dickerson

A: The Bells Of Monterey
B: Sweet Bunch Of Bitterweeds
Capitol CanadaF-250419537"0 
Skeets McDonald

A: Baby, I'm Countin'
B: It's Your Life
Capitol CanadaF-252319537"0 
Jimmy Work

A: Crazy Moon
B: Out Of My Mind
Capitol CanadaF-256519537"0 
Skeets McDonald With Helen O'Connell

A: Hi Diddle Dee (My Way)
B: Worried Mind
Capitol CanadaF-257319537"0 
Dub Dickerson

A: One Night Stand
B: Dear Love
Capitol CanadaF-260519537"0 

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