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Capitol - Label Discography

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  USA  8833
  UK  2907
  Canada  1913
  Australia  1129
  Netherlands  1119
  Germany  916
  New Zealand  650
  Japan  349
  France  323
  Denmark  156
  Italy  131
  Mexico  131
  Spain  118
  Ireland  105
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"Tennessee" Ernie Ford

16 Tons

A1: Dieciseis Toneladas (Sixteen Tons)
A2: Rio Sin Retorno (River Of No Return)
B1: No Hace Falta Ser Niño Para Llorar (You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry)
B2: Dame Tu Palabra (Give Me Your Word)
Capitol SpainEAP 1-6931956EP0 
Various Artists (The All Stars)

Session At Riverside - Part 1

A: I Want To Be Happy (Quiero Ser Feliz)
B: Escape Hatch
Capitol SpainEAP 1-76119567"1 
Nat "King" Cole

A1: Alrededor Del Mundo (Around The World)
A2: Fascinación (Fascination)
B1: Es Para Recordar (An Affair To Remember)
B2: Hay Oro En El Cielo (There's A Gold Mine In The Sky)
Capitol SpainEAP 1-8131957EP0 
"Tennessee" Ernie Ford

Spirituals, Part 3

A1: Take My Hand, Precious Lord
A2: Stand By Me
B1: When God Dips His Love In My Arms
B2: Get On Board, Little Children
Capitol SpainEAP 3-8181957EP0 
Nat King Cole

Cole Espanol

A1: Cachito
A2: Maria Elena
B1: Las Mananitas
B2: Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
Capitol SpainEAP 1-10311958EP1 
The Kingston Trio

A1: Tom Dooley
A2: Coplas
B1: Banua
B2: Santy Anno
Capitol SpainEAP 1-11361958EP0 
Nat "King" Cole

Just One Of Those Things E.P.

A1: Una De Esas Cosas Simplemente (Just One Of Those Things)
A2: Esas Locuras (These Foolish Things)
B1: Cuando Tu Amor Te Ha Dejado (When Your Lover Has Gone)
B2: Lo Comprendo (I Understand)
Capitol SpainEAP 1-9031958EP0 
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps

Hot Rod Gang

A1: Dance In The Street
A2: Baby Blue
B1: Lovely Loretta
B2: Dance To The Bop
Capitol SpainEAP 1-9851958EP0 
Louis Prima

The Wildest Show At Tahoe

A1: Angelina
A2: Zooma Zooma
B1: Don't Worry 'Bout Me
B2: I'm In The Mood For Love
Capitol SpainEAP 3-9081958EP0 
Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps

A Gene Vincent Record Date

A1: Five Feet Of Lovin' (Mi pequeño amor)
A2: The Wayward Wind (Viento descarriado)
B1: Somebody Help Me (Que alguien me ayude)
B2: Keep It A Secret (Guarda el secreto)
Capitol SpainEAP 1-10591959EP0 
Nat King Cole

A Mis Amigos (To My Friends)

A1: Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros
A2: Gaboglo Do Rio
B1: Perfidia
B2: Ansiedad
Capitol SpainEAP 2-12201959EP0 
The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra

Starlight Encores Part 2

A: Marcha Eslava
B: Orfeo En Los Infiernos
Capitol SpainFAP 2-829619597"0 
The Johnny Otis Show

A: Mumblin' Mosie
B: Hey Baby, Don't You Know? (¿No Lo Sabes?)
Capitol Spain432619607"1 
Nat King Cole

A Mis Amigos

A1: Ay! Cosita Linda
A2: Aquellos Ojos Verdes
B1: Suas Maos
B2: Capullito De Aleli
Capitol SpainEAP 1-12201960EP0 
The Johnny Otis Show

Telephone Baby

A1: Telephone Baby
A2: Castin' My Spell
B1: Three Girls Named Molly Doin The Hully Gully
B2: I'll Do The Same Thing For You
Capitol SpainEAP 1-200151960EP1 
Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps

A Gene Vincent Record Date With The Blue Caps

A1: I Love You (Te Quiero)
A2: Peace Of Mind (Tranquilidad De Espiritu)
B1: Summertime
B2: Look What You Gone And Done To Me (Mira Lo Que Me Bas Hecho)
Capitol SpainEAP 3-10591961EP0 
George Chakiris

A: Maria
B: One Upon A Time (Erase Una Vez . . .)
Capitol Spain484419627"0 
Bobby Darin

A1: If A Man Answers (Si Un Hombre Contesta)
A2: A True, True Love (Un Amor, Un Verdadero Amor)
B1: Always (Siempre)
B2: All By Myself (Solitario)
Capitol SpainEAP 1-204091962EP0 
Bobby Darin

Oh! Look At Me Now

A1: Roses Of Picardy
A2: I'm Beginning To See The Light
B1: Blue Skies
B2: A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Capitol SpainEAP 4-17911962EP0 
Bobby Darin

A: Now You're Gone
B: You're The Reason I'm Living
Capitol Spain489719637"1 
Gene Vincent

A1: Spaceship To Mars (Viaje A Marte)
A2: There I Go Again (Allí Iré De Nuevo)
B1: Be-Bop-A-Lula
B2: The King Of Fools (El Rey De La Locura)
Capitol SpainEAP 1-204481963EP0 
Dick Dale And His Del-Tones

Surfers´ Choice

A1: Misirlou
A2: Eight Till Midnight
B1: Peppermint Man
B2: Surf Beat
Capitol SpainEAP 1-204751963EP1 
Bobby Darin

A1: 18 Yellow Roses (18 Rosas Amarillas)
A2: Not For Me (No Es Para Mí)
B1: Oh! Look At Me Now (Mírame Ahora)
B2: The Party's Over (La Fiesta Ha Terminado)
Capitol SpainEAP 1-205201963EP0 
Bobby Darin

A1: La Bamba
A2: Treat My Baby Good
B1: Guantanamera
Capitol SpainEAP 1-205531963EP0 
Nancy Wilson

A1: Tonight
A2: My Sweet Thing
B1: Moon River
B2: Tell Me The Truth
Capitol SpainEAP 1-205551963EP0 
The Beach Boys

Surfin´ U.S.A.

A1: Little Deuce Coupe
A2: Stoked
B1: Surfer Girl
B2: Noble Surfer
Capitol SpainEAP 1-205571963EP0 
The Beach Boys

Surfin' USA

A1: Surfin' USA
A2: Lonely Sea
B1: Shut Down
B2: Misirlou
Capitol SpainEAP 4-18901963EP0 
Bobby Darin

A1: Ruby Baby
A2: On Broadway (En Broadway)
B1: Our Day Will Come (Nuestro Día Llegará)
B2: The End Of The World (El Fin Del Mundo)
Capitol SpainEAP 4-19421963EP0 
Bobby Darin

A1: Can't Get Used To Losing You
A2: Rhythm Of The Rain
B1: I Will Follow Her
B2: Walk Right In
Capitol SpainEAP 5-19421963EP3 
The Beach Boys

Surfin' Safari

A1: Surfin' Safari
A2: 409
B1: Ten Little Indians
B2: County Fair
Capitol SpainEAP 6-18081963EP0 
Bobby Darin

A1: If I Had A Hammer
A2: Since You've Been Gone
B1: As Long As I'm Singing
B2: Be Mad Little Girl
Capitol SpainEAP 1-205971964EP2 
The Beach Boys

Fun Fun Fun

A1: Fun Fun Fun
A2: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
B1: Be True To Your School
B2: In My Room
Capitol SpainEAP 1-206091964EP0 
Bobby Darin

A1: Oh! Lonesome Me (Qué Solo Estoy)
A2: Sally Was A Good Old Girl (Sally Era Una Buena Chica)
B1: Under Your Spell Again (De Nuevo Bajo Tu Encanto)
B2: Here I Am (Estoy Aquí)
Capitol SpainEAP 4-18661964EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Dance, Dance, Dance (Baila, Baila, Baila)
A2: Don't Worry Baby (No Te Preocupes)
B1: The Warmth Of The Sun (El Calor Del Sol)
B2: I Get Around (Siempre En Danza)
Capitol SpainEAP 1-206751965EP0 
The Beach Boys

A: Good Vibrations "Buenas Vibraciones"
B: Let's Go Away For Awhile "Salgamos Un Rato"
Capitol Spain567619667"1 
The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys Today!

A1: Help Me Ronda
A2: When I Grow Up
B1: Kiss Me Baby
B2: I'm So Young
Capitol SpainEAP 1-207161966EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: California Girls
A2: Let Him Run Wild "Dejale Correr"
B1: Please Let Me Wonder "Dejame Pensar"
B2: Do You Want To Dance "Quiere Bailar?"
Capitol SpainEAP 1-207501966EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Barbara Ann
A2: Girl Don't Tell Me
B1: There's No Other (Like My Baby)
B2: The Little Girl I Once Knew
Capitol SpainEAP 1-207791966EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Sloop John B.
A2: You're So Good To Me
B1: God Only Knows
B2: Wouldn't It Be Nice
Capitol SpainEAP 1-208421966EP0 
The Beach Boys

A: Heroes And Villains "Heroes Y Villanos"
B: You're Welcome "Bienvenida"
Capitol Spain100119677"1 
The Beach Boys

A: Wild Honey "Miel Salvaje"
B: Wind Chimes "Campanillas Alviento"
Capitol Spain202819677"0 
Anthony Quinn With The Harold Spina Singers

A: I Love You, You Love Me
B: Sometimes
Capitol Spain593019677"0 
The Human Beinz

A: Nobody But Me
B: Sueno
Capitol Spain5.99019677"0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Mountain Of Love
A2: Little Honda
B1: Then I Kissed Her
B2: Wendy
Capitol SpainEAP 1-209391967EP0 
The Beach Boys

Canciones De Navidad

A1: White Christmas
A2: Frosty The Snowman
B1: Christmas Day
B2: Little Saint Nick
Capitol SpainEAP 5-21641967EP0 
The Beach Boys

Pet Sounds

A1: Pet Sounds
A2: Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
B1: Caroline No
B2: I'm Waiting For The Day
Capitol SpainEAP 7-24581967EP0 
Gene Vincent


A: Be-Bop-A-Lula
B: Say Mama (Di Mamá)
Capitol Spain1554619687"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Darlin' "Querida"
B: Here Today "Hoy Aqui"
Capitol Spain206819687"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Friends "Amigos"
B: Little Bird "Pajarito"
Capitol Spain216019687"0 
The Human Beinz

A: The Face
B: Every Time Woman
Capitol Spain219819687"0 

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